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The older son of King Kirby, Prince Tangerine, had turned insane after being dethroned. The self-procclaimed king of dreamland, DeDeDe, takes on this quest with former foes and allies.


Prince Tangerine stood there, his grin wider like the smile of the chesire cat as his younger sister stepped up in front of their father king Kirby. He was on his throne and faced his children as if he were to announce something important. Every Waddle Dee stood their ground as he got up. The throne room bustled with sharp spears being slowly wielded and they all pointed at all three of them. "Mandarin. Tangerine," he said. 

"Your time of choosing has come. This, my children, is the time of year for the new ruler of Popstar. I have seen greatness inside you two for as long as i could remember."

Sweat formed on the entire face of Princess Mandarin while Tangerine, on the other hand, smiled wickedly. Don't scream She thought. Don't run out of the throne room like last time, OR cry like last time...you got this...


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