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fates entwined

by sharina95 on 1-21-2015
Characters: kim hyuna and kris
Tags: romance kris hyuna bodyswitching
Chapters: 1

A love that was destined to happened between a two soul. The problem is this people live in a different side of the world! The girl clearly impossible to go and met the boy. It was the same with the ... Read More

One Shots Collection (OPEN | NEW) -Request are open NOW!-

by HunHanFar77 on 11-9-2014
Tags: kpop oneshotcollection

... Read More

Curing Cherry Blossom [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by Sparked-Imperfection on 3-16-2014
Characters: OCs only: Xiuying | Jacob | and more...
Tags: originalcharacter ocbased
Chapters: 1

What if a young asian girl stumbl... Read More

Kingdom Hearts: To Dream in Valor FINAL REMIX

by Asp3nXx on 5-8-2014
Characters: valora, xaroval, organization 13
Tags: kingdomhearts
Chapters: 2

Remember the original that I had written? It's right ... Read More


by Jay_Quack on 6-15-2013
Characters: OC's
Tags: original supernatural
Chapters: 2

  ... Read More

Until The World Ends...

by BrokenAbyssChain on 6-14-2013
Characters: [O.C's] Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana. [Sindria] Sinbad, Masrur, Jarfar, Sharrkan, Yamuraiha, Hinahoho, Drako, Pisti, Spartos. [Kō Empire] Judal, Hakuryū, Kōen, Kōgyoku, Hakuei, Kōmei, Kōha [Reim Empire] Mu, Rohroh
Tags: anime comedy adventure mystery relationships magi labyrinthofmagic
Chapters: 11

  ... Read More

☰ #HASHTAG。— ❛ layout shop ; open! ; zoom to 110% when viewing ❜

by rovixx on 5-21-2014
Tags: apply layouts story roleplay profile

... Read More


by LunaNight on 10-27-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance drama love revenge
Chapters: 1

She smirked at their happiness. Enjoy it as long as you can. Soon, you will all cry. She would destroy them and make them beg for forgiveness.          ... Read More

How It All Began | Ash x Gary [Complete]

by DokuMato on 11-6-2013
Characters: Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak
Tags: fluff pokemon ashxgary ashketchum garyoak
Chapters: 1

Where did their rivalry begin? The second they set off on the journeys or was it be... Read More

The Sacred Realm [Complete]

by TheIngeniousCanoe on 11-1-2016
Tags: legendofzelda
Chapters: 1

Six of the Seven Sages convene in the Spirit Realm, to sort out their differences.... Read More

Just a typical love story

by Divergent_Dauntless on 7-11-2014
Tags: werewolves
Chapters: 2

  Unknown background, a werewolf, suddenly appears, doesn’t know anybody except for Lia and Bree which are her new friends. Lorianna is a werewolf. But not just any werewolf. Sh... Read More

Learning to Run [ EDITING ]

by awuuyushi on 3-18-2015
Characters: caroline fletcher, jason myers, nathan wu, alecia travis, ali mason
Tags: angst drama psychological teenagers disorders
Chapters: 30

Learning to run isn't eas... Read More

A fairy tale [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 2-17-2013
Tags: romance love fantasy death tragedy fairytale
Chapters: 1

A short story that I have written in 2011. ... Read More

Fairy Dust

by this-fairytalegirl on 6-18-2013
Tags: original fantasy fairytale
Chapters: 1

Of princesses and princes. Of elves and fairies. Of dolls and men. Of happiness. Of joy.  Of tears.  Of laughter. Welcome to Fairy D... Read More

Hurts Down

by gkhyuns on 12-24-2015
Characters: monsta x couple (oc)
Tags: love triangleside
Chapters: 8

I'm sick to the bone   Its hurts breathtakingly   I lived endure even harder to believe you     ... Read More

The Moment Of Truth [Complete]

by Lilviscious on 12-6-2013
Characters: Jean/Marco, Keith Shadis
Tags: anime attackontitan jean marco
Chapters: 1

