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ムーン The New Moon ムーン

by --BabyDoll
Characters: Sailor Chibi-Moon, Sailor Senshi, Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, Helios, Sailor Quartet, ect.
Tags: romance angst drama manga anime supernatural sailormoon

☪ ... Read More

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Confucian Influence on Koryo and Choson Women.

by dean13 updated on 5-26-2023
Tags: writing

The f... Read More

Social Worker

by cclare updated on 4-15-2023
Tags: one

The... Read More

Hatoful content? in 2022? Not As Unlikely As You Think

by UnrulyRedFox updated on 1-1-2023
Tags: crack gay chatfic hatofulboyfriend

I will provide no context other than this being a strongly non-canon-compliant au and a human auShips include Anghel/Nageki, Sakuya/Ryouta and Hitori/Kazuaki (but portrayed in a healthy wa... Read More

Naegiri Week 2022!

by UnrulyRedFox updated on 12-12-2022
Characters: Makoto, Kyoko, and sometimes others!
Tags: danganronpa shipweek naegiri

Hello! I don't usually make naegiri content, as there are other ships I prefer, but it is a very cute and healthy ship and deserves more appreciation from me, so I'm participating in the ship week thi... Read More

a himiko yumeno birthday drabble [Complete]

by UnrulyRedFox updated on 12-3-2022
Characters: Himiko and the gang
Tags: drabble danganronpa birthday

writing this really fast while it's the 3rd in my timezone and i still have energy bc lord knows i won't in the morning... Read More

Gotta Go FaSt!! (A Sonic The Hedgehog Chatfic)

by UnrulyRedFox updated on 11-30-2022
Characters: A lot of different characters from the games, comics, and TV series!
Tags: crack gay socialmedia sonicthehedgehog

/////Usernames///// Sonic = chillidog_master Tails = FLUFFYGENIUS Knuckles = PunchyMcPunch Amy = rosethornsShadow = owtheedgeRouge = UrCriminalTherapistSonia = moonlightson... Read More

i get stuck when the world's too loud [Complete]

by UnrulyRedFox updated on 11-26-2022
Characters: Penny, Arven, Nemona, and Juliana
Tags: pokemon autism argument

Penny can't think. Arven and Nemona are arguing. They're being way too loud.... Read More

Note From A Gardevoir [Complete]

by UnrulyRedFox updated on 11-25-2022
Tags: pokemon crack rant gardevoir

It's not easy being a Gardevoir.... Read More

Hi, It’s me. I got a boyfriend for the first time :)

by Minerva updated on 11-7-2022
Characters: He and Me
Tags: sliceoflife

Hello, i'm back. I am just going to make this real short because i will never want to cover all those 4 years together.  I am back afte a while, announcing that i got a partner for the f... Read More

Why choose whipped cream dispenser?

by crystalyang updated on 9-29-2022
Tags: dispenser

Whipping cream dispensers are sensible for many reasons, particularly when compared to their store-bought aerosol version. However, given that purchasing a ... Read More

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