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Dear Old Love

by thewriter
featured on 1-22-2022
Characters: You and Him
Tags: romance drama original schoollife

Dear Old Love

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very short story [Complete]

by TheDormouse
featured on 1-15-2022
Tags: sliceoflife lonely reallife short

very short story

Once there was a little girl playing in her garden. But she was alone. She was hoping for a friend to come by. Sometimes she would sit on a bench looking at the street with her teddy bear in her arms. She waited. But no one came. And that's how she sat there hour after hour, day after day, month after month and year after year. When the years past and she be... Read More

The Journal of Hiro Hamada

by Cheshire_XOXO
featured on 1-8-2022
Characters: Hiro Hamada | Baymax | GoGo | Honey Lemon | Fred | Wasabi | Aunt Cass
Tags: bighero6 hirohamada baymax bigherosix gogo honeylemon wasabi

The Journal of Hiro Hamada

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by SergiRoberto
featured on 1-1-2022
Tags: essay

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ﺴ Little Panda's Review Shop ﺴ

by Pandas
featured on 12-25-2021
Tags: original reviews review reviewshop littlepanda

ﺴ Little Panda's Review Shop ﺴ

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Elementary ; a tale.

by chessur
featured on 12-18-2021
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson, Tobias Gregson, Marcus Bell, Irene Adler, Rhys, Clyde
Tags: elementary

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The best writing help company

by booja01615
featured on 12-11-2021
Tags: paper

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Chasing Fear [Complete]

by Scheherazade
featured on 12-4-2021
Characters: Original characters
Tags: originalwork

I originally wrote this for a 48 hour novel contest. Considering I lost, I'm releasing the manuscript that I did write for public viewing now that judging is over.  Please understand that this is not meant to be super quality since it was written in such a short amount of time, but please do enjoy.   DO NOT repost or copy this in any way shape or form. Please respect my wishes as an author. Thank you. ... Read More

부적격◘ misfits | coming soon!

by antishxt
featured on 11-27-2021
Tags: graphics graphic

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An Angel's Tears [Complete]

by simulacrum
featured on 11-20-2021
Tags: romance angst anime drabble meroko takuto

An Angel's Tears

A/N: Inspired by le lovely anime: "Full Moon Wo Sagashite". I just wanted to contribute this to Meroko Yui (anime version). She can be stupid at times, but she helped Mitsuki and Takuto a lot, and I appreciate that. ^-^ I hope you'll find someone soon Meroko~!... Read More

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