The most important day of the past three years arrived and Jean was forced to miss it.... Read More

Shortstory [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 2-17-2013
Tags: sliceoflife reallife pain infertility sadness wish
Chapters: 1

This is a short story that I have written in 2011.... Read More

"I'm Hungry!" [Complete]

by tenshi on 5-25-2014
Characters: levi x eren ♥
Tags: yaoi anime attackontitan riren leren leviackerman erenjaeger
Chapters: 1

Because all Eren wants was food.  ... Read More

Four Leaf Clover

by spring_tempo on 7-28-2013
Tags: romance angst original

I need you. I'll protect you. I love you.    What a bunch of sorry lies.... Read More

My 100-year sleep: Fully awakened!

by MsDoremi on 8-9-2013
Characters: L.Jae (LJ) | Dong/Owl (Owl) | Miro (Leo)
Tags: romance original fantasy fluff originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

The guild commited a mistake, she was caught. ... Read More

Impact [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by CreepySisters on 9-6-2014
Characters: Melanie Lee and The World
Tags: originalcharacter

There are many types of stories in the internet. Be it, horror, action, comedy etc. THough there are a few stories that made an impa... Read More

All that remains.

by -toothache on 3-9-2014
Tags: originalcharacter

    ... Read More

Pokemon Oneshots

by spurple on 4-2-2014
Tags: pokemon

Place for me to place all the random Pokemon oneshots that I have laying around. ... Read More

Homecoming. [Complete]

by blueberry_muffin on 12-29-2015
Characters: Ootori Kyouya, Suoh Tamaki
Tags: ouran ohshc tamakyo kyotama ootorikyouya suohtamaki
Chapters: 1

so spy au where tamakyo are both secret... Read More


by saturnina on 1-30-2014
Tags: you tagalog
Chapters: 2

Ito ay kwento ng apat na magkakaibigan na sina Rhyme, Dream, Magic at Melody. How they struggle and succeed in be... Read More

Our Wall Of Love

by topneru on 10-6-2014
Tags: romance bleach anime supernatural orihime ulquiorra
Chapters: 1

  My name is Orihime Inoue, I a... Read More

The Girl in the Coffee Shop

by acemaxima on 2-2-2020
Tags: original originalstory originalcharacte
Chapters: 1

How I found my crush in a coffee shop.... Read More

Go off the roads and into the wilds

by yellowshu4 on 3-6-2015
Characters: Jangmi(OC), Mr. Lingrunzahr, Tao, Chen, EXO
Tags: angst chen originalcharacter horror tao unknown
Chapters: 3

    I don`t remember my childhood that... Read More


by baby-b on 3-21-2015
Characters: Nagisa & Tomoya
Tags: clannad

I’m scared. I know you know why I am.... Read More

Lament; The Cold War [1 of 6]

by AikaHikari122 on 10-28-2013
Characters: Cecilia | Evan | Lumia | Mink | Alexander | Edwin |
Tags: angst original fantasy teen war
Chapters: 3

Cecilia is a Lyrath, born through the feline eyes of a Chimera, suffering at the hands of a six year old war between her ancestors and only ... Read More

Bad enough for you

by LoveSick on 11-24-2013
Characters: Oc! Charlotte & Peter Pan
Tags: romance fluff you comedy onceuponatime ouat
Chapters: 1

It was a mistake! I swear! I never meant to actually b... Read More

Toxic [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by Sparked-Imperfection on 3-17-2014
Characters: OCs only
Tags: ocbased

What if you have an addiction?... Read More

6 ELIT 2013 (EDISI DIKEMASKINI) [Subscribers Only]

by sayatakbersalah on 10-6-2013
Tags: 6elit malaysia
Chapters: 8


Meeting a psycho... and falling in love with her. [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by Buttercup97 on 9-6-2014
Characters: Takechi Otoya, Kenmochi Shiena
Tags: anime yuri girlxgirl anr akumanoriddle otoshie
Chapters: 1

