Recommended Fanfiction

Oh ! Da Senior[s] ! {Malay Version} [Subscribers Only]

by Wild-Doll on 6-22-2013
Characters: official characters , minor
Tags: malay
Chapters: 5

   ... Read More

The Wonders Of A Girl [Complete]

by EnterMyMind on 8-4-2013
Characters: Mitsuki
Tags: angst oneshot original phycological
Chapters: 1

Hi there!, I just got introduced to this site by my BFF “hannaraisya”  unfortunately I’m not sure if I have any idea what I’m... Read More

Sisters [Complete]

by VMMJ90 on 1-16-2014
Tags: sliceoflife family shortstory
Chapters: 4

This short story is an imitation of "Sonny's Blues" by James Baldwin. I wrote this story in my creative literary writing class back in Spring 2013.... Read More

The Tale of the Roses

by scenariosforyou on 2-3-2013
Tags: romance original
Chapters: 1

Once upon a time, ... Read More

How To Make A Smoothie In 20 Easy Steps [Complete]

by jj_maple on 8-12-2013
Tags: comedy random smoothie
Chapters: 1

This one-shot is the sequel to How To Make A Sandwich. Please enjoy this weird/random story and share, comment, subscribe and upvote! Thank you!... Read More

Sparkling World [Complete]

by killibinbin on 8-25-2013
Tags: romance oneshot original fiction love originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Victor is trying to find the magic in his world again... can Alice help?  ... Read More

Running Away From Fear [Complete]

by Poko24-Chan on 12-30-2013
Characters: Adopted!Wes Evans and Adoptive Mother!Marie Evans
Tags: oneshot alternateuniverse anime inspirational tragedy souleater innerconflict
Chapters: 1

Wes Evans.  An albino, adopted child, a ten year old boy. ... Read More

Dark Roses

by JiaKitten on 3-31-2015
Characters: Miyavi Ruki Uruha Reita Kisa(OC) Ayana(OC)
Tags: ocs miyavi thegazette ruki reita uruha

*************** ... Read More

Thank You, Dear Stranger

by CheqBeah96 on 10-28-2013
Characters: Ara, Aaman, and more
Tags: originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Ara had never go on vacation outside of her hometown. Days later, she arrived in Kuala Lumpur for her own vacation. As she ... Read More


by LunaNight on 10-27-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance drama love revenge
Chapters: 1

She smirked at their happiness. Enjoy it as long as you can. Soon, you will all cry. She would destroy them and make them beg for forgiveness.          ... Read More

Rain [Complete]

by BeHappy on 1-31-2013
Tags: angst oneshot original sad originalcharacter sadish
Chapters: 1

      After being diagnosed with depression and cancer, Tiffany is told that sh... Read More


by BrokenAbyssChain on 4-9-2014
Characters: Charlie Bordeaux, Freya Haine, Dale Harris, Valen Kites, Leo Pierce, Rhea Cassidy, Poppy Leigh, Pandora Yuen, James Callaghan, Billy Carmichael, Sophie White, Rylan White, Len, Wade Campbell, Alistair Rose, Drako Haine, Asher Kirsche, Elias Doran + more
Tags: scifi action suspense survival dystopian relationships blackcomedy
Chapters: 1

  ... Read More

More than just simple words

by Raveness on 2-20-2014
Tags: romance oneshot fluff drabble
Chapters: 1

There's more to the characters than just words. A collection of their perspectives, opinions, and feelings, all written in 100-word long drabbles.... Read More

The Man who Laughs [Complete]

by dream_keeper88 on 12-16-2012
Characters: Original characters
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

      A man who laughs, considers all things joy"  ... Read More

Nothing More Than a Pokémon Adventure (edited) [Complete]

by WinnieStar on 9-16-2013
Characters: Xiaoling Dai(OC), Team Rocket Trio, Ash, Brock, Dawn, Rura Iyer(OC), Tonikey(OC) and Kora Dai(OC), Takumi(OC) and Souta Takahashi(OC)
Tags: originalstory anime pokemon ocandcc
Chapters: 23

