Recommended Fanfiction

Crybaby [Complete]

by simulacrum on 6-11-2013
Tags: angst original sliceoflife drabble originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Drops of liquid fell from the rim of eyes, but, I tell you, these are not tears. Tears are for the weak, and I'm not weak. So don't tell me that I'm a 'crybaby'. ... Read More

Tricked or Tripped

by xoxolock on 12-13-2014
Tags: sherlockholmes

Sherlock was not as tough as people think he was. This story was about his adventure through ups and downs with his long lost old friend. This was the other sid... Read More

Another Cinderella Story

by QUEENZ on 7-30-2013
Tags: story cinderella

Character:  > Yui ~ cute, beautiful, kind ~she have a cruel stepmother with two stepsister > Kyo ~handsome, rich, ego, like to bullying his scho... Read More

wipe her tears away

by hiddenmistress on 9-7-2014
Tags: romance anime free nanaseharuka matsuokagou kisumi

tears that streamed down her cheeks, he couldn't stand it at all ... Read More

Jodoh ada di tangan Tuhan [Subscribers Only]

by xoxo4u on 10-8-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance original fantasy schoollife malay malaysia
Chapters: 1

Aku hanyalah seorang manusia biasa. Semua orang, tak kira apa, akan dan semesti... Read More

My First Love [Members Only]

by My_Asianless_Mind on 10-22-2013
Characters: Seoul Twins, Italy, South Korea, USUK
Tags: hetalia ocxnation
Chapters: 2

  ... Read More

Chained By Depravity

by BrokenAbyssChain on 2-4-2016
Characters: Charlie Davenport, Rion Wintar, Alexander Wintar, Noah Kassier, Virgil Kassier, Mark Daris, Caitlan Mikos, Arrin Daris, Leon Valens, Roman Mercier, Nanette Baudouin, Chazade Khashayar + Other Minor Characters.
Tags: drama supernatural action horror relationships blackcomedy folklore
Chapters: 4

  A promiscuous psyche assistant, an erruptive alcoholic, and a dry-witted doctor move into a new... Read More

Stranger Behind The Mask [Complete]

by Ninjin on 2-23-2013
Tags: mystery
Chapters: 1

A mystery story about young love. Yeah, not much. The story's short, so just read it. You'll like it. :)... Read More

See You, Maybe [Complete]

by MuChicken on 6-16-2013
Characters: P and M / J and K / A and K
Tags: oneshot friendship originalstory angsty reminiscing
Chapters: 1

  Stayed up late with my cousins today.  Just needed to write something before I forget it. Hope you will enjoy this.   The characte... Read More

First True Love

by Oheemgee on 2-21-2014
Characters: Midori Seiji
Tags: love fluff anime

      Hi guys, ... Read More

The Chronicles of Her

by jentol on 9-12-2015
Tags: fiction

The only way to survive, is to kill Her. His fate. His beautiful fear. ... Read More

☰ #HASHTAG。— ❛ layout shop ; open! ; zoom to 110% when viewing ❜

by rovixx on 5-21-2014
Tags: apply layouts story roleplay profile

... Read More


by epicfate on 12-14-2013
Characters: Zac Efron and Lily collins
Tags: angst zacefron lilycollins sadromance
Chapters: 1

  Zac Efron and Lily Collins were adorn by everyone for their cute relationship. Everybody saw how perfect they are for each other. They have their own differences but it never really ma... Read More

The Bread Thief

by ChocoDoraemon on 8-31-2013
Tags: you onedirection originalcharacter crack

    Josh is an ordinary guy. He has decent gr... Read More

Tale of a dragon slayer and a celestial spirit mage

by Stormy on 2-19-2015
Characters: Natsu Lucy
Tags: fairytail natsu lucy dragoneel heartfilla
Chapters: 3

I couldn't resist writing, this came to mind. It's a Nalu story since I just love those two. Be warned this story may flip from one thing to other quickly and without explanation b... Read More

nightwing. [Members Only]

by teenidle on 10-12-2014
Characters: Richard Grayson/Nightwing (fc:Liam Hemsworth), Oliver Queen, Bruce Wayne, and more to be announced
Tags: alternateuniverse superhero comics nightwing liamhemsworth
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Chapter 34 [Complete]

by 7se_springka on 11-10-2013
Tags: prideandprejudice
Chapters: 1

What should've happened when Mr. Darcy confessed his feelings for ... Read More

Left Here Waiting

by MintyChocAddict on 10-25-2013
Characters: Claire Lee, Joseph Riggs
Tags: angst original friendship originalcharacter
Chapters: 2

