Recommended Fanfiction

On Duty

by Ailsa_Ali on 9-21-2013
Characters: Clint Eastwood, Ailsa Ali
Tags: romance action western clinteastwood reddeadredemption cowboys
Chapters: 1

The main character is a sheriff Deputy. She does paperwork most of time for crimin... Read More

Lust Over Friendship? [Complete]

by NepetaGetsHugs on 9-1-2016
Characters: all current homestuck humans and trolls
Tags: fluff john homestuck dave
Chapters: 13

"What if things don't really work out. Will I loose my best friend over something as small as love?"... Read More

_Storm Song [Complete]

by CynicalShowcase on 7-3-2014
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Rebecca Chambers (OC), Sheriff Stilinski
Tags: fluff teenwolf stiles owncharacter
Chapters: 1

A short one shot fluff-ish about Stiles and an old friend. ... Read More

like i'm made of glass [Complete]

by swabluu on 10-22-2012
Characters: Nico, Bianca
Tags: nico pjo family
Chapters: 1

  Sometimes, you have to hate before you love.... Read More

Say My Name

by Tablespoon on 6-3-2015
Tags: romance originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

How about,    a girl who had loads of crushes, but oblivious that she fell for a certain guy. Cliché? Yes.    But like those rare movies she, well, doesn't end... Read More

Imperfectly Perfect [Complete]

by stef3luv on 1-25-2015
Characters: Ahn JaeHyo , OC ( Lee SaeRi )
Tags: romance angst oneshot you blockb jaehyo ahnjaehyo
Chapters: 1

The more you have , the more you want .... Read More

❝ Spy Couple ❞

by -eclipse on 8-17-2013
Characters: ↷ Danice Abbygail ↷Steven Smedly
Tags: romance originalcharacter spy
Chapters: 2

❝ Summary ❞ Danice ... Read More


by Pastelsky on 11-8-2013
Tags: romance

  Like clouds, our relationship was fleeting.     ... Read More

Doubled Personality Disorder

by HoshiNoOngaku on 9-7-2014
Characters: Natsuki Shinomiya, Lee Hana (OC)
Tags: anime originalcharacter utanoprincesama utapri natsukishinomiya
Chapters: 11

An Uta No Prince Sama fanfic ... Read More

Thunder and Lightning [Complete]

by DragonBlood_Katana on 6-10-2015
Tags: freeiwatobi
Chapters: 1

Ai is afraid of t... Read More

That Silver Lining

by blueberry_muffin on 6-29-2013
Characters: original characters
Tags: romance original fantasy supernatural originalcharacter
Chapters: 3

Are Demons all 'Evile' as we all believe? Are all Angels 'Pure' as thought? When Serenity and Helias, an angel and demon, fall in love, how will their respective realms, Hell and Heaven, react? E... Read More

Beautiful [Subscribers Only]

by exponentially_me on 11-23-2017
Tags: angst wannaone lyricfic

“This foolishly regret-filled song I hope it reaches the sky My prayer that spent all night in tears I hope it reaches your heart”  ... Read More

And she was Reema

by creamson on 6-3-2013
Characters: Reema, Patch and Lione
Tags: original

The idea of me dying never entered my mind, not after the overly emotional shadow of my youth evaded me. I... Read More


by weirda on 6-19-2013
Characters: Lye, Athea, Hitten, Phate, Mia, Cinay, Sivye, Eeverse, Ignis, Viotin, Rev, Trale (all original)
Tags: yaoi romance fantasy adventure yuri genderbender

The kingdom Castelle, one of the four grand kingdoms in the world, has been cloaked by a dangerous shadow auro for years. Through the years the kingdom has been haun... Read More

Holding Onto Hope [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 6-21-2015
Characters: Lily and Alex
Tags: romance angst drama love fluff ocs
Chapters: 4

They met - albeit unconventionally - in high school. He didn't see her romantically. For her, he was her whole world from the very first moment. Persistence served her... Read More


by melo_queen on 11-14-2015
Tags: sliceoflife highschool originalcharacter
Chapters: 5

This is my first fiction story. I hope you don't mind my english as it's not my first language. :) I'm predicting this is going to b... Read More


by smelissa on 4-7-2016
Tags: bts
Chapters: 6

A girl who knows nothing had to marry a guy she once loved.... Read More

The Rise And Fall

by wildvampire on 9-9-2013
Tags: yaoi romance angst drama love sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

