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Anyone without a social life outside of the internet, this is the place to talk. I'm quite new to this site, although do I have an AFF account. If you want to talk about kpop and feels, head on over to asianfanfics. My account is love_me_love_kpop. Though I digress. Now, straight to the point.

I like to talk about... Anime and manga. [Yes, good good, that's a good way to start off, it's a wide topic is it not?]

Anyone who likes the BBC series Sherlock? Please come and talk to me so we can be weirdos together. [Makes people feel comfortable when you call yourself a weirdo, am I wrong?]

Who wants to talk about the boringness of school and the teachers? [ooooh such a good topic? It's relatable.]

Or about how they don't have a social life? [Talking to yourself on the internet is never a good thing, Mei] {I know, this just makes me weirder} [Spot on.] {I'm done with you.} [I'm you, you are me, we never even started.]

Anyway, anyone who wants to talk, feel free, I'm a fun person to talk to. [Are you? Are you REALLY?] {Gah! Shhhhhut up.} [Youre the one creating these conversations.] 

if you have any troubles, please tell me,  I will try my best to help you!

[I applaud your smooth, smooth ending.] {Although I know you're being sarcastic, thank you.}


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