How would it feel like to suddenly fall in love with a stranger? To... Read More


by atmospherica on 11-15-2016
Characters: Female OC, Levi, Eren,
Tags: originalcharacter attackontitan levi eren
Chapters: 1

A story about a girl who travels between worlds. ... Read More

Simplicity Review Shop

by songyoonhee on 10-28-2013
Tags: review reviewshop

WELCOME! ... Read More

My Life is a Plague [Friends Only]

by whimsical on 3-26-2013
Tags: original

I love you, don't ever forget that.... Read More

the ringing in your ear [Complete]

by Itsjustme_ on 12-14-2020
Characters: Phyllis, Dorothy and other characters from The Children’s Book by A. S. Byatt
Tags: alternateuniverse novels literature
Chapters: 1

Written with the characters of The Children’s Book by A. S. Byatt. Set in another universe, in modern times, where Olive Wellwood is not a fairytale writer, while all family relations— blood or n... Read More

Shattered relations? Or not? [Complete]

by harmonleexkris on 12-28-2013
Characters: boy and girl
Tags: romance drabble
Chapters: 5

This is a short series of drabbles that I wrote up when I'm bored. ... Read More


by Taeryfai on 9-11-2013
Characters: Laron, Lucrezia
Tags: yaoi original originalcharacter spy agent
Chapters: 2

"So you're telling me that these are your fingerprints and this is your DNA but you weren't there." Laron Swann, an agent for a government organization, has ... Read More

Voice Of A Little Girl [Subscribers Only]

by babyjang on 9-15-2013
Tags: sliceoflife life
Chapters: 1

A place where you hear the inner voice speak. ... Read More

No, I don't like you, Jerk!

by baekkie on 9-5-2014
Characters: Byun Baekhyun & You
Tags: romance fluff you exo baekhyun

Once you hate them, you will love them.  ... Read More

Superwolf (temp title) [Members Only]

by Cheshiresfayt on 5-15-2016
Tags: supernatural teenwolf

What if there was a fourth Winchester? Adam had a twin sister. Their father had the twins’ mother send her off to live with her sister Melissa whose long term boyfriend is John Stilinski. John Wi... Read More

You Found Me

by arseyoucray on 2-26-2014
Tags: romance fantasy

I was all alone. I was isolated in a whole new different world, not being able to escape for ages. However, you found... Read More

Autophobia [Complete]

by EmptyPromises on 9-7-2013
Tags: original phobia
Chapters: 1

They walk hand in hand, side by side. And you are the last of the third, the second of the pair. ... Read More

Just One Butterfly

by CelesteSong on 3-2-2014
Characters: Loki, OC, others
Tags: thor love comedy originalcharacter loki asgard
Chapters: 7

  ... Read More

The Pain of Unrequited Love [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 5-27-2013
Characters: Me and Him
Tags: angst love pain unrequitedlove heartbreak
Chapters: 5

My heart thumps. *boom, boom, boom* You walk pass me, not even glancing at me. I can't resist the urge to look back at you. This happens everytime. Why?... Read More

The Shadow of Fear [Complete]

by BountyCake on 7-3-2013
Tags: angst oneshot original stalker
Chapters: 1

  "What are you doing, my angel?" ... Read More

What to do? Eottoke? [Complete]

by taylabunny on 6-14-2014
Characters: Kris, Ace
Tags: romance family kris ace
Chapters: 1

I really don't know what to say or how to say this but the longer I hide it the more I want to cry~ What to do? What to do? I knew th... Read More

How I Got Super Strength and Became a Super Hero

by spinatale on 2-24-2016
Tags: fiction futuristic
Chapters: 3

In the future where the United States and many other countries are being taken over by the Myst ... Read More

I'm Not Okay

by sweetjellytine on 3-12-2017
Characters: EXO Chen/Kim JongDae, OC Yoo JinJin/Reader, EXO
Tags: exo exom chen jongdae mafia kimjongdae mafiaau
Chapters: 3

