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Me, Myself and I

by meraki updated on
Tags: sliceoflife

A memoir of my past experiences.   I'm still young and I have a long way to go but I think I'd l... Read More

Arktivus Brevon.

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: Lord Brevon, Serpentine, Syntax, Prince Dail, Merga, Lioness, The overlord
Tags: freedomplanet
Chapters: 11 |

How will this story work out? After lord brevon had thought he made it clear that nothing bad will go wrong for his new home planet, his team and him find a new threat coming to them and it does ... Read More

Jar of Secrets [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by MielJeim updated on
Tags: secrets
Chapters: 36 |

  ... Read More

Plots and Drafts [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by MielJeim updated on
Tags: imagination
Chapters: 16 |

... Read More

Livresque [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by MielJeim updated on
Tags: tips
Chapters: 13 |

• L i v r e s q u e ... Read More

Letters to LJ [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by MielJeim updated on
Tags: authorsnote
Chapters: 3 |

  ... Read More

Birth of nightmares.

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: The skylanders, lioness, count havoc, the doom raiders, lethal the alien, flighty, kaos.
Tags: skylanders

As it all unfolds, a few other skylanders in their own vision are controlled by a demonic possessed alien who takes them into dimensions and nightmares. Will they all survive, make it out alive o... Read More

Drift into sleep.

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: The skylanders, the doom raiders, lioness, the black arm army.
Tags: horror skylanders
Chapters: 2 |

After a never lasting battle against the adno murderer, it would still be the end. As the skylanders uncover a new threat to the universe, they come across the fact that there would be a black ar... Read More

Drift out of sleep. [Complete]

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: The skylanders, lioness, the adno murderer.
Tags: horror skylanders
Chapters: 16 | Comments: 1 |

Will this be? Will this be the end of them? After lioness had been grown into a snake lion hybrid, they had tried so much cures but no luck. Then spyro and the others go to a super store to find ... Read More

The Shaded Wings

by AthenaAkira updated on
Characters: Yukino, Sora, Taiga, Shuichi, Rinto, Tsukasa, Akane
Tags: romance drama original comedy originalcharacter japanesename
Chapters: 8 |

Description:Five idols suddenly announced a lucky draw at th... Read More

Alphys' Adventures [Complete]

by xandermartin98 updated on
Characters: Alphys, Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton
Tags: undertale
Chapters: 13 |

In my first actually good Undertale fanfic, Alphys and Undyne and the Skelebros take off on a grand journey through the barrier, down the mountain and across the wilderness into the great city of... Read More

Alphys Hoek [Complete]

by xandermartin98 updated on
Characters: Alphys, Undyne, Amalgamates, Mettaton, Chara, Sans
Tags: undertale
Chapters: 6 | Comments: 1 |

In a blatant parody of The Ren & Stimpy Show, the ever-so-adorable Alphys from Undertale is driven bat_____ insane by Mettaton, becoming the absolute perfect candidate for the ... Read More


by greenteamuch updated on
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester
Tags: destiel
Chapters: 1 |

Castiel whitewashed Dean's and Sam's memory of him.... Read More


by RKP_Yoshi updated on
Characters: Len Kagamine, Gumi
Tags: vocaloid

When Len was five, he met Gumi for the first time.... Read More


by Topu-Da updated on
Characters: Original characters: Mike, Conleth, Demi, Servinaz, Tissa
Tags: romance adventure supernatural
Chapters: 1 |

5 postgraduate students are randomely transported to another world where no humans exist. They must survive the nature and the one thing that is following them. With the misfortunes, they will kn... Read More

The day in the life of shadow.

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: Shadow the hedgehog, rouge the bat, silver the hedgehog, E-123 Omega, shade the hedgehog, Ivy the ringtail cat, blaze the cat.
Tags: sonic
Chapters: 1 |

It was never easy for shadow when he first entered videogame high school. But even though his friends are out there, shadow has some other decisions in life: become president, rescue himself from... Read More

TakaMido Drabbles

by yuki_chicken updated on
Characters: All KnB characters
Tags: takamido
Chapters: 4 |

A series of drabbles with the world's 2nd most annoying couple in the KnB universe... Read More

The Chao adventures 2: The shattered crystal.

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: Jake, Jason, doppel, Jeff, Rachel, diva, Grayson, the deadly squad, Caruso, Royal Caribbean, narrow li, general paella, m
Tags: sonic
Chapters: 9 |

As the battle of the Chao tribe VS the deadly squad begins, Jake, his fellow chao, and Jeff help out each other to stop bipolar and her deadliest animal forces of Australia. ... Read More

The Future Ahead

by yuki_chicken updated on
Characters: midorima, takao, and everyone else
Tags: mpreg cute takamido
Chapters: 6 | Comments: 3 |

"Your wife and child seem to be in a more stable condition, but we must keep them overnight to make sure that nothing happens" Takao looked up at the doctor and sighed in re... Read More

Just One More Time [Complete]

by HiddenOmega updated on
Characters: Shin Hoseok/Wonho || Chae Hyungwon
Tags: hyungwonho 2won monstax hyungwon wonho
Chapters: 1 |

      ... Read More

War of the planets episode 2: Frisk's Awaken.

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: Slush the husky, Terri the tiger, Xenia the dog, Tabby the cat, Secco the duck, The adno squad, Frisk and her Undertale army.
Tags: wotp

The leader of the Undertale army has awaken and slush and his friends must find the adno squad to stop them. Can he and the prophesied 5 defeat the menacing army?... Read More

The Screwball Seven

by BrokenAbyssChain updated on
Characters: Ryan Breland, Olivier Vasser, Roman Harper, Oscar Winham, Aaron Hart, Ariella Goldstein, Danika Rae, Thomas Harvey, Yasir Lakhani + More [Minor]
Tags: crime
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 |

  What do a woman on the run from her mobster fiancé, a dysfunctional actor, a bank ro... Read More


by Kpopdude updated on
Characters: Jay park and Dayoon
Tags: love
Chapters: 2 |

Sjuzx7fbgkkzo8djeniffikfödk... Read More

If I Died

by MusicLuver updated on
Tags: suicide
Chapters: 1 |

        Life is like a house of cards. It's so delicate and fragile. One wrong move and the entire house can fall apart. My house of cards is about to crash. This is what I wish I could've sa... Read More

Lioness Superstar Ultra 1: The Day All Hope Ended.

by BorderlineBadness updated on
Characters: Lioness, honchkrow, super, eevee, yandere, Kuro, minty, dark flames, sudofox.
Tags: lioness

After a long fight against dark flames, sudo island is now back in shape again, but then lioness and her sudo force then discover a new threat to the island. ... Read More


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