Recommended Fanfiction

The Book Worm and the Gangster

by voldynose on 7-10-2013
Characters: Levy McGarden, Gajeel Redfox, Pantherlily, & Other FT Characters
Tags: romance anime fairytail gajeel levy
Chapters: 1

  ... Read More

► Bright side graphics ►

by CUTEEEEEE on 1-8-2015
Characters: You | Me | graphics | posters | Advertisment shop
Tags: graphicshop posters advertisment
Chapters: 4

►Welcome to Big Star Advertisment shop ... Read More

The Philosopher's Stone [Subscribers Only]

by chantrea49 on 7-27-2015
Tags: anime originalcharacter fma elricbrothers followsseasonone
Chapters: 4

Rena Sina, is casted into the search for the Philosopher's Stone once she meets a short golden-haired boy with... Read More

When the World Collapsed [Complete]

by asiafoweba on 10-2-2013
Characters: Josaphyna Hanult
Tags: ocs
Chapters: 4

No Description... Read More

Spirited Away: After Story

by Haru-san on 12-1-2013
Characters: Chihiro,Haku
Tags: fantasylove
Chapters: 2

Years had passed, Chihiro is back into the humans world. But she has no memories of what happened, but it appears as a part of her n... Read More

Running Away From Fear [Complete]

by Poko24-Chan on 12-30-2013
Characters: Adopted!Wes Evans and Adoptive Mother!Marie Evans
Tags: oneshot alternateuniverse anime inspirational tragedy souleater innerconflict
Chapters: 1

Wes Evans.  An albino, adopted child, a ten year old boy. ... Read More

Plots and Drafts [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by MielJeim on 8-10-2016
Tags: imagination
Chapters: 17

... Read More

Vampire Accademy [Subscribers Only]

by chanyeolstagram on 5-23-2014
Characters: Jane (you), Lucy, Andrew and other original character
Tags: romance supernatural horror mystery

Vampire Accademy ... Read More

You are the Only One for Me [Complete]

by Miss_Michela08 on 6-2-2014
Characters: Jorel 'J-Dog' Decker & Ashley Tisdale
Tags: romance love ashleytisdale joreldecker hollywoodundead jdog jorshley
Chapters: 1

Jorel always had a huge crush on Ashley since forever. Even though ... Read More

We met again

by baekhyunbacon92 on 12-17-2012
Tags: romance
Chapters: 5

Second fic here~ ... Read More

The Most Interesting Oneshot You Have Ever Read in Your Entire Life

by Priscy123 on 6-25-2013
Tags: random vampire crackfic lovetriangle unicorn troll

You shall be ultimately mindblown by this extremely intelligent and logical piece of masterpiece I will present to you.  ... Read More

Hope and Despair Win 'em All!

by GiveMariCookies on 12-26-2013
Tags: romance anime adventure pokemon
Chapters: 1

Someone wanted to get rid of Satoshi once and for all. Frame him, take his family away, betrayal? All part of the plan. Just after losing to Takuto at the Sinnoh League, he is able to escape an... Read More

More than just simple words

by Raveness on 2-20-2014
Tags: romance oneshot fluff drabble
Chapters: 1

There's more to the characters than just words. A collection of their perspectives, opinions, and feelings, all written in 100-word long drabbles.... Read More

Sass Master

by Paper_Sound on 9-15-2015
Tags: nuest ren choiminki renxoc
Chapters: 2

Yoon HaMin used to be nice to everyone, until her accident. An accident that left her both mute and deaf. She was picked on for her love of music. Now she keeps to herself. Choi Minki, has a hard tim... Read More

Hunger Games : The Wolf and The Kitten

by Queen_Andwea97 on 3-14-2014
Tags: fantasy hungergames war
Chapters: 1

The 34th Annual Hunger Games ... Read More


by limitless on 10-22-2013
Characters: Sunghwan, Yunhee
Tags: original originalcharacter

In which shows the life between two siblings.   One popular, and one a loner.... Read More

