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Slush the husky, Terri the tiger, Xenia the dog, Tabby the cat, Secco the duck, The adno squad, Frisk and her Undertale army.


The leader of the Undertale army has awaken and slush and his friends must find the adno squad to stop them. Can he and the prophesied 5 defeat the menacing army?


In the territory full of dragons roaring, snarling and flying everywhere, a fox-like black figure and its army flew down and landed roughly on the castle floor. 

He cackled silently and tapped the door. It went down and then they snuck up on a few guards. As they were sleeping, the fox leader ordered his army to attack all of them. Then when they broke down the doors and destroyed the walls, they then entered a booby trap. 

When they walked through, they were shot by a ton of bow and arrows. The leader shrieked while the other soldiers growled and hissed. The fox leader demanded them to run and they made it out. As they got into the throne room after so many failed attempts, they finally found the fire dragon. 

It was demon. "Flames," he said. "So glad you dropped by." Flames growled as he got up and hissed silently. "DAMMIT, DEMON!!" He roared. "What was that all about?!" 

"Well, as you can see," demon continued. "All thanks to the help of my smartest soldiers charizard, the walls will now be implanted with arrows, fire, darts and DEATH!!" Demon cackled and thunders crashed. 

The fox leader facepalmed and shook his head. The dragon leader asked what was wrong and flames confessed. 

"Well, you want to fight, don't you?!" Flames growled under his breath. "Well, yes." 

"THEN DON'T! WE ALMOST DIED!!" Then demon saw a few of his brother's fox soldiers struggling. The commander fox was having terrible struggle of getting the arrow out of his head, the skipper fox was passed out after the arrow had hit him, and nick Wilde was pulling an arrow off of the nurse fox's face.

"Oh," demon said. "Well, then it's settled!!" Then flames slashed for the scales on demon, but he swooped from the attack and snickered. 

"Oh, and about those arrows," Demon said. "They're full of venom!" Then flames weakened harder and winced in pain. But then, a dragon guard bursted in, an earth dragon and he was panicking bad. "Demon and flames!!" He said. "Any news, geode?" Demon asked. 

"It's frisk!! The most ruthless and dangerous villian out of your two other siblings' army! She's awaken!!" Then everyone in the palace panicked and ran around. 

They were so afraid of frisk and her army because when there's a new non-Nintendo character in the marude army, they kill them in order for people to like Undertale. 

"Then what about the adno squad and the prophesied 5?!" Flames growled. "They're on their way!!" 

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