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Trick or Treat: The Haunted Mansion [Complete]

by yingjumeihua
featured on 1-20-2018
Characters: You, Me and the Monster.
Tags: you drabble horror entry haunted monster mansion

Trick or Treat: The Haunted Mansion

Disclaimer: This story came from my imagination and not from someone else's work. I have no intention whatsoever to copy anyone or plagiarise. If there is a story out there that is similar in any way, it is merely a coincidence. And also, please do not plagiarise. An entry for ... Read More

The Killer

by SwordOfDeath
featured on 1-13-2018
Characters: Male OC, Female OC
Tags: darkfic

"This love is incomprehensible, even you don't understand what sort of romance is this"... Read More

The Chosen One

by exoticshawol
featured on 1-6-2018
Tags: percyjacksonau

  This is exoticshawol with my very first Greek/Roman/Egyptian Mythology AU.   This will feature some of SHINee, EXO and etc. members' names since I can't think of anything.   The other characters such as Lee Sung Yeon, Yoon Ri Dae, Na Dae Hee, Choi Ha Na and Lee Heon Sul are all mine.   I don't even know why they are all South Koreans here.   I don't own PJO, HOO and TKC. I do... Read More

Jolly Journal Entries - Fwunny FwanFwuikchion Days with BeHappy [Complete]

by BeHappy
featured on 12-30-2017
Characters: Me, you, and my life
Tags: original random crackfic crack funny journal

Jolly Journal Entries - Fwunny FwanFwuikchion Days with BeHappy

I hope this will make you laugh or at least entertain you!  I'll write the dates and everything, just like a journal entry. There'll be the original, then the funny one. Please leave me comments an... Read More

Now You See Me

by starwatch3r
featured on 12-16-2017
Characters: Amanda Seyfried :: Channing Tatum
Tags: romance angst drama fantasy amandaseyfried channingtatum

Now You See Me

    ... Read More

Winter's Miracle

by ohreo-sehun
featured on 12-2-2017
Characters: Elsa (Frozen) & Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardian)
Tags: romance rotg jackfrost supernatural winter elsa frozen

Winter's Miracle

Ohreo-sehun is here, this is actually the very first time I make a fanfic from a fictional character of a movie. I hope you guys will like this, because I really love this two. Elsa and Jack Frost look so damn good together <3       pic is not mine, credit belong to its owner.  ... Read More

The Human Bride [Complete]

by thatmushroomswife
featured on 11-25-2017
Characters: Victor van Dort and Victoria Everglot
Tags: romance movie marriage thecorpsebride timburton

The Human Bride

One by one a butterfly became a part of her and began to fly away. She was glowing bright and was moving on, off to a new start.   ... Read More

In the Rain, Stars Align

by aznosmao
featured on 11-18-2017
Characters: The deepest parts of your soul
Tags: angst love lonely depression stronger

In the Rain, Stars Align

I am a girl of the sunlight who finds herself drifting in the shadows. I am friends who both people who only bob at the surface and people who get sucked in so deep they almost drown. I have the ability to swim, to be able to pull myself out of the despair this world has given me and illuminate the world around me. In this way, I feel alone. What if I get tired? What if one day the darkness is too much for me to overcome? Will you help me? ... Read More

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