The story is about a college professor ... Read More

Sucker for Love

by TheGorjessica on 5-21-2015
Characters: GDragon, CL, 2NE1, Big Bang & other YG artists
Tags: romance drama love skydragon gdcl leechaerin kwonjiyong
Chapters: 1

Sometimes, people are blinded by the whole idea of love. They tend to do actions, make the wrong decisions, and feel the wrong emotions just because of a single person. They tend to believe that ... Read More


by DBSKlover on 6-18-2014
Characters: Ren. James and etc
Tags: yaoi romance angst schoolife
Chapters: 1

Ren was just a normal high school student who was struggling  until he stumbled upon a job that would change his life forever... Read More

Witch Story

by Classy_Wasabi on 1-22-2015
Characters: Emma, Madison, Paula, Arjhan, Samantha, Regan, Sabrina
Tags: witches coven
Chapters: 1

Being cursed isn't always what it's cracked up to be.... Read More

I Would Like to Sing

by thegirlwholovesyou on 6-13-2013
Characters: Lucas, Savannah Lewis, Lawrence Philips, etc.
Tags: original fiction angels
Chapters: 1

             After years of pushing,  Lucas -- a ... Read More


by k3llyyy on 2-12-2017
Characters: MarkTuan, OC, KrisWu, GOT7
Tags: you got7 marktuan kriswu

Hey everyone if you came from AFF i am the same author of this story on that site! i just wanted to post it here too!... Read More

Stuck in a Blackout with Mr. Badboy

by forever6 on 1-26-2015
Characters: Bailey Somers, Sam Tate, Selina Gomez, Alexander Holt, Marcy Parks
Tags: friendship comedy school badboy
Chapters: 2

... Read More

Living with the Millers

by addictivestorm on 3-26-2014
Characters: Allison Price, Miller Family
Tags: romance drama original love sliceoflife family
Chapters: 1

For seventeen-year-old Allison Price, life was never easy. Her father left when she was very young, and sh... Read More

Too Much Love [Complete]

by Anoniem_Anime on 2-22-2013
Characters: OC's
Tags: oneshot love originalcharacter assassin
Chapters: 1

"Please help me!" he begs. I can't help but stare into his beautiful blue eyes. The eyes which belonged to the most important person in my life but this time I couldn't do anything for h... Read More

wipe her tears away

by hiddenmistress on 9-7-2014
Tags: romance anime free nanaseharuka matsuokagou kisumi

tears that streamed down her cheeks, he couldn't stand it at all ... Read More

i'm the forgotten

by heyarsebutt on 4-28-2014
Tags: drama harrystyles louistomlinson life
Chapters: 2

I wish I'd... Read More

Finn, Finn the Better Twin

by Priscy123 on 9-10-2013
Characters: Jack and Finn Harries & other random YouTubers that will suddenly storybomb
Tags: comedy jacksgap jack finn twins
Chapters: 1

Jack has had enough. He only put Finn in his videos as a filler to garner more views, but as time went by, Finn became more popular around the girls than the original twin himself.  It's... Read More

War of the planets episode 1: The anamilia prophecy.

by BorderlineBadness on 4-30-2016
Characters: Slush terry secco Flagella tabby Kali fabric Zane the blue flash Reyna shadow
Tags: wotp
Chapters: 2

Having to live in the mountains for too long, the 5 "chosen" animals for the prophecy escape from the mountains of their abusive guardians, only to be in the hands of the blue flash.... Read More

Senpai, Please Notice me!

by justordinary on 11-15-2014
Characters: Originals
Tags: romance original comedy chicklit
Chapters: 1

The sitcom compilations of the main character which goes by the name of Kazuna, interacting with a charming yet dense S... Read More


by jungxtine on 7-6-2013
Characters: Clarissa Santiago(you), Christian Woo
Tags: arrangedmarriage


I hate that I need you(Malay) [Complete]

by BabyMilo on 9-20-2016
Characters: Angie Chilla,Arthur Mike,Bayden Ben dan lain-lain
Tags: romance love school
Chapters: 13

Hi,this is my 1st story..Hope Y'all like it!( P/s : Don't be a plagiarism,be a good reader :P)... Read More

