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Zane Cobolt [Main]


Zane is a normal teenager that lives a normal teenage life, or that’s what his friends think. Zane actually has a very big secret that he hides from his friends, and that is that he really is a monster hunter in training. Not only that but his whole family and all of his relatives are monster hunters as well. Follow Zane’s life as he tries to keep his secret as he fights different demons and monster while protecting his close ones.


Zane Cobolt

The main protagonist of this story at age 15; he has black hair and black eyes. He comes from a family of monster hunters and is a monster hunter in training. None of his friends know about that because he keeps it a secret from them. Zane has a cold look to him but he isn’t like that at all; he’s a cool guy that’s laid back. His favorite color is black and that’s what he mostly wears. His main weapon that he uses to fight is a chainsaw that’s black, red, and silver.

Other original character will be explained about once featured into the story.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story may and/or will contain cursing and violence

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AndreaB  on says about chapter 1:
this story is awesome!!! *2 thumbs up*

nightlife6081  on says about chapter 1:
This is really good so far! Looking forward to the next one~

nightlife6081  on says:
This sounds cool! Looking forward to it~

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