After Chen kissed me two weeks ago, and being alone with those times... Read More

Three's The Charm [Members Only]

by SilverAshes on 4-17-2014
Characters: The Trancy Triplet, Cantebury, Timber, Thompson, OC Characters
Tags: romance anime kuroshitsuji tradgedy trancytriplets
Chapters: 1

Between silent words, soft touches and shared looks you could pratically hear the unsaid words and feel the looked over emotions.... Read More

Dati [Complete]

by darkwile on 8-31-2013
Tags: friendship tagalog
Chapters: 1

Isa siyang lalaking naninirahan sa nakaraan at isa iyang babaeng umaagos sa kasalukuyan. Ano na kayang mangyayari sa kanila... Read More

It's a Hate and Love Thing

by Kleptes on 2-23-2014
Characters: Kuroko Aomine and other Knb characters
Tags: romance kuroko aomine knb kuromine

... Read More

Digimon Adventure 03: Rampage of the Supernatural

by GiveMariCookies on 8-10-2014
Characters: Cast of Digimon 01/02 and Cast of Dangan Ronpa/SDR2/DRAE
Tags: anime crossover digimon danganronpa
Chapters: 3

Summary: Daisuke felt like the world was changing around her. Her friends rarely talked to her, her family pretty much acted as if she never existed, and the Digidestined aren't able to access th... Read More

A Little Much Words

by tankey on 3-8-2016
Tags: you poems poetry diary life ramblings
Chapters: 3

Just my poems (coughs rambling coughs) collection. Recently about feelings or stuffs. Enjoy!... Read More

Love is Weird

by panda_xo on 10-27-2013
Tags: crack

There once was a girl who liked an artboy but he was always so moody so she couldn't understand him sometimes.  He alwa... Read More

Confession | Ash x Gary [Complete]

by DokuMato on 11-5-2013
Characters: Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak
Tags: yaoi oneshot fluff pokemon ashxgary ashketchum garyoak
Chapters: 1

Confessions can either go perfectly righ... Read More

◜bi-polar ♥ 이극의◞ graphic shop ◄

by bi-polar on 8-25-2013
Characters: you and my artworks
Tags: graphics
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Chasing Fear [Complete]

by Scheherazade on 3-29-2013
Characters: Original characters
Tags: originalwork
Chapters: 11

A story of growing up and believing not only in magic, but in yourself and what your friends can help you become. ... Read More

The Cask of Amontillado: The Interrogation [Complete]

by myreasontosmile on 3-27-2014
Tags: whatdoiputhereomf
Chapters: 1

This project was for my English class earlier in the year. I'm just finally getting around to posting it.... Read More

The Most Interesting Oneshot You Have Ever Read in Your Entire Life

by Priscy123 on 6-25-2013
Tags: random vampire crackfic lovetriangle unicorn troll

You shall be ultimately mindblown by this extremely intelligent and logical piece of masterpiece I will present to you.  ... Read More

My Last Wish

by xxAsdfghjklxx on 6-21-2013
Tags: romance fiction
Chapters: 1

"We'll Always Be together,Until We Die..".... Read More

Guide for Writing a Narrative College Essay

by Wassed on 2-11-2019
Tags: education

Primarily, the essays you write are research grounded, and it may come as a shock to you when the professor assigns you to write a narrative article. This paper is most popular in college entry-l... Read More

Basics to APA and MLA

by raytrey on 2-15-2019
Tags: education

In APA, in-text citations are slightly different from the MLA style because they consist of the author name and year of publication. It is important to note that you should not cite works that ar... Read More

Follow You (Wherever You Go)

by PokeTrainerLegend on 11-29-2014
Characters: America, Russia, England, Canada, and Other Hetalia Characters
Tags: romance angst hetalia rusame insanity
Chapters: 3

  Russia certainly doesn't have the best mental stability, but don't all the countries? There's reasons why America stops himself from fall... Read More

