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The bell rang and students quickly stuffed their backpacks as they piled into the cramped hallways of the school. 

"Come on!" Christian exclaimed excitedly, grabbing Ria's wrist abruptly and leaving the classroom. "Hurry up!" He yelled again.

"Shut up i'm trying!" She retorted as they ran through the halls. She tried to readjust her purple embellished backback that was so close to falling from her back. They pushed past student after student, collecting harsh complaints up their arse. 

"Watch it!"


Thrown left and right against rock hard backpacks, Ria had enough and harshly disconnected Christian's grasp from hers. Christian stopped and turned around with a 'what now?' look. A long pause ensued.

"It hurts you know!" She scolded while fixing her grasp with her bag. After taking a deep breath, she sighed. "Alright. Let's go." She smiled and hooked arms with the latter. 

"So who is it that you want me to meet again?" Ria piped up.

"Oh, it's a new friend I made last week! I think he'd be a perfect 'Mr. Right' for you, if you know what I mean." Christian winked at his best friend. 

"Chris, you know i'm not looking for a relationship right now." 

"I know, I know, but you have to start living life! Come on, you're finally a high school sophomore for godsakes! You only have 2 years left before college, you know? Get a boyfriend, get out there, and be social for once!"  The latter defended. 

Ria rolled her eyes. "I am social!" She complained, making Christian pause in thought and walking. 

"True you are, but I meant in the relationship area!" 

"Whatever, but I'm not in the mood to meet this so called 'Mr. Right' if that's why you want me to meet him."

Christian sighed," Fine! Excuse me for trying to hook up my best friend with someone just because I care for her well being and I don't want her to die old and forever alone with 50 cats." He crossed his arms and turned to walk away. 

*Dammit.* Ria thought. He was somewhat right, no matter how ridiculous it seemed.

"W-Wait!" She reached out before he could get any further. Christian quickly turned around, making her gaze immediately fall to the ground. "Alright." She mumbled in embarassment. "Where is he? Let's go meet him."

Christian smiled and cupped his ear. "What was that? I didn't hear it I was too far away." He teased. 

"Shut up you dimwit!" Ria snapped. "I just didn't want to die alone with 50 cats, alright?!" This made the latter laugh. 

"Alright, alright! I'm sorry!" He raised his hands in 'surrender'. "Now." He started, hooking his arm with hers," Let's go meet him. We can't leave him waiting~" Christian smiled at Ria and fastened his steps, dragging Ria outside the building. 

Along the way out, Ria questioned," You haven't told me his name yet." 

"Oh, it's Louis. Louis Tomlinson. He's a junior." Ria raised a brow.

"An English boy?" She asked, making Christian roll his eyes. "You'll see! That's why i'm taking you to him! So he can introduce himself to you!"

"Plus, he was the one that actually requested I introduce you to him. So looks like you got an admirer~" Christian cooed. He earned a slap on the shoulder as a response, but she stopped. "He really did?" The latter nodded. 

"Yeah, he sees me with you often and I guess he's taken interest. Either way, it's a secret. I promised him that I wouldn't tell you, but I did so let's not tell him I told you, shall we?" He gave her a gentle puppy eyed look.

Ria gagged. "Alright. Just-just never do that again. Ew." She gagged a little more and turned around, only to bump into someone's chest.

"Oh, sorry." A deep British voice from above said. Ria gasped and quickly detached herself from the boy in front of her. "I-i'm sorry, I wasn't looking." She quickly looked up and blinked. 

"Oh!" The boy 'ahhed' in recognition. "You're Ria! Christian's friend, right?" She only nodded.

The British boy in front of her gave a sweet smile and held out a hand. 

"Hey, I'm Louis."


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MarkTuan  on says:
Nice of you to write for your best friend ^_^

HunterLieu  on says about chapter 4:
*warm fuzzy feelings now* hahaha yeah I've always pondered about the notion that just because someone likes you doesn't mean YOU have to like them but..pressure pressure!

HunterLieu  on says about chapter 1:
It's all good! I don't know anything about 1D either so (〃 ̄︶ ̄)┘└( ̄︶ ̄〃). By the way the first chapter has already captured my interest! Looking forward to clicking forward hahaha... After I shower

Lacilixieux  on says about chapter 2:
Update soon! ^^

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