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Writing help agency

by booja01615
featured on 1-21-2023
Tags: papers

... Read More

Fairy Dust

by this-fairytalegirl
featured on 1-14-2023
Tags: original fantasy fairytale

Hey folks! This is my first story and a collection of short stories and oneshots. They are mostly stories or scenarios that I imagine at 2am in the morning or when I'm in the shower. I might be creating a few more collections that I have in mind as side projects while I work on my fantasy fiction which I hope will be coming to you guys real soon.  If you guys want to request a story or a scenario, comment in the following format: *Characters - (original names please) ... Read More

The Music In Me

by _uraqt
featured on 1-7-2023
Tags: oneshot original drabble oneshotcollection

My Playlist for this collection will be mostly English Music of various genres and time eras due to the fact that I do not want to bring in my K-Pop to here. _uraqt... Read More

Aidilfitri Bersama Kamu...Cowok Perasan Bagus!!! [Complete]

by queen_q_minz
featured on 12-31-2022
Tags: malay

Aidilfitri Bersama Kamu...Cowok Perasan Bagus!!!

Hello~ Hai~ Assalamualaikum!!    My name is q, im a novelist. This is a short one-shot fanfic (cerpen) that i post up on my blog, i want to share it here.  Please be nice naaaaa.... im new here.. comment are appriciated^^   ps: Malaysian?? come and add me as friend!!! ^^ ... Read More

Searching for Inspiration

by bluestockings
featured on 12-24-2022
Tags: angst original fantasy psychological depression

    I am allergic to the emptiness and insincere actions of those around me. Its a concoction of their own poison and it burns me. It is a severe pain that etches against my skin from their brazen words and loveless responses.  My blood boils from the poverty I see in the world they call beautiful. ... Read More

Rozen Fire: A Hoenn Journey

by GiveMariCookies
featured on 12-17-2022
Characters: Rozen Daemon (OC), Steven Stone, Team Magma
Tags: adventure action originalcharacter pokemon

Rozen Fire: A Hoenn Journey

Poster and Background created by Jae at Motionless Graphic Shop [Open for batch 1]   Okay so this is a Pokémon story that involves my OC and ... Read More

The British Invasion

by OhScrewTheName
featured on 12-10-2022
Characters: Primrose Pierce, Natalie Foster, Penelope Pierce, Roland Miller, Phillip Pierce, Paige Pierce
Tags: romance originalstory pain lovestory interracial racist

Primrose Pierce: 16 Years Old From Pasadena, California Obsessed with Great Britain    Natalie  Foster: 17 Years old From London, England Is a British Foreign Exchange Student   Pen... Read More

There is no 'us'

by dust_fly
featured on 12-3-2022
Tags: freedom

... Read More

The Fault in Our Stars

by lemiress45
featured on 11-26-2022
Characters: original characters
Tags: romance

She was looking over her new school, smiling at her own. She wasn’t one of those girls who easily get friends but no, she wasn’t a nerd. She was smart, but no, she didn’t always put her attention to books. She was beautiful, but no she didn’t realize that. She was sick..but no, she didn’t know it. She was shasha. Smiling at her own walked down the aisle to reach her new class. “shasha” she said offering her hand. “Lisa” the other girl reached her hand and shook it gently. He made his own way ... Read More


by influx
featured on 11-19-2022
Tags: romance angst oneshot vocaloid

inspired by karakuri pierrot (mechanical pierrot) - hatsune miku. song does not belong to me. influx//2013 - please do not steal, modify, repost, or anything that you think is stupid to do.... Read More

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