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by smileysgoboing
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Wherever her skin touches his, ice spreads, cold and numbing. It creeps from his hands, his lips, from his feet where they touch the water, all the way to his heart until it is no longer his.


Something I wrote for an English assignment; also posted on AFF (starring JongSica).

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Anggie  on says about chapter 1:
Wow. That was great. Nicely written, too. Good job!

loveynovy  on says:
Love it! :)

-flowerbird  on says:
This is really good to bad is one shot

flowersea  on says:
this is really good

angelicsmile  on says about chapter 1:
Nice story ^^

PyaariSammu  on says about chapter 1:
That was WONDERFUL! It had the perfect touch of dark and I loved it!!!

N1ghtshade  on says about chapter 1:
This was brilliant. It had that hint of creepiness and mystery that always draws me in.
I loved it! ^^

stanleyunique  on says about chapter 1:
OH MY GOSH. That story is just too good. Yes~ I wish you'd make a full fanfic out of that. it was just...brilliant. YOU HAD BETTER RECEIVED A PASSING GRADE FOR SUCH A TALE. Wow. Poor Jonghyun, wrong place wrong mother freaking time. shame. =/

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