  Nothing More Than a Pokémon Adventure ... Read More

Dear Old Love

by thewriter on 3-2-2013
Characters: You and Him
Tags: romance drama original schoollife
Chapters: 1

dear  old  love   ... Read More

Psycho Test : What do you think about your friends? [Complete]

by usagiknight on 6-24-2013
Characters: You,Friend
Tags: you test friend psychotest
Chapters: 2

... Read More

On All Hallows Eve: The Lovat Sisters

by MusicLuver on 11-7-2016
Characters: Alora Lovat, Ginny Lovat, Francis "Fanny" Lovat
Tags: supernatural
Chapters: 2

The Lovat sisters are very strange. You see they aren't regular humans. They were witches. Some time in the 1600's, they were executed for the disapperence of Jack Forger, a village boy. They vow... Read More

From Dusk 'til Dawn [Complete]

by MidnightNightingale on 10-8-2014
Characters: Own Characters
Tags: poem
Chapters: 1

      ... Read More

Say My Name

by Tablespoon on 6-3-2015
Tags: romance originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

How about,    a girl who had loads of crushes, but oblivious that she fell for a certain guy. Cliché? Yes.    But like those rare movies she, well, doesn't end... Read More

The Doctor's Lost Things

by TheDoctorsCompanions on 8-4-2013
Characters: The Doctor, his Companions, the Stars and his Stories,,,
Tags: oneshots doctorwho collection shortstories
Chapters: 3

"We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one. eh?"... Read More

Friend Zone?

by Lerain25 on 1-25-2014
Characters: originalcharacters
Tags: romance original friendship love originalcharacter schoollife
Chapters: 3

This is base to a real life story. It's a cliche story, everyone says, but it really happen in real like. I witness that romance.... Read More

There's No One Else Like You

by CheqBeah96 on 4-19-2014
Characters: Ara, Fabian, and minor characters.
Tags: romance originalcharacter schoollife
Chapters: 5

It's final year of school. Ara want to get good grades in her final examination, an... Read More

My Cure

by Ana_Banana on 7-9-2013
Characters: Vanessa Hudgens as Aubrey Miller , AnnaSophia Robb as Emma Rose , Robbie Amell as Warner , Austin Butler as Flynn West
Tags: romance you
Chapters: 1

 "Love, love, love. what is it good for? absolutely nothing."       ... Read More

Lady in White (ONESHOT) [Complete]

by giraffehugger on 1-25-2014
Characters: original characters
Tags: original bittersweet
Chapters: 1

It has been a while since literary juices flowed within my eccentric mind.   Hope it still delivers... Read More

LOYAL [Complete]

by Sebearbear on 3-26-2014
Characters: kyrstal f(x), amber f(x)
Tags: song lorde royals parodysong loyal
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Tell Them [Complete]

by Ninjin on 2-23-2013
Tags: meaning
Chapters: 1

A short, cheezy, meaningful story with two characters watching eachother secretly (No, they're not stalking eachother).... Read More

Song of the Sirens

by violinsweetie on 4-26-2016
Characters: Kim Hei-ryung, Kim Kira, No Yuli, Lee Eunmi, Lee Taeri, Park Rainah, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Kiseop, Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Donghae, Choi Minho, Kim Kibum (Key)
Tags: kpop
Chapters: 1

Sirens are the more dangerous cousin of mermaids, known for their beaut... Read More

it grew [Friends Only]

by immortalevanescence on 5-11-2013
Tags: oneshot

"hey you!" i turn around and smile as i lock eyes with the kid i met yesterday. "what?" it's hard trying to hide the happiness in my voice. "i dont know." i st... Read More

Liars [Complete]

by simulacrum on 10-12-2013
Tags: angst oneshot original drabble lovehate
Chapters: 1

I hate liars the most, yet there are some liars I can overlook. ... Read More

Friendship Bonds Will Last Forever [Complete]

by Grey_Storm on 5-15-2013
Characters: Dowie. Rest of the Backstreet Boys
Tags: oneshot original sliceoflife supernatural backstreetboys howied brian
Chapters: 2

    Friends are made for ... Read More

The Rise And Fall

by wildvampire on 9-9-2013
Tags: yaoi romance angst drama love sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