Circus du Drakon

by Classy_Wasabi on 10-13-2014
Characters: Nur, Lucretia, Shadya, Ornella, Anwen, Biara
Tags: friendship fantasy circus homm5
Chapters: 1

In this land, there is magic. Not the kind of magic that you see when a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat, or can guess which card you pic... Read More

TEoJJ Ch. 3 [Members Only]

by ShaLee on 8-29-2018
Tags: teojj
Chapters: 1

Just what it says there^.... Read More

LOYAL [Complete]

by Sebearbear on 3-26-2014
Characters: kyrstal f(x), amber f(x)
Tags: song lorde royals parodysong loyal
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Feelings of a Fan

by spinatale on 11-28-2014
Tags: kpop poem

In summer blue or gray winter nights I would never truly understand you. Underneath the river of stars I wish sometimes that I could see you. In only a few sec... Read More

Wisps of Life [Complete]

by SuchChocolate on 9-15-2013
Characters: Les Danseurs
Tags: original drabble
Chapters: 1

They dance because it's all they can do. They dance because they have no time for anything else.... Read More

Friday at 5

by NadyaRyan on 9-22-2013
Tags: oneshot love sad
Chapters: 1

A young woman in search of her childhood love whom she never got to see for 10 years.... Read More

Daily Dosage of Criminal Minds

by --Dreamless on 6-17-2014
Characters: Multiple Pairings
Tags: romance oneshot you criminalminds
Chapters: 1

Here is your daily dosage of your favorite characters from Criminal Minds ~  ... Read More

Scars and secrets

by little_goldfish on 8-15-2013
Characters: Elly Zee, Enrique
Tags: angst

I'm trying to hide my scars and my secret. It is tiring . . . ... Read More

Built by Security

by fluffyballoons on 5-9-2015
Characters: Wendy Son (Son Seungwan), Kim Jongdae (Chen), and Ayumi Nakamura (OC)
Tags: romance sliceoflife exo chen online wendy redvelvet

... Read More

「ダッシュ」 - A Review Shop

by iiAegyoTurtle on 8-11-2013
Tags: reviews reviewshop new
Chapters: 1

Don't know if you're story is fabulous? Want someone's opinion on your writing? ... Read More


by baekhyunbacon92 on 12-17-2012
Tags: originalcharacter
Chapters: 22

Starring Baekhyun and Chanyeol from EXO! So basically I'm copying my story @ so yeah! Sub yeah!... Read More

Hopeless [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 1-20-2014
Characters: Me and HIM
Tags: romance angst love unrequitedlove heartbreak
Chapters: 1

I said I was going to get over him. No matter what. But it's not working. At all. Why is love so against me? Why can't unrequited love just release me f... Read More

Always By Your Side

by Park_HyoGun on 3-11-2014
Characters: You
Tags: you

Hello! This is my first fic at FFO! I just write this 4 u guys!  And English isn't my first language Hope you like it. Please reprove me if my grammar is ... y... Read More

Beauty within the Beast

by FujinoLover on 12-13-2013
Characters: Red Riding Hood, Belle
Tags: femslash onceuponatime redridinghood belle redbeauty rebelle
Chapters: 2

When ogres invaded Sir Maurice's realm, a pack of werewolves that lived on the outskirt of the kingdom offered their protection, in exchange for one of his offspring.... Read More

Where is the love

by Felisha21nom on 12-31-2016
Characters: most free character and aot
Tags: wtf

Free x aot... Read More

Love Thats Been Ignored

by cassie155 on 8-10-2014
Tags: love
Chapters: 1

When you fall in love you tend to ignor it...but say no matter how many times you get rejected and ignored you still try...Wonder why? so do I This story is about a love story i guess yo... Read More

My Occult Love Affair

by AmericaxBurgers on 12-10-2013
Characters: Raven Bridleston, Gillian Jones, Ciara Hancock and Ryan Hosling
Tags: romance fantasy originalcharacter magic
Chapters: 2