Unfortunately Missing Him

by Raveness on 12-1-2013
Characters: [Fem!Norway: Luka Bondevik] [Denmark: Mathias Køhler]
Tags: romance fluff axispowershetalia aph dennor

Luka was currently on a family trip with the only person on her mind being Mathias Køhler...unfortunately ... Read More

Beauty and the Beast: Redemption

by spinatale on 6-26-2017
Tags: fiction
Chapters: 2

Once upon a time there was a beautiful fairy. She wanted to create a world of good and happiness. To test the hearts of humans for goodness she transformed herself into an ugly old hag. She would... Read More

Liones bk. 1 - Nightmare rising.

by SkyvernLioness on 1-14-2017
Characters: The vicinity league, NightmareBirth, draven (Katelyn)
Tags: lioness
Chapters: 2

After the events of the saga since living on planet Xen, lioness had opened up a group with the vicinity league. She even invites her brother Flames to the team, but disaster strikes as a nightwi... Read More

The Immortal Beast of Mine.

by Yunluna on 3-12-2015
Characters: Luna(oc) Sehun Luhan Suho Xiumin Kris Lay Tao Chanyeol Baekhyun Kai D.O Chen
Tags: fantasy exo adventure kpop

 Anye... Read More

Necklace [Complete]

by DontYouDare on 12-29-2013
Characters: Amanda, James
Tags: originalcharacter longing
Chapters: 1

Amanda receives a gift from her overseas lover. Like magic, that gift fu... Read More

Underneath the Bare Sakura Tree [Complete]

by BeHappy on 6-25-2013
Characters: Misaki (OC), Eiji (OC)
Tags: oneshot original japanese sadish sequel
Chapters: 1

  Hi, I'm BeHappy and I'm back with a sequel for one of my previous oneshots, ... Read More

Nostalgia Lane

by prester on 11-26-2017
Tags: original personal
Chapters: 3

"If you want to get on a time machine and travel back to the past, go ahead. But I don't want to go with you. Everything I like is here.... Read More

Fairy Dust

by this-fairytalegirl on 6-18-2013
Tags: original fantasy fairytale
Chapters: 1

Of princesses and princes. Of elves and fairies. Of dolls and men. Of happiness. Of joy.  Of tears.  Of laughter. Welcome to Fairy D... Read More

Remnants of You

by sophomoric on 4-1-2014
Characters: You and I
Tags: angst drabblecollection
Chapters: 1

My ... Read More

Prince of Utopia

by altanized on 3-12-2015
Characters: Baekhyun, Lily (OC)
Tags: romance fantasy baekhyun originalcharacter girloc slightaction
Chapters: 1

... Read More

What We Did For Love

by KirbylovesToto on 5-11-2013
Characters: Markov||Sellena||Margo||Celyn||Salome||Harold
Tags: originalcharacter

Love? ... Read More


by nevcrious on 4-15-2016
Tags: kopang

.... Read More


by turquoisecyan on 10-21-2013
Tags: heart

Lissa is a girl who is easily falls in love. She'll fall in love with you within minutes. She'll be your crush as long as she can imagine. BUT she's totally wrong. She will be your crush not more... Read More

Chapter 34 [Complete]

by 7se_springka on 11-10-2013
Tags: prideandprejudice
Chapters: 1

What should've happened when Mr. Darcy confessed his feelings for ... Read More

Four-Leaf Clover

by nekkotokki on 3-15-2014
Tags: friendship fantasy originalstory adventure originalcharacter mythology

Tim Oswin, 16 years old, was only just looking for a four-leaf clover for his mother when h... Read More

Wind Beneath My Wings

by kumai- on 12-22-2013
Tags: christinaperri

  Sometimes, when she misses her, she looks up at the stars in the nigh... Read More

Cinta Empat Segi | editing story

by whatever on 10-10-2013
Tags: romance drama fiction malay schoolife

Cerita ini mengisahkan seorang perempuan bernama Faith. Dia seorang gadis biasa (nak kata cantik tak juga). Dia mempunyai seorang musuh bernama John. Apa akan berlaku jika John jatuh hati pada ga... Read More

