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Crystallize [Complete]

by tiaral
Characters: Rogue
Tags: angst xmen rogue scifi

Corruption taints beauty and malice defiles virtue.    ... Read More

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The Dark Shop {Open}

by Vonnie updated on 4-18-2014
Tags: you graphics hiring posters open

... Read More

✾ AEX ○ GRAPHIC ○ SHOP ✾ ⇝[OPEN/SEMI-HIATUS] [Subscribers Only]

by X_JasielleAle updated on 4-18-2014
Characters: OPEN - taking graphic requests
Tags: graphicshop graphics shop requestshop posters postershop graphicrequest

... Read More

Taylor & Keila

by CrystalIce updated on 4-17-2014
Characters: Keila, Taylor, Kevin, Matthew, Ruby, Daniel, Elody, Gerald, Rebecca, Marilyn, Lily
Tags: story

This was originally extracted from the notes about a fake world that me and my best friend wrote to each other, and her character is 'Keila Sprinkly Sweets' (I know, she came up with it) while mi... Read More

Three's The Charm [Members Only]

by SilverAshes updated on 4-17-2014
Characters: The Trancy Triplet, Cantebury, Timber, Thompson, OC Characters
Tags: romance anime kuro_____suji tradgedy trancytriplets

Between silent words, soft touches and shared looks you could pratically hear the unsaid words and feel the looked over emotions.... Read More

Silent Partings

by twinkle_dust450 updated on 4-16-2014
Tags: originalcharacter

Sometimes, people aren't appreciated by others they love until they leave their side.... Read More

Midnight Children

by summerchild updated on 4-14-2014
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: original dystopia

They are fated to be the relentless sea, crashing against the concrete walls until it breaks.... Read More


by Sebearbear updated on 4-12-2014
Characters: Dan Smith(Main-Character),Shop Aunt,Street couple,Twin sisters,Hobo Uncle
Tags: songfic guilt song bastille pompeii justice sin

Bastille is an English rock band formed in London in... Read More

The Wolf's Revenge

by bananamanporebur updated on 4-12-2014
Characters: The Wolf, Red Riding Hood, etc.
Tags: fantasy redridinghood wolf

The bid bad wolf is planning on making his revenge to get rid of the girl who's been wearing a red hood ever since.... Read More

A Noob's Masterpiece

by snowflakes updated on 4-11-2014
Tags: drabbles

A collection of random stories and some weird drabbles over the place. ... Read More

Lonely With Many

by Ktikat1991 updated on 4-10-2014
Tags: autobiography

Hello. I decided to write something here almost like drabbling, but not. This is more like a diary of me. I'll be recounting past memories and events. Those that matter. I have an AFF account in ... Read More

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