... Read More

Tick Tock [Complete]

by dont_pick_me on 7-28-2014
Characters: Crystal
Tags: drabble creepy dark semihorror
Chapters: 1

Tick Tock... Read More

Love in a Hopeless Place

by exomouse on 6-14-2013
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: originalcharacter

    It is an impossible... Read More

Finn, Finn the Better Twin

by Priscy123 on 9-10-2013
Characters: Jack and Finn Harries & other random YouTubers that will suddenly storybomb
Tags: comedy jacksgap jack finn twins
Chapters: 1

Jack has had enough. He only put Finn in his videos as a filler to garner more views, but as time went by, Finn became more popular around the girls than the original twin himself.  It's... Read More

Send & Receive

by Grahamie on 3-23-2015
Characters: Fictional characters
Tags: romance original fiction comedy fate penpal
Chapters: 1

          Cameron Antoinette Skylar has nothing to do with her teenage years that will disappear in front ... Read More

Witch Story

by Classy_Wasabi on 1-22-2015
Characters: Emma, Madison, Paula, Arjhan, Samantha, Regan, Sabrina
Tags: witches coven
Chapters: 1

Being cursed isn't always what it's cracked up to be.... Read More


by JuliusCaesar on 2-25-2015
Tags: fantasy

A boy named roy goes to middle school and is 15 years old. There are big storm clouds. When he goes to school one day monster like wolfs apear. They start killing people. Roy gains strange powers... Read More

This Is A Question For The Reader

by NepetaGetsHugs on 2-18-2014
Tags: homestuck

I feel like writing another fanfic but I cannot decide what ship to write it of. ... Read More

Down Goes Another One

by BrokenAbyssChain on 9-14-2013
Tags: angst psychological suspense mystery crime serialkiller detective

From 1994-1996, a spree of gruesome child killings known as the Hansel and ... Read More


by wesleywalker on 1-21-2020
Tags: mine

I ahve found a new writign services that can deal with all writign formats. Grademiner has a team of the expert writers adn editors who can w... Read More

He, Who Runs Away From The World [Members Only]

by thescientist on 1-4-2014
Characters: Haru
Tags: original sliceoflife
Chapters: 1

And then he ran and ran away ... Read More

Dark Ice Prince

by the-guardian-of-fun on 7-30-2013
Tags: jackfrost

Jack saw the black head rise and Jack saw Pitch Black notch his arrow aimed towards Sandman. Terrified with his heart thump... Read More

My 100-year sleep: Fully awakened!

by MsDoremi on 8-9-2013
Characters: L.Jae (LJ) | Dong/Owl (Owl) | Miro (Leo)
Tags: romance original fantasy fluff originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

The guild commited a mistake, she was caught. ... Read More

Oh! Dult Graphics {under-co.

by LexBer on 7-9-2013
Tags: request

Wait--... Read More

The Fatum Chronicles: Pax

by paracosmstories on 3-14-2014
Tags: 5sos 5secondsofsummer
Chapters: 1

Payton "Pax" Xanthos is your normal girl. ... Read More

Number 88

by JoonMyeon_Hanbyul on 12-14-2013
Tags: romance

      ... Read More

A Shadow Creeping Near [Complete]

by TalviLaulu on 1-22-2016
Characters: Ville(OC), Anja (OC)
Tags: angst oneshot original psychological
Chapters: 1

In here, I don't ... Read More

When the World Collapsed [Complete]

by asiafoweba on 10-2-2013
Characters: Josaphyna Hanult
Tags: ocs
Chapters: 4

No Description... Read More

Cute Gifs

by ilove_xo on 2-16-2013
Characters: gifs and other pictures
Tags: gifs
Chapters: 2

LOL I wrote this so you could get cute gifs easily ... Read More

Bloodlines: Children of the Damned

by BrokenAbyssChain on 4-13-2015
Characters: Eris Chazade, Charlize Bordeaux, Riley Benham, Gage Weston, Dahlia Penninman, Morgan Chauner, Abel Goldthwaite, Elias Vargesson, Wyatt Havely, Electa Chazade, Julius de La Mare, Lawrence Merrick, Vincent Vargesson, Myron Vargesson, Godiva Kane, Thaddeus K
Tags: magic
Chapters: 1

The Five Points Coven, named for its start by five founding families back in 1612, is left in a dangerous balance when its Supreme L... Read More

Sweet Spring Dream

by minikin on 12-21-2013
Characters: Alicia Crawford,Phillip Knight,and my other OCs
Tags: romance drama original love fluff sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Alicia was tired of her everyday life.Taking a million notes a day.List... Read More

