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by Tsuyukii
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Sawada Tsunayoshi and Hibari Kyoya


Despite what you all may think, Hibari Kyoya despised being alone. And a certain herbivore named Sawada Tsunayoshi came into his life to change his loneliness. It was thanks to him that he no longer felt alone.



Hibari Kyoya hated loneliness. However…growing up that way, always alone, for over ten years, he had gotten used to it—he simply adapted, which was what any human being would need to do in order to survive. It was unfortunate; and everyone around him believed that he liked to be alone. Those negative feelings continued to pile up higher and higher inside of him. They were like defaced packages stacked upon one another and he would be sitting on top of each stack, and as he gradually grew older, so did the stacks and he was inching closer and closer to the sky [1]. He was fated to be alone. Hitoribocchi no sadame.

SO! Uh, I actually wrote this one-shot quite a while ago and had it on FF.net... ehehe;;. More than a year ago, it was written... but then this site came along, so I thought! Hey! Why not try to revise this old one-shot and post it over here on FFO?

...Unfortunately, there weren't many changes made, but I'm still somewhat satisfied anyways. >Bl So yeah.


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arosebushqueen  on says about chapter 1:
I thought this would end sad, but thank god I was wrong!

PyaariSammu  on says about chapter 1:
The ending was really sweet, I really liked this (:

ChocoDoraemon  on says:
hey what anime is this?

DanceKokoro  on says about chapter 1:
LOL omg...hibari didnt kill tsuna...

unblurthefuture  on says about chapter 1:
The inspiration about reaching the sky (tsuna) is really nice. I suddenly remembered those episodes tyl hibari was teaching tsuna to fight. :)

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