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by Ailsa_Ali
featured on 4-13-2024
Characters: Ailsa Ali, Harry Styles, James Franco
Tags: harrystyles action secrets secretagent twolives jamesfranco

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The Most Interesting Oneshot You Have Ever Read in Your Entire Life

by Priscy123
featured on 4-6-2024
Tags: random vampire crackfic lovetriangle unicorn troll

I plagiarised my own brain.  I created this back in February and posted it on my blog but never published it because it ain't Asian related....sort of. Anyway enjoy if you can.... Read More


by goldenrose
featured on 3-30-2024
Characters: Maxwell Jung and Meredith Kimura (original characters)
Tags: romance angst original timetravelau

Tempus Play With Time   ... Read More


by threeamigos
featured on 3-23-2024
Tags: romance schoollife

Hey! If you guys were looking for a story with love and heartbreak, you have come to the right place. This story will show you the ups and downs of a relationship and how vunurable a girl can be.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.  ... Read More

ideal type.

by RewLunaa
featured on 3-16-2024
Tags: original

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Down Memory Lane

by penandpaper
featured on 3-9-2024
Characters: Hermione Granger || Draco Malfoy || Other Harry Potter Casts
Tags: dracomalfoy romance drama dramione hermionegranger hermione draco

Down Memory Lane

penandpaper is back! Well, I know that I still have my on-going felton story, but this idea just needed to be written down hahaha. Anyways, just a short fic of dramione (as usual) that contains several chapters only. ... Read More

Love on food

by imagination
featured on 3-2-2024
Characters: Original characters
Tags: romance original originalcharacter imagination food

Hello everyone! This is Imagination, a new member! Welcome me :))  Enjoy reading :D... Read More

Japan ❤'s Korea

by SuzukiKasami
featured on 2-24-2024
Characters: Oc characters
Tags: yaoi romance love originalstory comedy originalcharacter yuri

Japan ❤'s Korea

When brother and sister twins, SoHee and  KwangDae move to Japan for fathers business trip, they run into brother and sister Ayaka and Takashi... As love encounters, relationships get darker and sex turns crazy, life turns around. Betrayal, love, and regret are within this story, this tale of how Japan loves Korea.   Ayaka & Takashi she is 17 years old, loves girls as much as herself. She is sonetimes controlling but could be really f... Read More

Secret Messages

by bambiistyle
featured on 2-17-2024
Characters: Yamada Akane, Hayashi Mamoru
Tags: romance original schoollife orginalcharacter

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