[300 Anime & Manga Oneshots]

by BrokenAbyssChain on 5-21-2018
Characters: Many, Many, Many Anime & Manga Characters [+O.C's]
Tags: oneshot manga anime originalcharacter
Chapters: 32

  A collection of drabble... Read More

The Sorrow I Feel For The Pain I Have Caused [Complete] [Members Only]

by HunterLieu on 1-27-2014
Characters: Sorrow, Pain, Myself
Tags: angst drama sliceoflife personal pain sorrow guilt
Chapters: 6

Me, Her and Him. A recount of a true story, although my memory betrays at some places and I have sometimes had to compromise on both the chronological order of events and exact quotes. Despite th... Read More

Unexpected Twisted Fate

by mahbaobei on 4-8-2014
Characters: Willy, Alana, Kyle,Cara, Hannah(Zoe) & etc [OCS]
Tags: angst love sliceoflife school tragedy
Chapters: 18

A school memory to be lasting and remember for a whole lifetime. Although it's so hurtful but this brought so many memories, toget... Read More

The story of Pikachu and Ash Ketchup.

by Melona on 1-15-2013
Tags: love pokemon crack pikachu

With her two eyes, she gazes at her owner as she's sitting on the lap of his crossed knees. She loves times like this, He's affectionately petting her like no tomorrow, ... Read More

the love is ours

by sw_d19 on 2-10-2017
Characters: minho,sulli,papa,naima,maman,yesmin,key,asma'u
Tags: loveisnotacase

minho and sulli love eachother but they are afeard to say it... Read More

Rulryn and Ashvaer

by spinatale on 11-30-2013
Characters: Rulryn, Ashvaer
Tags: romance fantasy
Chapters: 2

The scorching sun glares down from above, so bright that one dared not to look up at it. A breeze gives no relief as it tries to push back a white veil curious to see who hid beneath it. A hand r... Read More

✾ AEX ○ GRAPHIC ○ SHOP ✾ ⇝[OPEN/SEMI-HIATUS] [Subscribers Only]

by X_JasielleAle on 4-18-2014
Characters: OPEN - taking graphic requests
Tags: graphicshop graphics shop requestshop posters postershop graphicrequest
Chapters: 5

... Read More

Missives to the Unknown [Complete] [Members Only]

by chanyeolliepop22 on 11-8-2013
Characters: Ryou Akiyo (OC)
Tags: horror
Chapters: 9

  “If you start noticing them, they start to notice you…” – ... Read More

We met again

by baekhyunbacon92 on 12-17-2012
Tags: romance
Chapters: 5

Second fic here~ ... Read More

Cinderella's Secret

by Zhang-Yuying on 12-27-2013
Characters: Cinderella and Drizella
Tags: fantasy yuri cinderella
Chapters: 1

Does anyone know the reason why Cinderella was kind? No,... Read More

Sandbox Empire [Complete]

by firemoth_007 on 6-23-2013
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

1230 words... Read More

My Happiness

by PiperGrace08 on 7-31-2013
Characters: Jack Frost, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup, and lots of OC
Tags: fluff crossover jackfrost rapunzel jackunzel

A story about a married couple, Jack Frost and Rapunzel. Human AU WARNING!: Wrong words, Typos, OOC, lots of KISS SCENE, and a little bit of rated scene ... Read More

♖ Somnium ♖

by tempester on 2-26-2014
Characters: Nickey Fertaine, Arianna Fertaine, Maya Firrick, V & Charlie Neinford
Tags: original fantasy magic modern uniquestyle city
Chapters: 4

  ... Read More

Change. [Complete]

by thenameiloved on 7-11-2013
Characters: A young lady and a young boy
Tags: drama oneshot original random change tragic
Chapters: 1

  Hi! So this is El. I decided to post just a one-shot story just for now. Just a little ice-breaker ... Read More

A Noob's Masterpiece

by snowflakes on 6-20-2014
Tags: drabbles
Chapters: 7

A collection of random stories and some weird drabbles over the place. ... Read More

Dictionary definition of 「love」

by sweetdreams on 4-6-2013
Tags: romance
Chapters: 3

I love you for all that you are... Read More

Nobody Is Home. [Complete]

by KhadijaMahmood on 9-21-2013
Characters: Diana (OC)
Tags: angst sad originalcharacter depression
Chapters: 1