Clair de Lune

by -marionette on 2-18-2014
Characters: Drhonie Maru || Kyle Durano || Gabrielle Juntilla || Rency Ramos || and a whole lot more
Tags: truelifecharacter
Chapters: 1

©... Read More


by LunaNight on 10-27-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance drama love revenge
Chapters: 1

She smirked at their happiness. Enjoy it as long as you can. Soon, you will all cry. She would destroy them and make them beg for forgiveness.          ... Read More


by Cheeseypuffes on 3-3-2014
Tags: drabble
Chapters: 1

She knows where she stands now. She understands completely.... Read More

The Soul from Nowhere

by spinatale on 1-19-2015
Tags: fiction
Chapters: 1

            A girl awakens to find herself in a hospital bed. Surrounding her is her family, but something’s different. Everyone keeps giving her odd looks, asking her if she is okay. He... Read More

Searching for Inspiration

by bluestockings on 6-14-2013
Tags: angst original fantasy psychological depression

  Sitting alone in my room beneath the sunlight that dances through my dusty shutters I wonder what else is out there. ... Read More

It's Complicated...

by KashiyukaKiseki on 6-28-2013
Tags: yaoi fluff originalcharacter schoollife

Frienemies? That's nothing. What about boyfrienemies? Norman Sheehan, a second-year in college, has been livin... Read More

Eighth Avenue

by 7se_springka on 11-10-2013
Characters: Original characters
Tags: original

Every Sunday, Eighth Avenue would hold a potluck to celebr... Read More

Mahal Parin || Still Beloved

by khun_luisa on 5-18-2016
Characters: G-Dragon, Dara
Tags: daragon
Chapters: 1

We use to assume and shout out in our minds that we had forgotten the feeling but our ... Read More

Sebaldi Impian dan Harapan

by ryalanidthoniel on 11-24-2013
Tags: originalcharacter tokiohotel bahasamelayu
Chapters: 13

Lilika merupakan seorang gadis peminat Tokio Hotel dan juga seorang anak yatim piatu. Pada satu hari, suatu kemalangan... Read More

Jendela Yang Selalu Terbuka

by Eunhee on 12-1-2013
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: angst family originalcharacter indonesian twoshot
Chapters: 1

Lena yang selama ini hidup sendiri akhirnya akan lulus SMA. ... Read More

The Conception of Time

by IcyWish on 11-3-2013
Characters: Moriko, Mizuki, Usagi and... hey, this is a serious spoiler alert!! (JOKING...)
Tags: original sliceoflife originalcharacter comedyrandom fanservice
Chapters: 4

This story is taken from AsianFanFics, so I'm not copying... since it's my own work. Please understand that! ^.^   ... Read More

The Idiot living Next Door

by oneexo on 9-30-2013
Tags: onedirection

Cali is a ordinary girl born in Fresno California, until she was forced to move to Mullingar, County Westmeath of Ireland. When she mo... Read More

A word of advice for starting high school, by Judy [Complete]

by UmiZoomi on 9-30-2013
Characters: Judy (older sister), Cindy (younger sister)
Tags: random advice judy cindy
Chapters: 1

read da title... Read More

About Lily Kuren [Complete]

by amusuk on 6-28-2013
Characters: Lily Kuren
Tags: originalcharacter vampireknight
Chapters: 1

Lily Kuren, a pacifist from the outskirt of Fujishima. Before her life advanced in Cross Academy, she had been living in a ... Read More

Make Me Special

by hehehehe on 3-7-2014
Tags: soorine

... Read More

Drabble-fied Love

by harmonleexkris on 12-30-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: drabble originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Decided to do this after getting inspired by my sisters - I am going to do a series of drabbles, whether is it request or just my own insp... Read More

Ectopic ➵ Wang So { Book 1 }

by MissMeAgain on 6-2-2017
Tags: scarletheartryeo wangso wangyo wangeun wangbaekah wangjung wangwon
Chapters: 17

Ectopic (adj.)     》 occuring in an abnormal position or place; displaced.  ... Read More

No, I don't like you, Jerk!

