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Things aren’t what they seem, it’s what they are. Perception, my boy, perception."

- Master Rohi



Waking Up is Keeper's entry in the End Of The Year Story Writing Contest in an anime forum. It placed 3rd and won an Amazon voucher worth 15$.

This is my first sci-fi, lol, and I would like to extend my thanks to my three chinggus, adncr3luckyritzchick and kpopartory, for putting up with me stressing on their walls just to finish this in three nights because I put it off til the deadline.




The Human sphere that's what it was called, our spiralling arm of the galaxy, before they came. We could have made it great but we ruined it, just like we ruined Terra, carving out our own little empires, looking to satisfy petty material wants and needs and never seeing the bigger picture of humanity as a whole. Maybe that's why they got their foothold, at the center of the sphere no less. They, they are or were, I can’t be sure now, the combined army of an Evolved Intelligence, a malevolent mind with no physical form. Apparently they are were different races conquered by the E.I. and deemed too primitive, violent or stupid to assist it in its goal of figuring out how to transcend reality, so they were charged with slaughtering races like us and rounding up the survivors to toil in their slave-colleges studying to solve the problem. 

I look at the desperate situation I find myself in and can’t help but laugh; we could have contained them at the start had we only put our differences aside. But no, our governments couldn't have one another making any gains and coming out stronger at the end of the war instead they fought secret black ops wars to undermine each other behind the scenes while showing a united front to the public. I can’t say how long I've been running or how long I've been fighting; time is something that has little meaning to me now, I can’t even tell if what I remember is my past or if it's my future. I don’t even know what made me think we could run in the first place, it seems so obvious now, if a being was on the verge of transcending reality, what was there to stop it transcending time and space?


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PyaariSammu  on says:
Gosh this sounds like it's going to be great!

N1ghtshade  on says:
This sounds very interesting. I cannot wait! ^^

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