The story is about a college professor ... Read More

❣ Love Note ❣

by mrsdragon on 12-19-2012
Characters: OCs, EXO, DBSK, SHINee and many more
Tags: romance

  “If I write your name, will you really be mine?” ... Read More

Our Love

by iuseifunny on 2-14-2014
Characters: Sarah (OC), Max (OC), minors - Linden (OC), Rebecca (OC)
Tags: romance originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Sometimes you don't win your crush's heart over so easily. Though if you manage, take advantag... Read More

Elf & Babe [Complete]

by thatmushroomswife on 2-15-2014
Characters: OC and Legolas
Tags: fluff lotr lordoftherings legolas shortfic valentinesday valentines
Chapters: 1

How does a picnic with Legolas sound?      ... Read More

Pokemon Kingdom Battle

by BorderlineBadness on 11-8-2017
Characters: Every other trainer and every pokemon character ever created.
Tags: pokemon
Chapters: 1

Two Jesters in a close rivalry with each other, a few heroes must find a powerful entity to stop the war between the duo.... Read More

The Stalker [Complete]

by VMMJ90 on 1-24-2014
Tags: shortstory
Chapters: 2

Risa, a rising graphic novelist, is a workaholic who is discovered by her assistant editor that her latest work is more than just a "brilliant" idea. ... Read More


by missnovelist on 7-12-2014
Characters: Main: Jack Frost | Elsa | Anna | Kristoff
Tags: romance rotg jackfrost supernatural elsa frozen jelsa
Chapters: 3

Once she made eye contact with those pair of icy, blue eyes, she could feel... Read More

My Husband's Lover

by icehstv on 6-18-2013
Characters: Original Characters...(I changed to Thai)
Tags: yaoi romance original originalstory

I'm Phongsakarn Nantakarn and my nickname is Ngao. I'm 20 years old and I'm a gay. I lived with my mother's bestfriend in Bangkok. My mother's friend is a gay beauti... Read More

Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me [Complete]

by theniceslytherin on 10-20-2012
Characters: Severus Snape & Cyprien Alesi
Tags: cyprienalesi angst severussnape oneshot cyperus friendship
Chapters: 1

The most appealing aspect of Cyprien Alesi had always been his neutrality. He was the nice Slytherin, and embodied the phrase perfectly. He was polite. He was pureblood. He was open and engaging ... Read More

My Experiences as A Teacher

by icehstv on 6-13-2013
Characters: Me & My Original Characters
Tags: original originalcharacter jpop schoollife

I'm Ryneh Abueva. 29 years of age and I worked as a Filipino language teacher in a Filipino language school for foreigners. In my own ambition, I would be an English... Read More

Doctor Who Fanfic - We Never Walk Away

by X_JasielleAle on 12-12-2013
Characters: The Doctor , Characters from Doctor Who and OCs.
Tags: doctorwho scific
Chapters: 2

Introduction ... Read More


by Seunghyunsu on 10-11-2013
Tags: drama

"I want you to know me."... Read More

Ara's Tale

by MWinchester on 6-17-2013
Characters: Ara (OC), Dean, Sam
Tags: humor supernatural horror dean sam winchester

Ara's Tale   ... Read More

Felling Malfoy

by Rogue-Renegade on 8-4-2014
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Tags: harrypotter romance crack darry
Chapters: 2

  ... Read More

Fairy Tail

by fairytailXinuyasha on 11-11-2013
Tags: romance rogue you sad action fairytail

So this is my story its... Read More

Dear Diary

by MyDeerLikesBacon on 8-3-2014
Characters: Him and Her
Tags: angst
Chapters: 1

Simple story thought up in a spur of the moment so it may not make sense. Thanks for reading anyway.    Do comment and subscribe~... Read More


by hades97 on 6-24-2014
Tags: mystery fictionalstory

A seventeen years old boy name Kyle kill someone, now he is on a run. Who is the victim? Why did he do that? Now his lives is endanger as he try to escape from going to jail. Will Kyle survive this lo... Read More


by Kpopdude on 5-29-2016
Characters: Jay park and Dayoon
Tags: love
Chapters: 2

Sjuzx7fbgkkzo8djeniffikfödk... Read More

Witch Story

by Classy_Wasabi on 1-22-2015
Characters: Emma, Madison, Paula, Arjhan, Samantha, Regan, Sabrina
Tags: witches coven
Chapters: 1

