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Sakura's Dilemma

by applecyanide
Characters: Kakashi, Sakura
Tags: romance anime naruto kakasaku

As if having lewd dreams about her sensei wasn't bad enough. Now her childhood crush had to come stomping back into her life a... Read More

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This Is Me [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by Callan updated on 2-19-2018
Tags: original

          ... Read More

[300 Anime & Manga Oneshots]

by BrokenAbyssChain updated on 2-11-2018
Characters: Many, Many, Many Anime & Manga Characters [+O.C's]
Tags: oneshot manga anime originalcharacter

  A collection of drabble... Read More

Constellation [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by Callan updated on 2-7-2018
Tags: romance

A love for two but...... Read More

Rescue Academy [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by Callan updated on 2-7-2018
Tags: rescue

Welcome! ... Read More


by ksihfsda updated on 1-31-2018
Tags: ksihfsda

geosynthetic cementitious composite mat... Read More


by hella25 updated on 1-7-2018
Tags: short history

Are you able to awaken emotions with a few lines?... Read More


by hella25 updated on 1-7-2018
Tags: historia

¿Eres capaz de despertar las emociones con unas pocas líneas?... Read More

Galaxies and Pretty Boys

by Floweryseoul updated on 1-7-2018
Characters: Seyoon OC
Tags: ace7

She loved calling him Pretty Boy, though she loved the way his name tasted on her tongue even more. And ... Read More

Pokemon Kingdom Battle

by BorderlineBadness updated on 1-5-2018
Characters: Every other trainer and every pokemon character ever created.
Tags: originalcharacter pokemon

Two Jesters in a close rivalry with each other, a few heroes must find a powerful entity to stop the war between the duo.... Read More

Tales of Horror

by BrokenAbyssChain updated on 1-3-2018
Characters: Original characters: Kujo Takara, Shibata Rin, Himura Kaede, Akiyama Makoto, Kurosawa Masayuki, Tsukino Shoichi - More: Minors
Tags: psychological comedy supernatural horror mystery relationships animestyle

Five friends whom share a history are brought back together after an unimaginable incident during their teen years had seperated them. Investigating supernatural case... Read More

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