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A word of advice for starting high school, by Judy [Complete]

by UmiZoomi
featured on 4-3-2021
Characters: Judy (older sister), Cindy (younger sister)
Tags: random advice judy cindy

... Read More


by Chan21
featured on 3-27-2021
Characters: It's a SECRET
Tags: malay


Of Being Tired and the Decision to Live

by chessur
featured on 3-20-2021
Characters: Damon Salvatore | Alaric Saltzman | Elena Gilbert
Tags: tvd delena

Damon is tired after getting off the phone with Elena and seeing Alaric waiting for him.... Read More

Dunia yang Kau Impikan [Complete]

by amusuk
featured on 3-13-2021
Characters: Kuraginn, Kurewa.
Tags: gunnhildr indonesian

  Disclaimer: I don’t own Gunnhildr. Gunnhildr©MazJojo. No profit made from this fictional work. Dunia yang Kau Impikan©amusuk.  ... Read More

Poem's of Forever

by _YunMa_
featured on 3-6-2021
Tags: drabbles original poems poetry

    I'm a newbie here, but i want to share my own sets of poem's so yeah, hehehe ^-^... Read More

Necklace [Complete]

by DontYouDare
featured on 2-20-2021
Characters: Amanda, James
Tags: originalcharacter longing

I checked the mail one day, overly excited upon seeing his name on the envelope. Inside, a hand woven necklace. ... Read More

Minstrels [Complete]

by solitude
featured on 2-13-2021
Characters: Michelle Smith || Adam Darnell
Tags: original drabble music mellow

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