Being cursed isn't always what it's cracked up to be.... Read More

so, maybe. [Complete]

by byzelo on 1-25-2014
Characters: anyone in depression.
Tags: sad drabble pain
Chapters: 1

... Read More


by justletthemshine_b on 10-9-2015
Characters: Do Kyungsoo || Kim Jongin
Tags: fluff exo kaisoo

Eversince he accepted that friend request, night or day, he is being bothered by that specific user.... Read More


by randomsnix on 12-23-2013
Characters: R5: Riker, Rydel, Ratliff, Rocky, Ross, Ryland
Tags: r5band riker rydel ratliff rocky ross ryland

R5 Oneshots! Get your oneshots here! lol jk... uhh I'd let my friend do this. Anywho, to those R5ers out there!!! HAI!!!... Read More

Sherlock Holmes, why do you make me feel like this?

by sweetdreams on 2-4-2013
Tags: sherlock

It hit him again; the dizziness, the nausea and the pain. He doubled over slightly gasping and gripp... Read More

Blizzard One-Shot and Drabble Collection (Ft. Ouran High School Host Club)

by chocopretzels on 5-9-2013
Characters: Ouran High School Host Club
Tags: romance manga sliceoflife anime ouran ouranhighschool hostclub

  Characters: ... Read More

A Matter of Time

by chessur on 12-20-2012
Characters: Damon Salvatore | Stefan Salvatore | Elena Gilbert
Tags: tvd delena stelena
Chapters: 1

Title: A Matter of Time Author: vvipfo... Read More


by BorderlineBadness on 5-6-2016
Characters: Flare, ember, dynasty,,grave, hiraku, breeze, merma, stassia, bottle, everybody else, Sonya.
Tags: greekmythology
Chapters: 7

After falling into the rabbit hole, flare & his evil brother ember must find a way home.... Read More


by Raveness on 12-5-2013
Characters: [Katara] [Zuko] [General Iroh]
Tags: romance fluff memories atla zutara katara zuko
Chapters: 1

Katara can't help but remember a short moment due to a very familiar voice.... Read More

Hakuouki: Sweet School Life

by tsukinoazusa on 10-11-2015
Characters: Yukimura Chizuru (OC) | Hijikata Toshizo | Okita Souji | Saito Hajime | Todo Heisuke | Sanosuke Harada | Kazama Chikage | Susumu Yamazaki | Nagumo Kaoru | etc.
Tags: romance fantasy anime comedy originalcharacter shinsengumi hakuoki
Chapters: 1

~Sweet School Life~ ... Read More


by Ninjin on 2-23-2013
Characters: Georgina||Siobhan
Tags: mystery
Chapters: 1

I don't know if this will have one or two chapters, but it is a true story (well, most of it). So, yeah. Enjoy.... Read More

It happens..

by hataesun on 5-28-2015
Tags: exo xiumin shiwon
Chapters: 2

what happens when you become exo's assistant manaher and start to fall for xiumin.... Read More

Do you still love me? [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 2-17-2013
Tags: romance love fantasy murder violence debt
Chapters: 1

A short story I had written in 2011.... Read More

Gogetale Bk. 1 - On & On

by BorderlineBadness on 5-9-2017
Characters: Goge, Kumi, General Ramkiss, Chaos Zucho, Striiker, Twilight Bloom, Gabe, Nadia, Lucas Vampbat, Heart failure, Cardiac Arrest.
Tags: memes
Chapters: 1

The first story in the series. With Goge, still trying to cope with gabe the dog's death in january, he then finds out soon he might be getting a step-father, his father's old friend, chaos.... Read More

Unrequited love: Ino Yamanaka.

by mastermindriz on 7-27-2013
Characters: Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Temari & others.
Tags: anime naruto shikaino inoyamanaka

    Ino Yamanaka sticks with Shikamaru Nara like a stick of gum, not because... Read More

Rescue Academy [Friends Only] [Members Only]

by TheAnyo on 10-28-2017
Tags: originalcharacter
Chapters: 4

Welcome! Your course code would be 10121. May you enjoy your journey in Rescue Academy!... Read More