          ... Read More

Hell and High Water [Complete]

by Lilviscious on 12-6-2013
Characters: Reiner/Bertholdt, Jean/Marco
Tags: anime attackontitan reiner bertholdt jean marco reibert
Chapters: 1

It wasn't simply his job to ensure his safety. No one was allowed to touch.... Read More

Does being bestfriends is enough?

by allthereislove on 1-16-2014
Characters: Janelle & Marco (OCs)
Tags: romance fluff sliceoflife comedy originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

We are bestfriends, and we like each other. We seriously mean like as an affection,we share the same interest like that. We are not awkward. We knew we liked each other because ... Read More

Innocent Love

by masianlove2 on 8-22-2013
Characters: Rita, Tony, Seoyoung, Priscilla, Beatrice, And More Original Characters
Tags: original love fluff originalcharacter schoollife
Chapters: 1

Exactly, what is love? Is it like how each Disney Princess movie was, finding prince charming with true love’s kiss? Could ... Read More


by reachforthestars- on 2-1-2013
Tags: angst original scifi robots
Chapters: 1

She is a machine. A piece of technology. She can not feel. She cannot trust.  ... Read More

Tales from a kingdom

by Anachi on 8-13-2013
Characters: OC'S
Tags: comedy random weird

In a far away kingdom lived an old painter. He had an enemy. A little girl. The painter complained everyday to the king and finally the little girl was banished. But... Read More

For you [Complete]

by kyumyung on 12-19-2013
Tags: originalstory shortstory
Chapters: 1

He don't want her, her sister is all he want... Making their marriage a joke she sacrifice her happiness...just for him... Read More

Goddess of Fire

by Gennah12 on 10-26-2017
Characters: Xyleah, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Amethyst, Apollo, Apalla
Tags: fantasy
Chapters: 2

Xyleah is the daughter of Athena the Goddess of War. Her mother has been training her in the art of war most ... Read More

The Man who Laughs [Complete]

by dream_keeper88 on 12-16-2012
Characters: Original characters
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

      A man who laughs, considers all things joy"  ... Read More

Send & Receive

by Grahamie on 3-23-2015
Characters: Fictional characters
Tags: romance original fiction comedy fate penpal
Chapters: 1

          Cameron Antoinette Skylar has nothing to do with her teenage years that will disappear in front ... Read More

Why do you Hate me?

by nikkifany on 8-10-2013
Characters: You, Your Best friend , and others
Tags: friendship you originalcharacter reallife bestfriend
Chapters: 2

    ... Read More


by Bubblepop on 9-4-2016
Characters: Lost, dad,pretty girl, and masked person.
Tags: dark

The story is about a girl who dreams and finds out her many secrets. ... Read More

The Other Liar

by ChubbyBunny on 7-9-2013
Characters: Danielle Knightwood (OC) Pretty Little Liars etc.
Tags: romance fanfiction originalcharacter mystery prettylittleliars
Chapters: 3

You've  probably heard of Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, and Spencer Hastings. ... Read More

faded. ft. shin hoseok

by fairytail on 2-17-2017
Characters: shin hoseok as wonho, you as vixenne anxilie
Tags: monstax wonho

soon... Read More


by MiriannA on 10-1-2013
Characters: Qin Jiarong, Wen Yihui, Chen Weiliang, Evie
Tags: romance angst
Chapters: 1

Once upon a time, as all stories must begin, there was a girl. This girl had everything – she was... Read More

School Days

by MikiApple on 7-14-2013
Characters: Richard Armitage, Katherine Halen (OC) & other OCs
Tags: romance originalcharacter schoollife richardarmitage
Chapters: 1

Katherine Hale is just a typical senior high school student, enjoying to spend time with her friends, goss... Read More

A story of my life

by AhSongyi on 12-20-2013
Characters: Amy
Tags: life

... Read More

Three's The Charm [Members Only]

by SilverAshes on 4-17-2014
Characters: The Trancy Triplet, Cantebury, Timber, Thompson, OC Characters
Tags: romance anime kuroshitsuji tradgedy trancytriplets
Chapters: 1

