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by Scheherazade
Characters: Original creations
Tags: original fantasy

A journey, a search and a soul search towards the ends of the world. A story of friendships, trust and a fantasy world past the end. A prayer for acceptance and the desire for wishes to be grante... Read More

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Monster Escape

by BorderlineBadness updated on 10-21-2016
Characters: Lioness, chayse, ty wolvington, tangent, hiroshi Kai, SparkleMutt, joe, tundra, luniMagique, lumina, George, dualcarnival, chayse, Odysseus
Tags: horror furiffic

After lioness and her friends from the furiffic universe have moved to another place, there had been desperate measures going on around. In fact, dangerous things are going on. Kidnapping, murder... Read More

Cinta untukmu

by BabyMilo updated on 10-16-2016
Characters: Aaron,Amber,Lily dan Will
Tags: romance

Cerita ini mengisahkan seorang lelaki yang telah jatuh cinta dengan seorang gadis.namun,banyak halangan yang telah ditempuhi oleh lelaki itu.... Read More

Takao and Midorima's Future

by yuki_chicken updated on 10-16-2016
Characters: midorima, takao, and everyone else
Tags: mpreg cute takamido

"Your wife and child seem to be in a more stable condition, but we must keep them overnight to make sure that nothing happens" Takao looked up at the doctor and sighed in re... Read More

They Live(d) In Pyrrhia.

by BorderlineBadness updated on 10-7-2016
Characters: The fire squad, clip the skywing, polyp the seawing, timber the mudwing, scorch the sandwing, sober the Nightwing, scout the Rainwing, Alaska the icewing, jester lion, freeze the icewing.
Tags: humor wof

What if both all fictional universes and the Panthera universe had perfect things? Then that would be terrible for clip and the fire squad. When jester lion and her security forces plan on gettin... Read More

〈 MASKS 〉— 。a collection of past rp characters

by osiris updated on 10-5-2016
Tags: random private

  There is nothing for you here. Only the whispers of a long forgotten past.      ... Read More

Liberation [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence updated on 10-5-2016
Characters: Me and HIM
Tags: love personal unrequitedlove enlightenment

Time can, and will, heal anything and everything. Never doubt it's power. But you won't believe me unless you've experienced it for yourself.... Read More

Only You

by hoshinoharuka updated on 9-24-2016
Tags: romance

An original story of a girl named Nicole and a guy named Alson. A blooming romance between these two, and nevertheless, the dark side ... Read More

War of the planets 3: the broken truth.

by BorderlineBadness updated on 9-21-2016
Characters: The prophesied 5, raindrop, sleety, Emo, everyone else
Tags: wotp

Ever since the transformation of raindrop into sleety, the prophesied 5 must stop her, only to result in her terrorizing more planets. And the prophesied 5 themselves. ... Read More

I hate that I need you(Malay) [Complete]

by BabyMilo updated on 9-20-2016
Characters: Angie Chilla,Arthur Mike,Bayden Ben dan lain-lain
Tags: romance love

Hi,this is my 1st story..Hope Y'all like it!( P/s : Don't be a plagiarism,be a good reader :P)... Read More

Arktivus Brevon.

by BorderlineBadness updated on 9-18-2016
Characters: Lord Brevon, Serpentine, Syntax, Prince Dail, Merga, Lioness, The overlord
Tags: freedomplanet

How will this story work out? After lord brevon had thought he made it clear that nothing bad will go wrong for his new home planet, his team and him find a new threat coming to them and it does ... Read More

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