Chapter 13

by spinatale
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I'm following Fleano as he drags me down the hall. I stare at his pink hair. Did he just confess to me? He practically confessed to me this morning, but a second...wasn't supposed to be as surprising, so why am I on fire? Fleano isn't even my type. I need to cool down. I tug my hood lower. Fleano finally stops walking. My heart starts beating wildly. Don't tell me he was going to confess again? Instead he says, " Are you alright?" I wrench my hand from his grasp, " I'm fine." 

" Sorry about that," he apologizes. I stare at the floor, " It doesn't matter..." We lapse into silence. Ugh. This was so awkward. What should I say? Should I say something? No, no. I should leave. That seemed like a good idea. I'm about to run off when Fleano calls out. " Wait." I freeze. Slowly I look up, suddenly feeling shy to look him in the eyes. 

" What I said before...I'm being serious." I can't look him in the eyes. I look away, " A-about what?" I pretend. Fleano exhales loudly. He fluffs his pink hair making it messy. I look at him. Like really looked and realized how nervous he was. His cheeks were red as apples and he kept staring behind me. " Well..." he begins. He begins searching himself as if looking for something. He pats his silly yellow rain jacket then pats behind himself. " Oh! Here it is!" he exclaims. I stare, a little curious. From behind his back......he pulls out nothing. I stare at his empty hands. He holds them together as if presenting me with a boquet.

He blushes and I blush when I think that he looks cute blushing. " I am sorry. I forgot to bring a boquet." He gives a goofy slash shy grin, " Not the best way to confess." He stretches his arms again, holding out the imaginary boquet to me. " Dear, Angel. When I first met you I knew that you were special. I did not know it at first when my chest started to tingle when I was with you. I looked it up on the internet and found out that I was in love with you. When I felt that tingle in my chest I thought that I might be sick and it turned out I was right. I'm sick with love." Fleano pauses, taking a deep breath. " Angel, will you please cure me?"

It was so cheesy, but my heart was saying otherwise. Did I feel something for Fleano too or was just because he confessed to me? How did I really feel about him? What if this is all a trick? I don't know Fleano that well. What if he was working with Leo to humiliate me? I take a step back. This couldn't be real. It was all a trick, right. No guy in their right mind would confess to someone like me. Someone ugly. I almost cry at the heart wrenching pain. This is a trick. In the end...

Fleano's expression changes from nervous to concern. " Angel?" I take another step back, disgusted. " This is a trick, isn't it?" Fleano looks hurt. " What--no!" " No guy would ever confess to someone as ugly as me!" I point out. " Angel..." whispers Fleano.

I pull my hood, covering my face. " Go away." " I'm not trying to trick you!" Fleano exclaims, " I'm being sincere." I glare at him, " The only time it isn't a trick is when it's a dream!" I storm off. A few seconds later Fleano grabs my arm, " Angel, wait!" I turn to glare at him " Wha!"

Without warning Fleano kisses me. 

Not on the mouth, but on my face. The burned side.

" This is not a dream," says Fleano, his hands on both sides of my face. He gives my forehead a small bump with his. He gently smiles at me, " Here I was thinking you were Cinderella."

He lets go of my face, stepping back to give me room. " You were Sleeping Beauty all along." When I heard those words, no matter how cheesy they were, I began to cry. Not the loud kind, but the quiet kind. 

This time Fleano kisses me on the lips. Soft and gentle. " Time to wake up, Angel."



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spinatale [A]  on says about chapter 14:
Yeah, the things Fleano said was kind of cheesy...or really cheesy depending on the person. I hope y'all found it to be sweet and romantic-ish.

angellee  on says about chapter 8:
please update soon.Love it

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