Between silent words, soft touches and shared looks you could pratically hear the unsaid words and feel the looked over emotions.... Read More


by Kpopdude on 5-29-2016
Characters: Jay park and Dayoon
Tags: love
Chapters: 2

Sjuzx7fbgkkzo8djeniffikfödk... Read More

burning, dying embers [Complete]

by influx on 11-28-2013
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

it's a shame, though. it could have been love.... Read More

Little him and little me [Complete]

by Sky___ on 11-23-2014
Characters: Him & I, [anyone]
Tags: romance oneshot original love fluff sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More

The Roleplay Love Story

by arkapasso on 6-13-2013
Characters: Anne Katherine & Clark Fuji
Tags: romance original originalcharacter roleplay

Summer. ... Read More

とげバラ//A thorn-less rose

by panda_xo on 10-6-2013
Characters: Aiko(OC), Luke(OC)
Tags: romance angst love fluff originalstory schoollife

I write fan fictions over at AFF, and I found this site so I wanted to give it a try ^^  ~Author Panda... Read More

Trap in This Box of Love

by ForeverYoung on 8-13-2013
Characters: Crystal Smith || Mason Li || Minor Characters
Tags: romance sliceoflife originalcharacter

Trap in This Box of Love.... Read More

Beyond Friendship...

by hataesun on 3-28-2015
Characters: kai, Jung hyemi, Exo12, Jung Eunji(apink)
Tags: fluff exo kai kaixoc
Chapters: 3

If you're a sucker for bestfriend to dating fanfictions then this is the story for you. starring Exo's kai and Oc(jung hyemi) and the rest of exo (Exo 12)... Read More

No Tittle Yet [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by JaydenSeo_1 on 5-27-2014
Characters: I'm not sure yet. I'll update when I have the characters in mind.
Tags: yuntae soober rapmonteraram

.......... Read More

Day Dreams [Friends Only]

by Hoshi_Jang on 2-14-2013
Characters: Hoshiko Jang----- Naruto Characters
Tags: romance
Chapters: 1

 ` Day dreams are dreams you don't have to sleep to dream about.` `They mostly consist of rainbows, unicorns, pocky, and you.`... Read More

Mr.Player Meets Ms.Boyish Chick [Members Only]

by Smiley on 6-8-2014
Tags: tagalog

©Alright Reserved 2014 Could it be possible that they would fall for each other? Could it be true that opposites really attract? Jacob Andrew Aguilar The Player Trisha Aguila... Read More

Talking to the Moon [Complete]

by BeHappy on 3-16-2014
Characters: Faith (OC)
Tags: angst oneshot original sliceoflife sad originalcharacter sadish
Chapters: 1

... Read More

One Day, He'll Know [Complete]

by ColorsofAutumn on 11-26-2013
Tags: romance original you
Chapters: 1

One day, he'll know.   ... Read More


by BeHappy on 9-28-2015
Tags: angst original sliceoflife
Chapters: 1

Hey guys! I've been gone for a year >///< but I'm starting to come back! I'm going to slowly ease myself back into wr... Read More

When boy meet girl

by Superstar on 5-11-2013
Characters: Boy and girl
Tags: romance

Once upon a time.l... Read More

Princess of Four Kingdoms

by Divergent_Dauntless on 1-9-2015
Characters: You and ?
Tags: fantasy exo vampire werewolf angel mermaid shapeshifters
Chapters: 2

I still remember the look on his face. Pure shock. But he didn't know. His parents made a mistake by thinking that it would stop him from becoming a half-breed. It would only delay hi... Read More

Zombies, Everywhere!

by Volvelle on 12-28-2013
Tags: scifi action zombie apocalypse
Chapters: 6

Seven strangers must band together to fight off the world's most feared and prevalent creatures... Read More


by Crystalize on 2-1-2014
Characters: Trixie White ( Emma Wattson ),Cedric Scott ( Logan Lerman ),Zoey White ( Nina Dobrev ),Xavier Smith ( Zac Efron ),Jessica Parker ( Victoria Justice )
Tags: romance angst drama university
Chapters: 1

  It all started in University... Read More

From Dusk 'til Dawn [Complete]

by MidnightNightingale on 10-8-2014
Characters: Own Characters
Tags: poem
Chapters: 1

      ... Read More


by snowflakes on 11-16-2013
Characters: Paige Prescott, Ashton Cacklemore, Seyfrid Broone
Tags: friendship love scifi

