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For a Teacher, From Their Student

by panda_poke
featured on 7-11-2020
Characters: Liza, Rey, and more OCs
Tags: romance drama original sliceoflife originalstory forbidden

A story I wanted to make about forbidden feelings—for a teacher, from their student. I feel like this is something that happens almost everywhere—... Read More

Infected with Love.

by Mistress
featured on 7-4-2020
Characters: Alex Joy [AJ], Elodie [Die], more..
Tags: romance school homosexualism trouble reallife rival betrayal

Infected with Love.

Characters:  Alex Joy || AJ || 16 || The Unique One.    Elodie || Die || 16 || The Sophisticated One. The friends [unicorns]. Sam || 16 || The Only Best Friend. Jessie || 14 || The Troublesome Sister. ... Read More

Deal With The Devil [Complete]

by smileysgoboing
featured on 6-27-2020
Tags: original

plot bunny and procrastination = story... Read More

Difference is Everything

by omgith
featured on 6-20-2020
Characters: OC's (Travon mostly)
Tags: angst original sad originalcharacter abuse racism

Meow ;3 ... Read More

Brother-Bonding [Complete]

by chessur
featured on 6-13-2020
Characters: Damon Salvatore | Stefan Salvatore | Elena Gilbert
Tags: tvd

Damon suspects that Stefan enjoys their little chats more than he’d like to admit. Damon also suspects that the same could be said about himself as well. This makes Damon a little uncomfortable, but also a little sad.... Read More

Finding A Cure for Zombies

by FattyPandi
featured on 6-6-2020
Characters: Dakota Fanning, Jeremy Irvine, Others, Zombies
Tags: scifi zombies dakotafanning jeremyirvine adventure

Finding A Cure for Zombies

    ~Dakota Fanning, a 17 year old who's skilled in fighting but has a kind heart. She dreams of a peaceful world, how it used to be but now the Earth is cluttered with zombies roaming around... Read More

Diabolus Ex Machina

by BrokenAbyssChain
featured on 5-30-2020
Characters: Thomas, Minho, Newt, Aris, Jorge, Brenda, Teresa. Others - Minor. [O.C’s] Maeve, Rossario, Raener, Suzanne, Jemima, Aphrodite.
Tags: drama action mystery dystopian relationships thescorchtrials postapocalyptic

Diabolus Ex Machina

Hurt me, ignite me. Beguile me, try to decode me. Break my will... Let me to lose all hope. Leave me if you have to. Just, whatever you do, Don’t lie to me...    ... Read More

The story of Pikachu and Ash Ketchup.

by Melona
featured on 5-23-2020
Tags: pokemon

/shot... Read More

Apocalypse Survival Guide.

by AnimefreakFeral
featured on 5-16-2020
Characters: You,Zombies&The; Group.
Tags: zombies you survival thewalkingdead walkers undead future

Yo. I'm originally from Asianfanfics,but I had this idea and well,I can't really put it on there. Apart from K-POP,my biggest fandom is zombie apocalypse. So...Enjoy I guess.^^ Disclaimer:This is for entertainment purposes only. Unless you're like me and believe there will be an apocalypse soon. But whatever.  Credit;The Walking Dead,... Read More

Must Be... You and Me [Complete]

by ignorance
featured on 5-9-2020
Characters: Kim ______ (You) + Your Bias
Tags: romance oneshot bias

Hi! ignorance imnida! I'm new here and this is my first fanfic/oneshot entitled "Must Be... You and Me" ... Read More

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