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by lucyisvip15
featured on 6-8-2024
Characters: OriginalCaracters
Tags: romance action originalcharacter

He looks up from the paper he was reading. His face is unreadable. ˝This is all I have to do? ˝ he ask slightly disappointed. ˝Look kid.˝ the man in front of him sighs ˝You are one of our best agents but you need to understand that not all missions are interesting and exciting.˝ ˝I understand that but…˝ Before he can finish his boss interrupts him ˝If you understand then why aren’t you packing? ˝ It is his turn to sigh as he gets up and leaves th... Read More


by Jinnie2
featured on 5-25-2024
Characters: lol
Tags: lol

lol... Read More

About Lily Kuren [Complete]

by amusuk
featured on 5-18-2024
Characters: Lily Kuren
Tags: originalcharacter vampireknight

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight. Vampire Knight©Hino Matsuri. I own the original character(s) and this fanfiction.   ... Read More

The Pain Written in Her Eyes

by _uraqt
featured on 5-11-2024
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: original sliceoflife selfharm truestory depression

Waiting and Waiting for him to appear but he never did come. He left me hanging, even though he knew my life was at stake.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a recount or an autobiography of my life. I won't use the real names of the people but the events will generally be true unless stated. *I do not encourage self harm or suicide, if you are suffering, please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat. I am not a psychologist, but I will liste... Read More

Forbidden Love

by stitch
featured on 5-4-2024
Tags: romance angels demons forbidden

||Characters|| ANGEL... Read More

Irrelevant Drabbles

by Duizhang
featured on 4-27-2024
Tags: romance angst fluff

Irrelevant Drabbles

... Read More


by Ailsa_Ali
featured on 4-13-2024
Characters: Ailsa Ali, Harry Styles, James Franco
Tags: harrystyles action secrets secretagent twolives jamesfranco

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