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by Scheherazade
Characters: Original creations
Tags: original fantasy

A journey, a search and a soul search towards the ends of the world. A story of friendships, trust and a fantasy world past the end. A prayer for acceptance and the desire for wishes to be grante... Read More

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I Can't Wait [Complete]

by yuki_chicken updated on 7-28-2015
Characters: Midorima and Takao
Tags: romance mpreg kurokonobasuke midotaka midorima takao

Takao has a dream one night about the future... Read More

The Philosopher's Stone

by chantrea49 updated on 7-27-2015
Tags: anime originalcharacter fma elricbrothers followsseasonone

Rena Sina, is casted into the search for the Philosopher's Stone once she meets a short golden-haired boy with... Read More

100 Kingdom Hearts Drabbles

by CLonenumber97 updated on 7-26-2015
Tags: kingdomhearts crossover

Well, I've finally decided to try one of these 100 themes challenges, and decided to use Kingdom Hearts characters. It's possible there will be some crossovers (since this game IS the ultimate cr... Read More


by mscarol updated on 7-25-2015
Characters: Ciera | Niel
Tags: fantasy

Welcome to Dreamland.... Read More

For The Love of Neo

by CLonenumber97 updated on 7-22-2015
Characters: Neo
Tags: rwby

another 100 drabbles that i will be wroking on simultaneously with my other one, since i just can't wait to start this one. this will focus on neo from rwby, because she's my favorite character... Read More

Knightly Eye

by Rianbane updated on 7-19-2015
Characters: Xero Knightly, Tamara Dragomir, Sweets, Papa Snake, Father Jonathan, and Wolfgang.
Tags: romance original supernatural action werewolves vampires

  Tamara Dragomir ju... Read More

Romeo and Juliet (we're one!)

by faizbamluv updated on 7-17-2015
Tags: malay

Sorry for not make the description of this story.I have no idea since my kittens was killed by my twin brother.So sad~~... Read More

Angel's Pain [Members Only]

by OtakuGurL updated on 7-12-2015
Characters: Original Characters: Jesse, Trevor and more
Tags: romance angst drama original love sliceoflife originalcharacter

... Read More


by Lifemare updated on 7-4-2015
Characters: Julia, Dennis, Kyle, Jack
Tags: romance mystery tragedy littlesupernatura

DON'T ... Read More

Mix and Match

by missdauxian updated on 7-1-2015
Characters: Kyla Bradley, Caleb Johnson
Tags: original fluff romcom schoollife teenlove teen

Imagine having 7 kids in a family. Quite big ri... Read More

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