by baekkie on 9-5-2014
Characters: Byun Baekhyun & You
Tags: romance fluff you exo baekhyun

Once you hate them, you will love them.  ... Read More

••CherryBOMB // Layout Shop / Layout Gallery // OPEN // Taking Request

by --Myungkitty on 7-8-2013
Tags: apply layouts layoutshop storylayout
Chapters: 3

    ... Read More

Innocent Love

by masianlove2 on 8-22-2013
Characters: Rita, Tony, Seoyoung, Priscilla, Beatrice, And More Original Characters
Tags: original love fluff originalcharacter schoollife
Chapters: 1

Exactly, what is love? Is it like how each Disney Princess movie was, finding prince charming with true love’s kiss? Could ... Read More

The Ignored Portfolio

by Rillayoona on 10-30-2014
Tags: graphic

Dumping every graphics that I make here ... Read More

Daily Dosage of Criminal Minds

by --Dreamless on 6-17-2014
Characters: Multiple Pairings
Tags: romance oneshot you criminalminds
Chapters: 1

Here is your daily dosage of your favorite characters from Criminal Minds ~  ... Read More

The Quest for Sanity [Members Only]

by Perssona49 on 8-7-2015
Tags: originalcharacter originacharacters
Chapters: 3

Join a group of Crazy people trying to help a Crazy boy go back home.... Read More

leap of faith [Complete]

by teenidle on 3-13-2015
Tags: drama oneshot love fluff lyrics
Chapters: 1

... Read More

My Other Self.

by KanamiCorner3060 on 1-4-2015
Characters: Misumi Nagisa, Yukishiro Honoka. Mepple. Mipple. All other cures and fairies. Oc's.
Tags: precure nagisaxhonoka allstars pretty cure

One day Nagisa and Honoka meet a stranger in the streets, who claim to be Honoka's "Other self".... Read More

Blizzard One-Shot and Drabble Collection (Ft. Ouran High School Host Club)

by chocopretzels on 5-9-2013
Characters: Ouran High School Host Club
Tags: romance manga sliceoflife anime ouran ouranhighschool hostclub

  Characters: ... Read More

Call Your Name | LevixPetra

by Haru-san on 9-2-2014
Characters: Levi Ackerman,Petra Ral.
Tags: levitra
Chapters: 3

  Contain SPOILERS! ... Read More

Once Upon A Pizzeria

by Jellofish27 on 6-18-2014
Characters: Original characters who are penguins but you can think that they're humans idk
Tags: romance love originalcharacter heart sexy clubpenguin penguins

In the heart of the town plaza lays a bustling pizzeria. In the midst of everyday dinner rush and lunch hour ... Read More

The Bread Thief

by ChocoDoraemon on 8-31-2013
Tags: you onedirection originalcharacter crack

    Josh is an ordinary guy. He has decent gr... Read More


by influx on 4-1-2013
Tags: romance angst oneshot vocaloid

she's bound to him and she already knows. she knows he would never truly love her,... Read More

before we reach utopia

by peodbear on 12-19-2012
Characters: Madam Red, Vincent Phantomhive, Grell Sutcliff, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, Cordelia L'hiver, Undertaker
Tags: drabbles romance angst fluff kuroshitsuji blackbutler madamred
Chapters: 1

    There are many things in this world that cannot be explai... Read More


by KerfluffleFanfics on 6-1-2018
Characters: Nico di Angelo
Tags: nicodiangelo

Always watching from the sidelines, but when someone notices him, what happens?... Read More


by starynight9846 on 5-5-2016
Tags: manga anime japanese webechibi chibi
Chapters: 6

((pic reads right to left)) ... Read More

Zombies, Everywhere!

by Volvelle on 12-28-2013
Tags: scifi action zombie apocalypse
Chapters: 6

Seven strangers must band together to fight off the world's most feared and prevalent creatures... Read More

Pamilya [Complete]

by exoticshawol on 7-3-2013
Tags: poem
Chapters: 1

Just posted this here so my friend can see it. This is my assignment/homework for Filipino.... Read More

