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by averything
Characters: Avery, Layla, Diana, Others
Tags: friendship

  Today i turn a new page of my life. I hope i can start everything anew. I had had enough of my life in Hongkong. Being a domestic helper isn't my dream job after all. It's not like when i came ... Read More

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O Projektowanie.art

by hannadesign updated on 6-21-2024
Tags: interior

Witaj w Projektowanie.art, miejscu gdzie pasja do projektowania wnętrz spotyka się z profesjonalizmem i innowacyjnymi rozwiązaniami. Nasza firma, z siedzibą w sercu Warszawy, specjalizuje się w... Read More

一百。// one hundred chances at romance.

by -sarang updated on 6-13-2024
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance angst oneshot original fluff challenge prompts

... Read More

邮轮与冰山 [Complete]

by qyisme updated on 3-4-2024
Tags: autobiography

*先婚后爱/大学背景/极度无营养/第一人称/HE *无任何拧巴肝疼情节,极致的爽文 要素齐全,指腹为婚,老梗无限好~食用愉快... Read More

Silent treatment

by Olivia updated on 10-26-2023
Tags: romance sehun

What if you woke up to find yourself in the world of a novel with a beautiful man sleeping beside you who claimed to be your boyfriend. This man was known as the male lead's cousin and the coldest cha... Read More

For people travelling to Great Britain

by best_user1990 updated on 9-3-2023
Tags: travel

The beauty of London is unparalleled, and while the streets are a joy to explore, having a reliable taxi service is vital. I found this link h... Read More

For people traveling to Poland

by adamniecik11 updated on 8-10-2023
Tags: writting

I am a fanfic lover and I came to Poland to see their culture, meet people with whom I can travel to other countries, a... Read More

One and only [Subscribers Only]

by Olivia updated on 7-16-2023
Characters: Park chanyeol,Aera(original female character)
Tags: fluff exo chanyeol aera taeyong

Weird. That was Aera's most repeated thought for the past 2 weeks . Wanna know why ? Maybe because her bestfriend had finally gone nuts and is trying to set her up with his uncle ...(his very gorgeou... Read More

Confucian Influence on Koryo and Choson Women.

by dean13 updated on 5-26-2023
Tags: writing

The f... Read More

Social Worker

by cclare updated on 4-15-2023
Tags: one

The... Read More

Hatoful content? in 2022? Not As Unlikely As You Think

by UnrulyRedFox updated on 1-1-2023
Tags: crack gay chatfic hatofulboyfriend

I will provide no context other than this being a strongly non-canon-compliant au and a human auShips include Anghel/Nageki, Sakuya/Ryouta and Hitori/Kazuaki (but portrayed in a healthy wa... Read More

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