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After a sudden death, a woman was summoned in a weird place. A man then make her choose: live a new life or to obtain eternal life.

«So what's your answer? We are now kinda short of time so....»
The man before her said with hastiness on his words, she knows right away what to answer.
"Ah yes, I choose to reincarnate."
«Great, then I will grant you atleast 7 wishes»
"Seven wishes? Hmm, I don't have really a wish—ah! I have a wish.... Ah, it's that I want to be reborn as a man. I remembered my days of unfathomable pain due to menstrual cycle that only girls suffer—really! I hate those times experience them."
She says it with strong expression like a lawyer making a strong argument against her client's enemy. The man before her sees her as an interesting one—a one of a kind. It seems another will be spawned to that world.
«You have something else in your mind right, the wish for a happy and family, that I will grant too, however, as for your memories, it was in our laws that memories are bound to be erased to prevent disasters.»
The talk about disasters caught her attention but she digress to say anything as she feel her body floating in the air.
"I understand. That's all then, thank you."
«That's all? You're really boring, you know. There's still 5 more wishes to be granted.»
"Ahaha, sorry that's all I ask. If I asked more than this I might regret it later. I don't want that great responsibility if I ask more. I really don't have anything in mind so..."
As her body began to turn into transparent, the man before her bid her goodbye. Later, she would realize a great mistake of not reconsidering to make the 5 wishes herself.


Using this platform to post my story I made in school. I changed some settings though enjoy.

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