Cyanide & Villiany.

by BorderlineBadness on 4-18-2016
Characters: Rabid Dog Gnasher Flames Minty Ivy Undertale Army
Tags: undertale lioness
Chapters: 3

When 5 Villians have had enough of being evil, the devastated 5 Team up with a villainous army To fight the formality.... Read More

Forte [Writing & Graphic contest] [Friends Only]

by DaehyunWifey on 6-4-2013
Tags: contest

Under co.... Read More

Be a human for a day [Complete]

by Nekluna on 1-17-2013
Characters: Moonie/moon flower, npc etc.
Tags: fantasy anime game fanfic casual
Chapters: 1

  About a monster human who get bored of the cold and damp cave. ... Read More

Collection of poems [Members Only]

by MrsKyuTeuk on 2-12-2013
Tags: poems collection mine songs
Chapters: 12

Some of these poems I wrote for school and others just during my free time. ... Read More

Notice Me Please [Complete] [Friends Only]

by dongwoo on 11-10-2013
Tags: deli
Chapters: 3

As a shy intuitive musician Rayn Johnson knew he had no chance with the tall, popular, theater kid, Cresaunt Gilmore. But when they end up sitting together in Biology class Rayn ends up hating Cresaun... Read More

I'm F-i-n-e

by starburns on 9-4-2014
Tags: community abed troy trabed troybed
Chapters: 1

Abed had his TV shows and his movies and for years he didn't need anyone else but when the realisati... Read More

nerds dominated domination :: graphic shop

by chinkypigeon on 12-10-2013
Characters: ft. kimjongdae, books, spirited away
Tags: graphicshop graphics design posterrequest

... Read More

Takao and Midorima's Future [Complete]

by yuki_chicken on 8-1-2017
Characters: midorima, takao, and everyone else
Tags: mpreg cute takamido
Chapters: 7

"Your wife and child seem to be in a more stable condition, but we must keep them overnight to make sure that nothing happens" Takao looked up at the doctor and sighed in re... Read More

Going Home [Complete]

by VMMJ90 on 1-17-2014
Tags: shortstory
Chapters: 1

Waking up, she found herself in her old home and watching her favorite cartoon series, Sailor Moon. She then is greeted by a handsome boy reminding her about her party and the person she must inv... Read More

Say it Like you Mean it [Members Only]

by hyacinth on 4-5-2014
Characters: Tachibana Mizuki, Yukimura Kenji
Tags: drama fluff anime romcom saitouyakumo yukinoyukinoshita

... Read More

Angel's Pain

by OtakuGurL on 3-21-2016
Characters: Original Characters: Jesse, Trevor and more
Tags: romance angst drama original love sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Time and Space

by Melodysarah on 11-10-2013
Characters: Nico, Rian (OC), Leo, Riana(OC), Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Hazel, Piper, Frank.
Tags: percyjackson nicoxoc percybeth nicy

"Everybody's journey is individual. If yo... Read More

Too Much Love [Complete]

by Anoniem_Anime on 2-22-2013
Characters: OC's
Tags: oneshot love originalcharacter assassin
Chapters: 1

"Please help me!" he begs. I can't help but stare into his beautiful blue eyes. The eyes which belonged to the most important person in my life but this time I couldn't do anything for h... Read More

One day, perhaps

by yellowshu4 on 3-6-2015
Characters: Thea, MERLIN, Morgause, Thalia
Tags: romance angst merlin originalcharacter magic medieval
Chapters: 2

Thea was a rather frail, young girl. She lived in Lundene, a small village to the west of the capital of the province.  She was plai... Read More

[300 Anime & Manga Oneshots]

by BrokenAbyssChain on 5-21-2018
Characters: Many, Many, Many Anime & Manga Characters [+O.C's]
Tags: oneshot manga anime originalcharacter
Chapters: 32

  A collection of drabble... Read More

Drift out of sleep. [Complete]

by BorderlineBadness on 6-28-2016
Characters: The skylanders, lioness, the adno murderer.
Tags: horror skylanders
Chapters: 16