Notice Me Please [Complete] [Friends Only]

by dongwoo on 11-10-2013
Tags: deli
Chapters: 3

As a shy intuitive musician Rayn Johnson knew he had no chance with the tall, popular, theater kid, Cresaunt Gilmore. But when they end up sitting together in Biology class Rayn ends up hating Cresaun... Read More

50 words

by secretlurve on 7-8-2017
Characters: Will be added along the fic
Tags: ficlet
Chapters: 1

A ficlet collection of my favourites.... Read More

6 ELIT 2013

by mynameisElit on 10-4-2013
Characters: kelas kami
Tags: 6elit malaysia
Chapters: 2

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6 Elit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   sy tak pandai guna ni sangat.... sy baru belajar guna ni semalam... abang saya yang ajar... Read More


by summerscent on 1-14-2014
Characters: Layla and Shane
Tags: romance

  Listen. ... Read More


by garrixer- on 2-17-2015
Characters: Asa Butterfield x Erika Young (OC)
Tags: asabutterfield asa asaxoc

... Read More

To the Places Unknown

by Winterflowr on 12-17-2012
Characters: OCs
Tags: original
Chapters: 2

Clara has only ever wanted an escape route from the repetitive routines she called life.  Then, Uncle James appears and whisks her back to her father's hometown of L... Read More

Stirs and Twitches

by nutteu on 5-27-2014
Characters: Aomine Daiki, Akashi Seijuurou
Tags: anime kurokonobasket aomine akamine akashi
Chapters: 2

      ... Read More

Stuck On You

by Writer-Max on 4-1-2013
Characters: Jessica || Amy || Raymond || Richard || etc.
Tags: romance original love originalstory originalcharacter
Chapters: 3

 STUCK ON YOU  ... Read More

Moving On

by IMFREEDOM on 3-25-2014
Tags: original sliceoflife
Chapters: 7

Thanks you for showing some interest. Enjoy!   20XX I look out, the rain has almost ended. I see tiny droplets of rain drops rolling gracefully ... Read More

Blood and Steel

by ThatOneOtherWriter on 8-4-2014
Characters: BlueIvory; RedRebellion; Danus; Cye; Rowen; HolyMonkey; Ryu; LeSpawn; James
Tags: yaoi fantasy adventure action c9seal mxm

One went by the name Blue Ivory while the other was dubbed Red Rebellion. A dark elf and an imposing half demon are strapped together with two others in order to lead ... Read More

A Heart's Desire [Complete]

by orchidsplash on 3-12-2013
Characters: original character
Tags: oneshot songfic mystery dark
Chapters: 1

t... Read More

Course [Complete]

by DontYouDare on 12-11-2013
Tags: oneshot school poetry
Chapters: 1

Forced poetry from a teenaged English IV student about the typical school day and melancholy mentalities. (no offence)... Read More

The Heart of Aerelya

by spinatale on 6-2-2017
Characters: Isn, Fnesis, Princess Ayotra, Ermas
Tags: fiction
Chapters: 5

A short fiction story about a birder and his friend, a scullery maid, and a beautiful princess.... Read More

❝A Guide to Better Writing❞

by officiaLinspirit on 12-9-2013
Characters: You, Me, and the Characters in your stories
Tags: writing tips fanficwriting
Chapters: 1

... Read More

I'll Be Your Bullet

by BrokenAbyssChain on 8-30-2013
Characters: Nikolenka, Peyton, Mishka. Others
Tags: angst drama adventure hurtcomfort relationships crime gallowshumour
Chapters: 3

    Nikolenka had always had it rough; She was treated her like a slave by her stepfather in her own ... Read More

Winter Drop

by Khaireenhilda on 11-23-2013
Characters: Winter, Harry
Tags: oneshot
Chapters: 1

  ... Read More

The Key

by ImYourMuse on 5-12-2013
Characters: Maili (OC), Luke (OC)
Tags: romance original love dystopian
Chapters: 7

All that was needed was her. She was the key to what this society... Read More

Another Romeo and Juliet

by gennah on 6-8-2014
Characters: Jack , Elsa, Anna, Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel
Tags: jelsa
Chapters: 11

