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by Domino
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chapter 001; The Intro



Leather couch, black fur material bed, everything in this room looks elegant and expensive. It was already 5 minutes to 10 but in this room, everything is still as dark as the night before. Sean let the blanket cover half of his body while letting his naked torso being exposed to the air. His legs were spread on this king sized bed, his arm was above his forehead covering his eyes. While in the other room lies a similar age male expect for how his dirty blonde hair shines so much brighter in the dark surrounding. Ben Harve O’Pry was always a ladies man; even now he is lying in his pure white bed with a skinny blonde girl in his embrace while spooning against her.


When the clock strikes 10 o’clock, two servants dressed in formal black suits walked into the two boy’s rooms, pressing the air horn like there’s no tomorrow making Sean fall off of his bed and startling the blonde couples, making them trip over each other’s bodies. Sean got up swiftly, brushing his brown hair back and rubbed his temple. “What is this.... about?” His deep husky voice was soft and calm, just how a real man treats a problem. “Mr. O’Pry wants you two down stairs now.” The two servants said in unison even though the two wasn’t in the same room. Harve got up and grabbed his sweats, jumping off of the bed to follow the servant. “Wait, are you going to leave me here?” The blonde girl asked while covering herself with the white blanket. Harve turned around and showed a gorgeous smile. “Oh, I forgot.” The boy walked back to bed and grabbed his glasses. “Someone well show you out.” Harve showed his white pearl like teeth for the girl and heads down stairs, not really caring how angry the girl was.


Sean followed the servant into the library while putting on his black v-neck, when the servant opened the door, all he sees was his wise father. “Dad, what was the meaning of all this?” Sean asked, watching his younger brother walk in and join them.


“Morning.” Harve’s smile was just as bright as the morning sunrise. The loud morning call didn’t seem to bother him at all. “What’s up guys?” When the younger boy spots his dad’s serious expression, the smile disappeared. Mr. O’Pry called in two servants while the boys whisper among themselves. “Looks like he didn’t forget what today is.” Harve’s inside voice traveled into Sean’s ears, earning a nod from the older brother. The two of them watched the two servants bringing in two wrapped boxes.


Mr. O’Pry smiled; this mid-aged man was still just as gorgeous as his boys, “happy birthday.” Telling his boys that on their birthday makes him feel happy as a father, but what he is really excited was for them to open up their present. Both Sean and Harve unwrapped the box and only to find a key placed in the empty box. “W-what’s this?” Sean picked up the silver key with his long and slim finger, studying the key to find any significance within it. Harve on the other hand was just as exuberant as he can be, he thought it was the key to the beach house they looked at in Miami. “You guys are old enough. It’s time for you two to experience the real world on your own.” Mr. O’Pry brought his glasses down from his eyes, wiping them clean with the fabric on the side. “I’m sending you two off to live on your own, attend a public school and work a normal job. There will be no contact between you two and me when it comes to complaining or money issues. This is the key to your new house down in Florida; you two should enjoy this experience. Have fun.” Mr. O’Pry got up from his leather chair and walked over to his two 17 years old sons and placed his hands on their shoulders, “happy birthday, my boys.”


Was that it? Their birthday present was being sent off from the beautiful gated community in California to Florida? Sean’s mouth dropped, couldn’t believe what his father have planned for then. No more driving expensive cars or live in this mansion, no more having a father who owns almost half of the earth. You all know what that means right? That means for Sean to achieve his dream on being like a man just like his father, the journey of working in one of his company as an assistant manager will stop. “I have already packed your bags for you and brought them to the house that I brought you two in Florida, the plane leaves in 30 minutes. Please, get dressed and I’ll see you in two month or so.” Mr. O’Pry walked out of the library to leave the two boys in peace, he knew that the two of them had a lot of questions about this sudden action but he hoped that his two sons will figure out the problem themselves.


“Dude, how cool is this?” Harve turned to his brother and stared at the silver key. “We are going to be on our own, no more listening to this old man telling us what to anymore.” He sounded excited, way too excited. Sean actually liked being told what to do, because having a father like that lets him learn more about business and life. The older boy ignored his younger twin's words and then heads towards the room to get dressed at what's left in his closet. When did his dad pack the stuff? Was it last night? How can such a light sleeper like Sean didn't realize what happened? He grabbed his low hanging black v-neck , the shirt exposed his defined collar bone along with his built chest line. Sean pulled his pajama pants down and then replaced a Zara drop crotch pants that just released this summer. Just that pair of pants probably worth than 200 dollars.


When Sean walked down, his brother already was standing and waiting in the front door in a light blue dress shirt and D&G khkai shorts. “Let's go Seannie.” Harve placed his arm around Sean's shoulder and pulled him out of the door, seeing the Lotus that they used to drive was replaced by a 2008 Ford Fusion. “Oh crap... The old man should of let us keep the car... Look at this piece of scrap metal. It's not even the 2012.” Harve complained, walking over and grabbed the keys from the servant. “Mr. Harve, this car will be transfered while you are flying. The jet is moving.” The servant opened the door for Sean on the driver's seat side as he sat in the driver's seat.


He drove towards their private airport in silence while Harve just text away with his iPhone. Sean placed his left elbow on the window ledge, running his finger against his ruffle above his lip. When they got there, different black suited men opened the door for the two teenagers. The two boys got on their private jet, the last thing they can enjoy before live in the normal life as two normal teenage boys with minimium money and like orphans.


Once the plane started to left off, Sean lays down on the seat while having his pure white beats headphones over his ears, drifting off to slumber. On the other hand, Harve sat there opening up his laptop to message his friend. Lady friend that is.


Harve94: Hey baby.


Sarahboo: Hii Ben.


Harve94: I told you not to call me that Sarah bear.


Sarahboo: Sorry, it's cute. I like that name Harve.


Harve94: Well i like Harve better. What's up baby, what you been doing? Sorry to say but I'm moving to Floria...


Sarahboo: WHAT?! Since when?


Harve94: Pops made us do it this morning. Dunno why or what his problem is but I guess whatever he say goes.


Sarahboo: I'll miss our chats baby. Our dates and you know the rest. ;)


Harve94: Maybe we can dirty Skype.


Sarahboo: Mmmm maybe later. I have company. Chase is here.


Harve94: I got tired studdenly, I gotta go. Maybe we won't see each other anyways.


Harve frowned, upsetting how fast girls move on these days. The reason that he is the way he is, it's all because of how women treats men and how his father treats his mother. The guy knew that the way that his mother left was because his dad didn't give two s**t about his mother. That's why she left this family and went to persue a new one. That was something he will never forget in his mind. He frowned, looking around and placed his apple laptop down on the side. “Can I get you anything to drink Mr. Harve?” The flight attendent came over and asked, but all he gave the girl was a shake of the head. Harve stared out to the clouds, starting to wonder what life will be for them starting now now.



 {Author's Notes}  First chapter. :D yay. Hope you all liked it. Just an intro, subscribe and comment, I will always reply :D love interacting. Love. ;Domino


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stanleyunique  on says:

-clears throat-
This story seems interesting. The characters involved and their situation. Being put out of the house at SEVENTEEN!? WHAT?! I would be so daggone scared, then I'd be like 'HECK YEAH!' haha. No parents, heck yeah!! haha

This story seems interesting and I can't wait to see what happens.

Two fine brothers, twins?! or no?! fine. yes. uhm.

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