Will this be? Will this be the end of them? After lioness had been grown into a snake lion hybrid, they had tried so much cures but no luck. Then spyro and the others go to a super store to find ... Read More

Forever Mad

by SteinXMedusa on 9-13-2015
Characters: Stein Medusa soul eater characters
Tags: angst souleater medusaxstein kishin

Medusa is still waiting to get her full body back after getting killed by Ste... Read More


by Taeryfai on 9-11-2013
Characters: Laron, Lucrezia
Tags: yaoi original originalcharacter spy agent
Chapters: 2

"So you're telling me that these are your fingerprints and this is your DNA but you weren't there." Laron Swann, an agent for a government organization, has ... Read More

People Change

by MusicLuver on 4-21-2016
Tags: romance
Chapters: 4

DeNiece, outcasted, bullied, alone, abused, and a wolf.  ... Read More

500 Days Of Summer

by nerdfightermundane on 10-27-2013
Tags: romance teens
Chapters: 1

Summer Williams' existence has been filled with endless world-hopping events through bo... Read More

I Think I Am Falling For You(mAlay version)

by MwoheMwoye12 on 5-25-2014
Characters: (Main)Mee,Zam dan Kawan2 lain yang ada!
Tags: ocs schoollife malay mysticwhite
Chapters: 2

⇔Peace Yo! Hai! Ini Fanfic 1st Saya! Please sub dan upvote! Kiyomi!    ... Read More

DEAR DIARY [Complete]

by queen_q_minz on 4-21-2014
Tags: oneshot originalcharacter malay malaysia
Chapters: 1

DEAR DIARY ... Read More


by selfhatred on 12-4-2015
Tags: feelings

Okay,so you guys might be wandering what this fic is all about right ? Well it's not a fic but it's more like a whole story of my life . I like to write a lot and mostly during I'm sad or de... Read More

TEoJJ Ch. 3 [Members Only]

by ShaLee on 8-29-2018
Tags: teojj
Chapters: 1

Just what it says there^.... Read More

Infected with Love.

by Mistress on 2-9-2013
Characters: Alex Joy [AJ], Elodie [Die], more..
Tags: romance school homosexualism trouble reallife rival betrayal

Alex Joy || She was a girl who went trough some shit in her short life; stayed original; didn't care much; had people around her, ... Read More

Nurarihyon No Mago; The Legacy

by -marionette on 3-6-2014
Tags: nurarihyon

... Read More

The Photograph [Complete]

by OhScrewTheName on 8-15-2013
Characters: Alice, The Morgans
Tags: drabble suspense mystery murder
Chapters: 1

Alice babysits for the Morgans. ... Read More

λɳιɱҽ/σƈ♣ oɴeѕнoт♠ʀᴇϙᴜᴇsᴛ café [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by IcyWish on 5-9-2013
Characters: YOU, our requesters, all cafe staff, and all anime/oc characters mentioned in each oneshot
Tags: requestshop

Welcome to the... ... Read More

❝ Spy Couple ❞

by -eclipse on 8-17-2013
Characters: ↷ Danice Abbygail ↷Steven Smedly
Tags: romance originalcharacter spy
Chapters: 2

❝ Summary ❞ Danice ... Read More

Something In the Midst.

by UnicornsAreRealBetch on 2-15-2014
Characters: Leanne || Kyle || Daniel
Tags: romance angst drama original fantasy originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

When her world falls into a stand still, I can't do much but just stare at her. Watch her fragile self, collapse and break. Th... Read More

Childhood Sweethearts With Harry Styles

by ChocoDoraemon on 8-21-2013
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, OC
Tags: romance angst you harrystyles

Me and Harry have been best friends since we were in diapers. Almost every second of the day, we were together. Absolutely inseparable.Though since our families were re... Read More

For a Teacher, From Their Student

by panda_poke on 6-15-2013
Characters: Liza, Rey, and more OCs
Tags: romance drama original sliceoflife originalstory forbidden
Chapters: 2

 It's weird, I usually satirize girls who fall head over heels for som... Read More

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