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Lost, dad,pretty girl, and masked person.


The story is about a girl who dreams and finds out her many secrets. 



I dreamed a dream where there was on an operation table. The light above me was bright and it was hard to see. I could feel water around me, because I was sweating. My black hair was dripping with sweat and my arms and legs were tied down. I turned right and left to see the rest of the room. The whole place was white and there were no windows. Next to the table I was lying on was a bunch of tools that looked like they were used for human experiments. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. Breathing in and out then opening my eyes again. “Hello? Is anyone there? Help!” My heart was raising and I couldn’t control my own body. Then I heard the sound of a door creaking open. My body froze, because I had no idea who it was. The person was wearing a white mask with a opera face that was sad. The man started to speak. “ Hello there? I’m guessing your days not been very well. So, what’s your name?” I laid there a few seconds but couldn’t remember my own name. I shook my head in response. The masked man put both his hands on his hips. “Well then, looks like our new plans going to work after all. So sunny boy, what should I call you?” He though for a few minutes. “Can you please release me? The ropes are hurting my hands.” It felt like I was saying it to fast and everything seemed to start blurring together. I must have blacked out after that because when I woke up I was on the bus. I leaned my head against the window and stared outside. “What was dream about?” I asked myself in my mine. When I got off the bus and went walked to my house dad was in his office working on files, papers, and other things. I was an only child and I kind of liked it because the house was clean, quiet, and all for my self. I went to my desk and laid my bag next to the desk on the floor. I sat in my seat and took out a small notebook. It was a plan black cover. It had the words secret written in silver. I opened it and started writing. It was a habit I did every time I  came home. After putting my notebook away I went to the kitchen to get a snack and drink. I came back and took a seat. I got home around four and started my homework at four-thirty. After finishing I studied for thirty minutes. Then took a rest. I was sitting in a room that was all black. The floor was coved in some kind of liquid. It was like water but it was more think. It smelled like metal and then a small light came in from above. I was holding a knife. It was coved in red stuff and it was all over the lower part of my white dress. A body lay next to me. I felt nothing when looking at it. The fingers and other parts of the body had been cut away from the main body and the head had no eyes. The person on the ground had long black hair. The eyes had been lot and the hair was tangled in a mess. The lower half of the head were the mouth lay cut open in half. I could see the whole row of the teeth and the tong. I stood up and a person in a white mask started clapping. “Well done, my dear. You are one of my most successful weapons ever made. I walked towards the man in the mask. I could the blood soak into my feet and the stinking of the sound when I walked. Then everything was dark again. When I woke up the sun had gone down and my phone was vibrating. I turned off the alarm and went to the bathroom. I looked at my hands as I started to wash them. There was no blood. But in my dream I was very pleased with my self. I was able to kill the girl who bullied me for so long. The next morning when I went to school. The girl I killed in my dreams must have been sick. She was the type of girl who everyone likes she pretty, nice, out going, and had a lot of friends. I was just hoping in the darkest place in my chest that she had really died. I hated her so much that I wasn’t afraid to kill her for real but in real life something always stopped me from killing her.  Class started and today was only the second week of school. My first class was science, then math, English, and last yearbook. Before school was over the alarms went on and everyone rushed out of the building. I heard some say that there was a booming in one of the building at school. Everyone stood in line wail the fighters, cops, and etc. All the students saw a big smoke cloud rise in the air then out of nowhere the building behind me exploded. Stones and other things from the school started raining down. But instead of water there was blood that touched the ground. Everyone started running like crazy. People tripped, people fail, people were crushed and anything worse that you could think of. It wasn’t about helping your friends up and run together. No, no,  no it was about your self and you only. If you didn’t run you died and no one was coming back for you. And that’s exactly what I did. I ran like never before and left all the people behind me as they got crushed and stepped on. I ran like hell. Never taking one look back to help anyone. I could hear the screams and cries of thoughts that were left behind but I could never feel the same pain they felt. I ran all the way home and opened the door. Dad wasn’t home so I locked the door and closed any windows or anything that was opened. I ran to my TV and turned it to the news channel. And there was my school. The reporter was talking wail the cops and other people were trying to find people who might be alive. In the background I could see the top of the school was completely gone and I did feel bad at all right? I mean its not like anyone even liked school. But what could I say. They were dead and I was alive. Shouldn’t I be happier? But inside me I felt empty. There was nothing inside of me. It was like a black hole with nothing living inside. In that dream I had. I finally remembered. I did kill the girl but I don’t remember where. I know everything felt real and I saw all of it. But I really wanted to find out who the man in the mask was. I was very curious to find out. A few minutes passed and I was back a sleep again. This time in the dream I was sitting in a chair still covered in blood. But the rest of me was all red and the room lighting was a red pink color. Then the masked person walked in. “Hello again. I heard you wanted to know who I was. Well I’ll tell know.” He came closer and started to wispier in my ear. “I’m you. I’ve always been you. I was the one who set up the booms and killed the girl who was my sister. I also got everyone at school killed and I also operated on you. Which means I operated on my self. Because I hate my life. I wanted everything to end and now it will. Because everyone died in the booming remember?” I was sitting on my bed and everything started to come together.  “I get it now. By then.” The masked man walks away slowly into the dark. And that’s how it all ends. 

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