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by Scheherazade
Characters: Original creations
Tags: original fantasy

A journey, a search and a soul search towards the ends of the world. A story of friendships, trust and a fantasy world past the end. A prayer for acceptance and the desire for wishes to be grante... Read More

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The Screwball Seven

by BrokenAbyssChain updated on 5-29-2016
Characters: Ryan Breland, Olivier Vasser, Roman Harper, Oscar Winham, Aaron Hart, Ariella Goldstein, Danika Rae, Thomas Harvey, Yasir Lakhani + More [Minor]
Tags: crime

  What do a woman on the run from her mobster fiancé, a dysfunctional actor, a bank ro... Read More


by Kpopdude updated on 5-29-2016
Characters: Jay park and Dayoon
Tags: love

Sjuzx7fbgkkzo8djeniffikfödk... Read More

If I Died

by MusicLuver updated on 5-28-2016
Tags: suicide

        Life is like a house of cards. It's so delicate and fragile. One wrong move and the entire house can fall apart. My house of cards is about to crash. This is what I wish I could've sa... Read More

The Chao adventures 2: The shattered crystal.

by BorderlineBadness updated on 5-27-2016
Characters: Jake, Jason, doppel, Jeff, Rachel, diva, Grayson, the deadly squad, Caruso, Royal Caribbean, narrow li, general paella, m
Tags: sonic

As the battle of the Chao tribe VS the deadly squad begins, Jake, his fellow chao, and Jeff help out each other to stop bipolar and her deadliest animal forces of Australia. ... Read More

Lioness Superstar Ultra 1: The Day All Hope Ended.

by BorderlineBadness updated on 5-26-2016
Characters: Lioness, honchkrow, super, eevee, yandere, Kuro, minty, dark flames, sudofox.
Tags: lioness

After a long fight against dark flames, sudo island is now back in shape again, but then lioness and her sudo force then discover a new threat to the island. ... Read More

The Shaded Wings

by AthenaAkira updated on 5-25-2016
Characters: Yukino, Sora, Taiga, Shuichi, Rinto, Tsukasa, Akane
Tags: romance drama original comedy originalcharacter japanesename

Description:Five idols suddenly announced a lucky draw at th... Read More

I am Beautiful

by MusicLuver updated on 5-24-2016
Tags: love

     Ally Winston wakes up e... Read More

Solving The Enigma [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by KarolineKacir updated on 5-21-2016
Tags: romance original love psychology youngadult

"The truth is... I never felt more alone in my life.   The urgency to push everyone away never been so strong as it is now.   It is right? It... Read More

Bipolar Attractions

by shadow56 updated on 5-20-2016
Tags: drama

This story is going to be about the ways of the bipolar mind between a girl and a guy that she meets and ... Read More

Mutant Malfeasance

by JanettesMyName updated on 5-19-2016
Characters: Major: Alex Nuñez, Jay Hogart, Secondary: Emily Nuñez, Alessandro Nuñez
Tags: alternateuniverse degrassi jalex

Emilína Nuñez is head of Nuñez Neutralizations, a chain of pharmacies special... Read More

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