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by DaehyunWifey
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"Go away, animal!"

Was it his fault that he was treated this way?

No, said his conscience, as his head shook in response to the no.

It was just some fur that they were freaking about; soft, thick layers of fur that sealed in the heat from cold air outside.

Was it so bad that he had triangular ears, covered in fluff?

He sighed audibly, his tail sweeping the floor wildly. He couldn't control it at times.

He ran away to find shelter from the pebbles peltering him- not that they hurt him much, but he flinched under their continuous showering of the small rocks.

"Mom-" his voice disappears from his throat suddenly, only empty air hanging in the air.

"Oh," a woman, about 40 years old, smiles awkwardly- he could tell that she was forcing the smile.

"Sweetie, you got a letter." Her face contorts into a slight grimace, just for a brief moment, when she says "sweetie." She thought he was a monster too. He could tell.



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Pastelsky  on says about chapter 1:
This is very interesting! The way he's bullied and ignored by even his mother is upsetting, but I'm certain that the school will be a great opportunity for him. I like it!

yingjumeihua  on says about chapter 1:
It's like Harry Potter but he's not a wizard but a strange creature.

BeHappy  on says:
Sounds interesting.

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