It was another very perfect day at Disney High. Now Disney High is just like your average high school but bet... Read More

Good Morning [Complete]

by FattyPandi on 12-16-2012
Tags: nature
Chapters: 1

I was.. very bored. And I had writer's block. So.. yea. LOL. It's so strange how i'm like imme... Read More

The Other Liar

by ChubbyBunny on 7-9-2013
Characters: Danielle Knightwood (OC) Pretty Little Liars etc.
Tags: romance fanfiction originalcharacter mystery prettylittleliars
Chapters: 3

You've  probably heard of Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, and Spencer Hastings. ... Read More

Vikturi Baby [Complete]

by yuki_chicken on 1-28-2017
Tags: yurionice
Chapters: 1

Sequel to: World's Greatest Dad... Read More


by TheDormouse on 10-23-2013
Tags: original
Chapters: 4

Wips are my unfinished stories ... Read More

Poems and Oneshots

by SwordOfDeath on 12-29-2013
Characters: Anyone at all
Tags: romance random originalcharacter poems depression
Chapters: 4

These are just random oneshots and poems I make when I have nothing else to do.... Read More

You're Not Alone

by KeaBae on 10-17-2013
Characters: Tate(a little OOC), Dani, OC's
Tags: romance drama interracial ahs
Chapters: 1

Not entirely sure where I'm going with this story an idea just popped into my... Read More

No Tittle Yet [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by JaydenSeo_1 on 5-27-2014
Characters: I'm not sure yet. I'll update when I have the characters in mind.
Tags: yuntae soober rapmonteraram

.......... Read More

Meeting a psycho... and falling in love with her. [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by Buttercup97 on 9-6-2014
Characters: Takechi Otoya, Kenmochi Shiena
Tags: anime yuri girlxgirl anr akumanoriddle otoshie
Chapters: 1

How would it feel like to suddenly fall in love with a stranger? To... Read More

The Moon Maiden

by deathwish on 2-25-2016
Tags: romance fantasy kash arlena bye
Chapters: 2

Every night, he sits by the window ledge ... Read More

Her Heart [Friends Only] [Subscribers Only]

by Zetroc on 8-14-2013
Characters: Erik, Rosetta, Skye, Rinse, Hugh, Anette, Vaughn, Lydia, Red, Cinnamon, Fencer, Gretchen, Tyler, Skyler, Leon, Sapphira, Kenshi, Eudy, Milanor, Iris, Rui, Yggdra, Gulcasa, Mistel, Ren, Nietzsche, Shun, Haruka, Rod, Rose, Tsuyoshi and Yui.
Tags: romance fantasy anime adventure action game ragnarok
Chapters: 4

... Read More

Hiding My Secret

by pedobearluvsu on 1-25-2014
Tags: romance original fantasy
Chapters: 2

Ever since Scarlett Ray was a little girl, her mother would always tell her stories about faeries, werewolves, vampires and... Read More

When the World Collapsed [Complete]

by asiafoweba on 10-2-2013
Characters: Josaphyna Hanult
Tags: ocs
Chapters: 4

No Description... Read More

otaku-chan // an anime graphic studio

by Sophisticated_Freak on 6-18-2013
Tags: anime graphics request poster resources

... Read More

Missing Me

by asianaddict on 12-12-2014
Tags: romance drama love fluff comedy originalcharacter schoollife
Chapters: 3

A story about a newly transferred Kore... Read More

Beyond Friendship...

by hataesun on 3-28-2015
Characters: kai, Jung hyemi, Exo12, Jung Eunji(apink)
Tags: fluff exo kai kaixoc
Chapters: 3

If you're a sucker for bestfriend to dating fanfictions then this is the story for you. starring Exo's kai and Oc(jung hyemi) and the rest of exo (Exo 12)... Read More

Number 88

by JoonMyeon_Hanbyul on 12-14-2013
Tags: romance

      ... Read More

Hakuouki: Romance in The Shinsengumi

by tsukinoazusa on 10-12-2015
Tags: romance anime oneshots lemon hakuouki

The compilation of romance stories in Hakuouki. ... Read More

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