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by BorderlineBadness
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Goge, Kumi, General Ramkiss, Chaos Zucho, Striiker, Twilight Bloom, Gabe, Nadia, Lucas Vampbat, Heart failure, Cardiac Arrest.


The first story in the series. With Goge, still trying to cope with gabe the dog's death in january, he then finds out soon he might be getting a step-father, his father's old friend, chaos.


"Dad!" Goge shouted, staring at the body of gabe the dog. It was January 19th (the original death date of gabe) & the miniature eskimo/pomeranian mix was dying. "Please! Wake up!" Goge cried. "Bork," gabe wheezed, uttering his last words. "Son." "Yes, father," Goge replied. "Your...M-mother w-w-will be taking the throne over. Make sure c-chaos doesn't..." Cough... Gabe was coughing mid-sentence, holding his last seconds. Kumi saw what was going on & cried. Doge sniffled & hugged Goge. "Do not let Chaos get the throne," gabe finally said. "Bjork...Heck...Borf..." Gabe sneezed & then passed out, the flatline on the monitor turning into a straight line. It made a still beeping noise & gabe rested peacefully on the hospital bed. Doge cried & whimpered, hugging gabe's body. "I'm sorry, empress Doge," the doctor said, walking into the room. "He's gone." "DAAAAD!!" Goge cried. "There was nothing we could do," a nurse said. One day later... Everyone was in tuxedos. It was gabe the dog's funeral service & all of gabe's friends were there. "I can't believe gabe is dead," archer, a male arctic fox, said. Goge stood there with a black umbrella in his hand. He stared coldly at the ground, looking upset. "Goge," doge said. "You're up next." The Mini-Eskimo/pomeranian/shiba inu mix sighed, walking up to the stand. He took a few deep breaths & began, tapping the microphone a few times. "It may be hard times," goge said. "But I will have to say that my father Gabe had a good run. He had spent his years putting smiles on everyone's faces with dancing, singing & borking. He may be gone, but his memories will always remain." After Goge was finished, he walked away from the stand. "That was a touching speech, kid," archer said. Goge didn't say a word, nor did he reply. Then during the service, Goge gritted his teeth in anger, clenching a fist & revealing his blue, tearful eyes. He turned around & ran. "Goge?!" Doge said, turning around as well. The trio-mixed breed ran out the door, putting on his black jacket & putting on his hoodie. "Goge, get back here!" Doge barked. His mother was sounding angry from all the yelling she did, but Goge didn't care. He kept running away & tried not to listen. After getting lost, he was thinking about what his father Gabe would do if he got lost. He just sat there & cried.

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