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by Scheherazade
Characters: Original creations
Tags: original fantasy

A journey, a search and a soul search towards the ends of the world. A story of friendships, trust and a fantasy world past the end. A prayer for acceptance and the desire for wishes to be grante... Read More

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Catch 666

by BrokenAbyssChain updated on 9-1-2015
Characters: Alexandria Baines, Domino Alverez, Julian Darby, Kassandra Samuels, Kaylen Hart, Zadkiel, Nikita Wray, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, Samael, Belial, Mormo, Hecate. More - Minors Characters
Tags: supernatural action horror mystery relationships blackcomedy

The saying ‘Hell is empty, and all the devils are ... Read More

Where It Belongs

by Taeryfai updated on 9-1-2015
Characters: Seto Kaiba
Tags: yugioh setokaiba

Kaiba wanted it -... Read More

Wild Heart

by AliCE_WondeRLAND00 updated on 8-28-2015
Tags: romance love fantasy adventure oldage

  ... Read More

The Love Game

by spinatale updated on 8-26-2015
Tags: romance originalcharacter

A game that seems just like a drama. A game just for those in search of the perfect boyfriend. ... Read More

Descendants Reborn

by jayson updated on 8-19-2015
Characters: Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos ext.
Tags: descendants

Descendants Reborn is what I think descendants2 might look like.... Read More

Romance on the Bay

by shawnmendes updated on 8-12-2015
Characters: alexis, brooklyn, a lot more people.
Tags: romance drama love fluff brooklynbeckham

Alexis was only trying to get over college so she can get on with her life. Oh, but, Brooklyn Beckham decides to show up in the bakery she works at. The Brooklyn Beckham goes to her bake... Read More

Tethered [Members Only]

by AgiSarangNeo updated on 8-8-2015
Characters: They are all OC's. Gyo Iseul, Hyunwoo, Bok Joohyuk .
Tags: romance oneshot originalcharacter lovetriangle schoollove youxhim humanxwerewolf

Tethered  ... Read More

The Quest for Sanity [Members Only]

by Perssona49 updated on 8-7-2015
Tags: originalcharacter originacharacters

Join a group of Crazy people trying to help a Crazy boy go back home.... Read More

In the Mirror

by MineTurtle updated on 8-5-2015
Characters: Reyna, Nathan
Tags: romance fantasy

A story of a girl who has the ability to move right through mirrors. A new world unfolds within the glass confines yet she needs to get out. Wants to get out.But she needs help.... Read More

Knightly Eye

by Rianbane updated on 8-3-2015
Characters: Xero Knightly, Tamara Dragomir, Sweets, Papa Snake, Father Jonathan, and Wolfgang.
Tags: romance original supernatural action werewolves vampires

  Tamara Dragomir ju... Read More

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