Karma Points Services Agreement


Karma Points Services Agreement


  1. Scope of Agreement.
    This Agreement governs your use, storage and purchase of Karma Points or any of our other virtual currencies (each individually or collectively referred to in this Agreement as "Asianfanfics Virtual Currency") and any of our products and services through which you can purchase, earn or use the Asianfanfics Virtual Currency ("Asianfanfics Services"). This Agreement supplements the Asianfanfics Terms of Use. If there is an inconsistency between the Asianfanfics Terms of Use and this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement will govern your use, storage and purchase of Asianfanfics Virtual Currency. By selecting the "I have read and accept Karma Points Services Agreement for use and limitations of Karma Points" checkbox, you agree that your use of Asianfanfics Virtual Currency, Asianfanfics Services and all related content is subject to this Agreement.
  2. Revised Terms.
    We may revise this Agreement at any time and the revisions will apply to all subsequent purchases of Asianfanfics Virtual Currency and the subsequent entitlements to content that you receive by using Asianfanfics Virtual Currency. When we revise this Agreement, we change the "Last Updated" date below. Each time you purchase Asianfanfics Virtual Currency you agree that you will review the terms of this Agreement. If you don’t agree to the changes, you should stop using the Asianfanfics Services.
  3. Asianfanfics Virtual Currency License.
    Asianfanfics Virtual Currency can be purchased via the Asianfanfics Services. We may also award Asianfanfics Virtual Currency in connection with promotions and as part of encouraging interactions within the Asianfanfics community. When you purchase Asianfanfics Virtual Currency you agree to pay taxes that Asianfanfics may assess on your purchase as required by law. By purchasing or otherwise acquiring Asianfanfics Virtual Currency as set out above, you obtain a limited license to access and select from content and features that we expressly make available as part of the Asianfanfics Services (the "Asianfanfics Karma Features"). Asianfanfics Virtual Currency has no monetary value and does not constitute currency or property of any type. Asianfanfics Virtual Currency may be redeemed for Asianfanfics Karma Features only. Asianfanfics Virtual Currency cannot be sold or transferred, and cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other goods and services, except for the Asianfanfics Karma Features. Asianfanfics Virtual Currency is non-refundable. You are not entitled to a refund for any unused Asianfanfics Virtual Currency. You may not hold in the aggregate more than $300 worth of Asianfanfics Virtual Currency at any time. In addition, you may not spend in the aggregate more than $200 worth of Asianfanfics Currency in any one day.
  4. Asianfanfics Virtual Currency Term.
    The term of your Asianfanfics Virtual Currency license starts when you acquire Asianfanfics Virtual Currency and, subject to this Agreement, there is no expiration date or fee, however, for Karma Points in North America.
  5. Abandoned Property.
    If you leave a balance of purchased Karma Points unused for the period of time set forth by your state, country, or other governing body in its unclaimed property laws, or if you delete your account and leave a balance of purchased but unused Karma Points , or if we deactivate your account and you do not meet any conditions necessary to reinstate it within six (6) months, we may process your purchased but unused balance of Karma Points in accordance with our legal obligations, including by submitting funds associated with your balance to the appropriate governing body as required by law.
  6. Pricing.
    The price payable by you (the "Price") is the price indicated on the applicable website for the Asianfanfics Services. We reserve the right to change the Price and specifications shown in relation to any of the Asianfanfics Services at any time including prior to Asianfanfics’ acceptance of your order, without prior notice to you.

    While every effort is made to ensure that descriptions of Asianfanfics Karma Features or Price are accurate, occasionally errors do occur. Asianfanfics reserves the right to correct errors in the description of the Asianfanfics Karma Features and/or Price at any time.
  7. Payment.
    You may pay for Asianfanfics Virtual Currency by using the services of any alternate billing and payment provider (such as PayPal) that we identify on the applicable website. If you pay for Asianfanfics Virtual Currency by credit card, then you must supply your credit card details when you place your order. We will not supply any products or services to you until your credit card issuer or alternative billing and payment provider has authorized the use of your card or other applicable method for payment. If you use the services of an alternate billing and payment provider, you will be bound by that third party provider’s terms & conditions, which are available from the provider. You may be required to create an account with the alternate provider, and to provide that provider with your bank account or credit or debit card details.
  8. No Refunds.
    Once a purchase of Karma Points is accepted, no returns, refunds, exchanges, substitutions or cancellations are permitted except as required under applicable law. Your order will be deemed to be accepted once Asianfanfics receives confirmation of payment in full from the payment processor and deposits Karma Points into your Asianfanfics account.
  9. Use of Asianfanfics Virtual Currency.
    Once you -- or we as set forth below -- have redeemed Asianfanfics Virtual Currency for Asianfanfics Karma Features, that feature is not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable for Asianfanfics Virtual Currency or for cash, or other goods or services.
  10. Asianfanfics Karma Features.
    When you acquire Asianfanfics Karma Features, you receive a limited license to use Asianfanfics Karma Features for your personal commercial use with any specified permitted Asianfanfics Services that we identify from time to time. Asianfanfics reserves all right, title and interest in Asianfanfics Karma Features and all associated copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights therein. This License is limited to the intellectual property rights of Asianfanfics in the Asianfanfics Karma Features and does not include any rights to other patents or intellectual property. You may not remove, alter, or obscure any identification, copyright, or other intellectual property notices in the Asianfanfics Karma Features.
  11. Asianfanfics Virtual Currency Availability.
    Asianfanfics Virtual Currency may only be held by legal residents of countries where access to and use of the Asianfanfics Services is permitted. Asianfanfics Virtual Currency may be purchased or acquired only from Asianfanfics through means we provide on the applicable website(s) or otherwise expressly authorize. Asianfanfics reserves the right to refuse your request(s) to purchase and/or acquire Asianfanfics Virtual Currency, and Asianfanfics reserves the right to limit or block any request to purchase and/or acquire Asianfanfics Virtual Currency for any reason. Asianfanfics reserves the right to reject, correct, cancel or refuse orders.
  12. Cancellation and Suspension.
    We can cancel or suspend your access to Asianfanfics Virtual Currency, the Asianfanfics Services or your Asianfanfics Account, in our sole discretion and without prior notice, if (a) you fail to comply with this Agreement or the Asianfanfics Terms of Use; or (b) if we otherwise suspect fraud or misuse of Asianfanfics Services and/or Asianfanfics Virtual Currency, or any other unlawful activity associated with an account membership registered to or used by you.
  13. Termination of Services.
    You agree that Asianfanfics may stop making Asianfanfics Virtual Currency and the Asianfanfics Services available, at any time, without any liability to you. If we stop supporting the Asianfanfics Services, we will provide at least thirty (30) days advance notice to you by posting a notice on Asianfanfics.com.
  14. Reservation of Rights.
    Asianfanfics reserves the right to take all legal and technical steps available, including pursuing civil remedies and criminal prosecution, for any violation of this Agreement or the Asianfanfics Terms of Use. Our failure to enforce this Agreement or the Asianfanfics’ Terms of Use in every instance in which it is entitled does not amount to a waiver of Asianfanfics’s rights.
  15. Electronic Contracting.
    You acknowledge and agree that by clicking the ‘purchase’ (or similar) button when you place your order, you are placing a legally binding offer. You consent to: (i) the use of electronic communications to enter into contracts and place orders with us; and (ii) the electronic delivery of notices, policies and records of transactions initiated or completed by you online. You have the right to withdraw this consent, but if you do, we may cancel your access to the Asianfanfics Services. If you do not consent to receive any notices electronically, you must stop using the Asianfanfics Services.

Last Updated:
January 17, 2013

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