You are a witch living in a dangerous place; a place where those with skills in magic, the paranormal or the oc... Read More


by teenidle on 5-27-2015
Tags: graphicshop layoutshop tutorials
Chapters: 5

... Read More

Dreams of The Dead

by WCLaine on 1-12-2020
Characters: Corrina Larkin, Selene Davenport, Elliot Pike, Finn Hemingway, Chase Chamberlain, Atticus Blake, Leon Park, Alexander Mason, Charlotte Lawrence, Theia Hemingway, Samuel Harrow, Jayden Chamberlain, Calen Blaine
Tags: drama hurtcomfort supernatural horror mystery haunted
Chapters: 5

Being highly proficient in the knowledge of horror movies, one would think that buying a long-abandoned house in the middle... Read More

A Dumb Brother

by moaning on 12-27-2013
Tags: poems siblings brother

  Two weird poems (sort of) I wrote the other time my brother annoyed me to the max.... Read More

ideal type.

by RewLunaa on 6-22-2013
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

Have you ever wonder how you'll meet your ideal type? ... Read More

Big book of oneshots

by CrazyVulpixAMV on 1-11-2021
Characters: Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Jay, Cole, Nya, OCs
Tags: romance angst fluff ocs
Chapters: 6

This is litteraly the existance of my stuff, may contain angst, fluff and song based fics.... Read More

Call Your Name | LevixPetra

by Haru-san on 9-2-2014
Characters: Levi Ackerman,Petra Ral.
Tags: levitra
Chapters: 3

  Contain SPOILERS! ... Read More

Well This Is New

by romancefan on 7-9-2013
Characters: Elle, Steve, Steve's friend Chris, Elle's friend Shannon
Tags: romance original
Chapters: 1

Elle's average life changed when she met Steve, a seemingly arrogant and rude guy that she hates and make fun of at first but comes to really like. Elle recounts her moments and works ou... Read More

I Can't Wait [Complete]

by yuki_chicken on 7-28-2015
Characters: Midorima and Takao
Tags: romance mpreg kurokonobasuke midotaka midorima takao
Chapters: 1

Takao has a dream one night about the future... Read More

Angel's Pain

by OtakuGurL on 3-21-2016
Characters: Original Characters: Jesse, Trevor and more
Tags: romance angst drama original love sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Mind Games [Complete]

by Mingi04 on 11-13-2013
Characters: Vedarix (OC), Dr.Sykes (OC)
Tags: oneshot original futuristic
Chapters: 1

  ... Read More

Goddess of Fire

by Gennah12 on 10-26-2017
Characters: Xyleah, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Amethyst, Apollo, Apalla
Tags: fantasy
Chapters: 2

Xyleah is the daughter of Athena the Goddess of War. Her mother has been training her in the art of war most ... Read More

On Rainy Days

by x_Adalwulf_Nguyen_x on 9-25-2014
Characters: Aaron Yan, Hebe Tian,Jiro Wang,Selina Ren
Tags: melodrama

It's ben several days since Aaron decided to leave Hebe hangin' & clueless of his ... Read More


by starynight9846 on 5-5-2016
Tags: manga anime japanese webechibi chibi
Chapters: 6

((pic reads right to left)) ... Read More

From Teenagers , to Warriors .

by uthmanhaneef on 6-10-2014
Characters: Kevin Sterling - Riley - Michael Foster - Zack Ramirez
Tags: supernatural action
Chapters: 6

In this world , peace seemed to be something nearly impossible to achieve . The endless wars and ... Read More

Writing a Communication Thesis

by christinhopkins on 12-10-2020
Tags: education

... Read More

Tumbling Through Life [Friends Only]

by armygirl on 7-12-2013
Characters: You, Me, Life, Friendship
Tags: friendship you life tumblr experience
Chapters: 1

Just Tumbling through Life (Interne... Read More

0001 [Complete]

by misslavender01 on 12-29-2013
Characters: The Step Brother,Cinderella and The Prince
Tags: angst fantasy fairytale
Chapters: 1

I need to be there.   He needs to be here.   ... Read More

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