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In the Rain, Stars Align

by aznosmao
Characters: The deepest parts of your soul
Tags: angst love lonely depression stronger

Everyone wants to find love and be loved, to be strong and have people at his or her side, to be proud. Yet this world is a trying place. Find your heaven in this hell. ... Read More

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Third World [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by TheAnyo updated on 11-10-2017
Tags: originalcharacter

A hardworking fella falls from the second floor and wakes up in another world.... Read More

Pokemon Kingdom Battle

by BorderlineBadness updated on 11-8-2017
Characters: Every other trainer and every pokemon character ever created.
Tags: pokemon

Two Jesters in a close rivalry with each other, a few heroes must find a powerful entity to stop the war between the duo.... Read More

Rescue Academy [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by TheAnyo updated on 10-28-2017
Tags: originalcharacter

Welcome! Your course code would be 10121. May you enjoy your journey in Rescue Academy!... Read More

Team R Go!! [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by TheAnyo updated on 10-27-2017
Tags: originalcharacter

One underrated unit fights for significance for the survival of others through saving lives by spreading... Read More

Road to The Alterverse

by BorderlineBadness updated on 10-26-2017
Tags: panthera

After Lynnae & her friends find out an amazing discovery about the Alterverse, they go into many different universes to find them.... Read More

Goddess of Fire

by Gennah12 updated on 10-26-2017
Characters: Xyleah, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Amethyst, Apollo, Apalla
Tags: fantasy

Xyleah is the daughter of Athena the Goddess of War. Her mother has been training her in the art of war most ... Read More

Counting Stars [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by TheAnyo updated on 10-26-2017
Tags: originalcharacter

Two men in a bar. The taller one asking for a favor from the other, who finds it unpleasant.       He insisted.       The o... Read More

Vocab [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by TheAnyo updated on 10-24-2017
Tags: historical

Importancia... Read More

The Young Justice Leage

by Kenzie- updated on 10-12-2017
Tags: justiceleage

 Superhero name: Shadowstar  Age:16 Name: Luna ... Read More

Dusk To Dawn

by Vlyr00 updated on 9-22-2017
Characters: OC,Mark Tuan,Bobby
Tags: romance daehyun bobby marktuan imjaebum

  But you'll never be alone... Read More

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