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by Scheherazade
Characters: Original creations
Tags: original fantasy

A journey, a search and a soul search towards the ends of the world. A story of friendships, trust and a fantasy world past the end. A prayer for acceptance and the desire for wishes to be grante... Read More

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Drift out of sleep. [Complete]

by BorderlineBadness updated on 6-28-2016
Characters: The skylanders, lioness, the adno murderer.
Tags: horror skylanders

Will this be? Will this be the end of them? After lioness had been grown into a snake lion hybrid, they had tried so much cures but no luck. Then spyro and the others go to a super store to find ... Read More

The Shaded Wings

by AthenaAkira updated on 6-28-2016
Characters: Yukino, Sora, Taiga, Shuichi, Rinto, Tsukasa, Akane
Tags: romance drama original comedy originalcharacter japanesename

Description:Five idols suddenly announced a lucky draw at th... Read More

If Kiba Was A Girl

by PervySageOnTheRun updated on 6-25-2016
Tags: romance naruto genderbender humour shikakiba ecchi

... Read More

Alphys' Adventures [Complete]

by xandermartin98 updated on 6-24-2016
Characters: Alphys, Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton
Tags: undertale

In my first actually good Undertale fanfic, Alphys and Undyne and the Skelebros take off on a grand journey through the barrier, down the mountain and across the wilderness into the great city of... Read More

Alphys Hoek [Complete]

by xandermartin98 updated on 6-24-2016
Characters: Alphys, Undyne, Amalgamates, Mettaton, Chara, Sans
Tags: undertale

In a blatant parody of The Ren & Stimpy Show, the ever-so-adorable Alphys from Undertale is driven bat_____ insane by Mettaton, becoming the absolute perfect candidate for the ... Read More


by greenteamuch updated on 6-22-2016
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester
Tags: destiel

Castiel whitewashed Dean's and Sam's memory of him.... Read More


by RKP_Yoshi updated on 6-21-2016
Characters: Len Kagamine, Gumi
Tags: vocaloid

When Len was five, he met Gumi for the first time.... Read More


by Topu-Da updated on 6-20-2016
Characters: Original characters: Mike, Conleth, Demi, Servinaz, Tissa
Tags: romance adventure supernatural

5 postgraduate students are randomely transported to another world where no humans exist. They must survive the nature and the one thing that is following them. With the misfortunes, they will kn... Read More

The day in the life of shadow.

by BorderlineBadness updated on 6-12-2016
Characters: Shadow the hedgehog, rouge the bat, silver the hedgehog, E-123 Omega, shade the hedgehog, Ivy the ringtail cat, blaze the cat.
Tags: sonic

It was never easy for shadow when he first entered videogame high school. But even though his friends are out there, shadow has some other decisions in life: become president, rescue himself from... Read More

TakaMido Drabbles

by yuki_chicken updated on 6-10-2016
Characters: All KnB characters
Tags: takamido

A series of drabbles with the world's 2nd most annoying couple in the KnB universe... Read More

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