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Smile [Complete]

by dont_pick_me
Characters: Unknown
Tags: oneshot fiction narrativeessay

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Yuna Inspired: Our Virtual Family [Anime Version]

by sana_11 updated on 12-21-2014
Tags: anime shikatema shikamaru temari livingtogether

“A letter?” Temari accepted the letter that had been crumpled and stepped on by a frantic Shikamaru. “I can read it?” He no... Read More

Yuna Inspired: Our Virtual Family

by sana_11 updated on 12-21-2014
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: originalcharacter relationships marriage originalfiction baby

“A letter?” Hana accepted the letter that had been... Read More

Love Me Through Murder

by Constantine updated on 12-17-2014
Characters: Cymestra Ross, Jackson Ross, Cornelia Ross, Angel Klein, Jack Klein, Andrew Klein, Theo VI Ross, Antony Smith, Jessica
Tags: romance mystery kidnapping

Cymestra is a young girl f... Read More

king for a day

by teenidle updated on 12-15-2014
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Joyce Hyster(Joey), Daryl Dixon
Tags: genderbender teenagers deanwinchester samwinchester joycehyster

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by teenidle updated on 12-14-2014
Characters: Sparrow Harlow (Original Character)
Tags: supernatural originalcharacter witch prequel

This story takes place within the supernatural universe. ... Read More


by IGOT7BABIEZ updated on 12-13-2014
Characters: VIXX
Tags: oneshot

So this is just a one shot based on VIXX's Eternity. First time basing a story on a music video/song, so please comment!... Read More

To Infinity and Beyond

by thor-you-oaf updated on 12-13-2014
Tags: supernatural castiel deanwinchester samwinchester gabriel

After failing to complete the mandatory hours of community service to graduate, Dean is given th... Read More

Tricked or Tripped

by xoxolock updated on 12-13-2014
Tags: sherlockholmes

Sherlock was not as tough as people think he was. This story was about his adventure through ups and downs with his long lost old friend. This was the other sid... Read More

Love Triangle

by LunaAngel updated on 12-12-2014
Characters: Yumi William Ulrich Aelita Jeremy ODD code lyoko
Tags: romance angst yumixwilliam codelyoko yumixulrich

Yumi just had just recently broken up with Ulrich. Not long after the breakup, a cute boy named William Dunbar came into the picture nad... Read More

Missing Me

by asianaddict updated on 12-12-2014
Tags: romance drama love fluff comedy originalcharacter schoollife

A story about a newly transferred Kore... Read More

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