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In Motion

by blue_jacket
Characters: Lucek, Jacki, Monty & Mr. Manning
Tags: original movie

(placeholder description) Set in motion in motion pictures, is where one shall stay in motion unless...   Read More

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Deceptive Realities

by KwonMirae updated on 4-16-2015
Tags: romance angst sliceoflife infinite myungsoo shortstory

"You can abandon dreams, but you can't abandon reality... Read More

The Death of Remus Lupin

by Taeryfai updated on 4-14-2015
Characters: The Marauders | Remus, James, Sirius, Peter and Lily
Tags: remuslupin

Unwittingly Remus sets forth the motions which may be his demise... Read More

Bloodlines: Children of the Damned

by BrokenAbyssChain updated on 4-13-2015
Characters: Eris Chazade, Charlize Bordeaux, Riley Benham, Gage Weston, Dahlia Penninman, Morgan Chauner, Abel Goldthwaite, Elias Vargesson, Wyatt Havely, Electa Chazade, Julius de La Mare, Lawrence Merrick, Vincent Vargesson, Myron Vargesson, Godiva Kane, Thaddeus K
Tags: magic

The Five Points Coven, named for its start by five founding families back in 1612, is left in a dangerous balance when its Supreme L... Read More

Holding Onto Hope [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence updated on 4-12-2015
Characters: Lily and Alex
Tags: romance angst drama love fluff ocs

They met - albeit unconventionally - in high school. He didn't see her romantically. For her, he was her whole world from the very first moment. Persistence served her... Read More

Vampire Slayer - Dimensi | Sehun EXO FF | Malay Ver

by SepatuTertinggal updated on 4-10-2015
Tags: exo vampire malay

Park Seira adalah seorang pemain game yang tegar. Dia dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang bermasalah. Daddy dan mamanya sudah berpisah sejak dia berumur 5 tahun. Sejak itu... Read More


by teenidle updated on 4-9-2015
Characters: Mr. Darcy(gerard butler), Mr. Bingly(matts mith), Kunila(original character)
Tags: zombies originalcharacter prideandprejudice gerardbutler mattsmith

  ... Read More

Valetine's Surprise

by Matcha97 updated on 4-7-2015
Characters: Ootori Kyouya , Reader
Tags: ohshc

(Y/N) had a bad morning, her girls' uniform is still wet, she had to wear her brother's old uniform to school. S he was dragged into being a host for a day. Sorry , bad... Read More

A love story for the books

by mae4suigetsu029 updated on 4-7-2015
Characters: Helen, Lorenzo, Special Guest Star
Tags: johncena

The soles of shoes stuck onto the heated concrete and the occasional sweat drops pelted the AND THEN JOHHNNNNN CEEENNNNNAAAAA. ... Read More

a little part of my world

by yingjumeihua updated on 4-6-2015
Characters: the ones who lie in wait for something more
Tags: oneshot original drabble random inspiration writing dream

    I d... Read More

king for a day

by teenidle updated on 4-5-2015
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Joyce Hyster(Joey), Daryl Dixon
Tags: genderbender teenagers deanwinchester joycehyster daryldixon transgender

... Read More

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