Humanity have fallen into misfits... Read More

False Securities

by sleepwalker on 12-12-2013
Tags: spiritedaway haku chihiro

  "Just go back the way you came. You'll be fine, but promise not to look back. Not until you pass thr... Read More

Lady of the Flies

by somni- on 7-27-2014
Characters: Jane | mentioned OCs
Tags: romance angst original sliceoflife gangster

... Read More

reasons why I hate people

by xiuhan on 3-11-2014
Characters: me trying to rant and relieve stress
Tags: personal antisocial ihateeveryone
Chapters: 5

reasons why I hate people and why I want to be alone for eternity ... Read More

Of Coffee Shops and Shy Goodbyes

by Miercat on 10-25-2012
Tags: myungbluu myungdae swabluu myunggod coffeeshop alternateuniverse
Chapters: 1

Myungdae's life was...Simple. Exact. Routine. Centered around nothing, drifting between everything, going through the paces with his head in the clouds. That is, until the day the doorbell to the... Read More

The Glimpse of Hell

by Thophiekhun on 6-14-2013
Characters: All Original Characters
Tags: death

story about Alykxendria Bree Howlester who has the ability to predict death in a unique way. TBA Graphic~ © sleepwalker @ Radioactive  ... Read More

Toxic [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by Sparked-Imperfection on 3-17-2014
Characters: OCs only
Tags: ocbased

What if you have an addiction?... Read More

cfa studio (open/hiring) [Subscribers Only]

by blossomheartz on 5-28-2015
Tags: graphicshop poster graphic trailer posterrequest trailershop
Chapters: 1

... Read More

black notebook [Subscribers Only]

by FireOnWater on 10-15-2013
Tags: sliceoflife drabble mylife
Chapters: 7

Teeth. Teeth against my skin, biting. Tongues, licking, sucking, leaving marks everywhere. Hands. hands everywhere. touching, feeling, stroking, probing. bruises. bruises everywhere. ripping. tearing.... Read More

Always By Your Side

by Park_HyoGun on 3-11-2014
Characters: You
Tags: you

Hello! This is my first fic at FFO! I just write this 4 u guys!  And English isn't my first language Hope you like it. Please reprove me if my grammar is ... y... Read More

Her Heart [Friends Only] [Subscribers Only]

by Zetroc on 8-14-2013
Characters: Erik, Rosetta, Skye, Rinse, Hugh, Anette, Vaughn, Lydia, Red, Cinnamon, Fencer, Gretchen, Tyler, Skyler, Leon, Sapphira, Kenshi, Eudy, Milanor, Iris, Rui, Yggdra, Gulcasa, Mistel, Ren, Nietzsche, Shun, Haruka, Rod, Rose, Tsuyoshi and Yui.
Tags: romance fantasy anime adventure action game ragnarok
Chapters: 4

... Read More

My Light in the Dark

by MusicInMyWords on 3-6-2013
Characters: Ariah (original character), Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,
Tags: romance onedirection louistomlinson

Being best friends with Louis Tomlinson means you constantly question the things around you; If you are photographed by paps, what to wear on special occasions and, of course, how to act in front... Read More

Underneath the Sakura Tree [Complete]

by BeHappy on 6-24-2013
Characters: Misaki (OC), Eiji (OC)
Tags: oneshot original japanese sadish
Chapters: 2

            Hi, I'm BeHappy and I'm back with a new oneshot! ... Read More

Hakuouki: Sweet School Life

by tsukinoazusa on 10-11-2015
Characters: Yukimura Chizuru (OC) | Hijikata Toshizo | Okita Souji | Saito Hajime | Todo Heisuke | Sanosuke Harada | Kazama Chikage | Susumu Yamazaki | Nagumo Kaoru | etc.
Tags: romance fantasy anime comedy originalcharacter shinsengumi hakuoki
Chapters: 1

~Sweet School Life~ ... Read More

An Overdue Winter [Complete]

by dandyfrost on 2-21-2013
Characters: Jack Frost; Bunnymund; OCs
Tags: oneshot rotg jackfrost winter
Chapters: 1

South Texas doesn't get snow or any weather cooler than fifty degrees Fahrenheit at most. Or does it?... Read More

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