004 - Sync

by 14236191
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“…I’ve been wondering why did you two miss lunchtime. Turns out you both decided to be a pair of workaholics, hm?

Shoukaku—entering the office unnoticed despite not intending to—remarked with a considerable amusement when her sister and the Commander both dropped their pen and turned their attention to her simultaneously; they even shared the same mildly embarrassed look.

“With all due respect, Commander, you need to take five once in a while. It would be troublesome if you fall ill, don’t you agree…?” Shoukaku admonished gently, getting a sheepish smile in return. “That goes for you too, Zuikaku,” she turned to her sister, who responded with an amusingly similar smile.

“Ah…sorry. It’s just…uh…I saw the Commander working hard…so, um, I just thought I have to do the same…”

The Commander blinked, then laughed.

“That’s funny because I was watching you and thought you were the hardworking one, and I *should* be like that as well.”

“Augh…So it’s like that, Commander…? Then— “

“Eh, no need to apologize.”

While Zuikaku looked as if she was about to blow up, Shoukaku simply shook her head.

Maybe they didn’t know it, but she has been watching them and noticed how the two have been getting increasingly in sync lately—at times, both of them can even figure out what the other needed, before they could say anything.

She thought it was cute, if not a little humorous.

But the most significant part is that through getting to know the Commander, Zuikaku has loosened up a lot, occasional awkwardness notwithstanding—the way Shoukaku sees it, they are more alike than they realized.

“Well then, I will take my leave…don’t work too hard, okay…?” Shoukaku bowed and headed toward the door but stopped halfway.

“Oh, I almost forgot…thank you, Commander,” she said with a meaningful smile; as she’d expected, both of them looked baffled.

“…Thanks for what…?” The Commander and Zuikaku spoke at the same time.

“…I wonder…” Shoukaku giggled as she left.

“Geez, Shoukaku-nee,” Zuikaku mumbled. She made a note to confront her sister later and ask her about it.

“Well, that’s Shoukaku for you. Anyways, just like she said, though, let’s take a break and get something to eat. Heard they have tempura down at the mess hall. Maybe there will be some left.”

Hearing the mention of tempura, Zuikaku perked up and immediately rose from her seat, just as the Commander did.

“Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go, Commander!”

“You can always go first, you know…?”

“…No, no. If any, you should…”

“Alright, alright, we are going together. After all—”

“’—I don’t want to miss tempura as well,’ right?” Zuikaku chuckled; not too long after, the Commander did the same.

“You know me.”


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