New Life

by MrKimchi on 1-19-2014
Characters: Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Morgana, etc
Tags: angst drama fluff merlin bromance protectiveness

Title; New Life... Read More

Three Teaspoons of You [Complete]

by euphoria on 6-7-2014
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

And if I had to be truthful, I wish I'd taint my memory of you.                  ... Read More

Passerby [Complete]

by MuChicken on 6-12-2013
Characters: M and K
Tags: angst drama oneshot original short onesided emotional
Chapters: 1

This is already in my AFF account but I figured it might be better to post it here instead since this is more original fic ... Read More


by oppadeuls on 1-1-2017
Characters: OC (Jung Yoon Ha) , Park Seojoon (Hwarang cast) , Lee Joongi (Moon Lover cast)
Tags: romance angst parkseojoon youxoc leejoongi moonlovercast hwarangcast
Chapters: 3

... Read More

Knightly Eye

by Rianbane on 8-3-2015
Characters: Xero Knightly, Tamara Dragomir, Sweets, Papa Snake, Father Jonathan, and Wolfgang.
Tags: romance original supernatural action werewolves vampires
Chapters: 5

  Tamara Dragomir ju... Read More

The nobodies

by ZuZulu on 11-16-2013
Tags: youonedirection
Chapters: 6

 On the left is Lee He... Read More

부적격◘ misfits | coming soon!

by antishxt on 5-12-2013
Tags: graphics graphic

  ... Read More

From Dusk 'til Dawn [Complete]

by MidnightNightingale on 10-8-2014
Characters: Own Characters
Tags: poem
Chapters: 1

      ... Read More


by jannah- on 8-19-2016
Characters: syed zariff, jannah arissa, iskandar zulkarnain.
Tags: love originalcharacter malay
Chapters: 1

{ jannah's notes }   Assalammualaikum. This i... Read More

My Name Is Jae, And This Is My Tale

by -autumn on 6-17-2013
Characters: Jae, Calvin
Tags: romance original originalcharacter originalstoryline schoollife

   This story is about a girl trying to find her iden... Read More

Trap in This Box of Love

by ForeverYoung on 8-13-2013
Characters: Crystal Smith || Mason Li || Minor Characters
Tags: romance sliceoflife originalcharacter

Trap in This Box of Love.... Read More

Only You

by hoshinoharuka on 9-24-2016
Tags: romance
Chapters: 1

An original story of a girl named Nicole and a guy named Alson. A blooming romance between these two, and nevertheless, the dark side ... Read More

cliched love story

by -spoilers on 3-25-2014
Tags: cliche
Chapters: 1

Characters-... Read More

Solving The Enigma [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by KarolineKacir on 5-21-2016
Tags: romance original love psychology youngadult
Chapters: 3

"The truth is... I never felt more alone in my life.   The urgency to push everyone away never been so strong as it is now.   It is right? It... Read More

Peter Pan

by gennah on 12-11-2014
Characters: Peter Pan,George Darling,Mary Darling, Wendy Darling, John Darling, Micheal Darling, Aunt Millicent, Tinkerbell, Lost Boys, James Hook
Tags: fantasy
Chapters: 4

Peter Pan is a boy who wishes to never grow up. He meets the Darling children after his shadow is taken away.... Read More

The Ladies-In-Waiting

by LadyBlackthorne on 6-26-2013
Characters: Sybella, her court
Tags: romance drama fantasy sad royal

  Some may resent how they never get to be royalty. I beg to differ. I wish I was... Read More

Stuck in a Blackout with Mr. Badboy

by forever6 on 1-26-2015
Characters: Bailey Somers, Sam Tate, Selina Gomez, Alexander Holt, Marcy Parks
Tags: friendship comedy school badboy
Chapters: 2

... Read More

Through The Mirror

by star_angel on 4-30-2014
Characters: Fayte, Damien, Kingdom of Light and Dark
Tags: originalstory supernatural

  In the mirror world, a great war has broke out between the Kingdoms of Light and Darkness and the Kin... Read More

The Idiot living Next Door

by oneexo on 9-30-2013
Tags: onedirection

Cali is a ordinary girl born in Fresno California, until she was forced to move to Mullingar, County Westmeath of Ireland. When she mo... Read More

Just One Butterfly

by CelesteSong on 3-2-2014
Characters: Loki, OC, others
Tags: thor love comedy originalcharacter loki asgard
Chapters: 7

  ... Read More


by amusuk on 3-9-2014
Characters: He and I
Tags: poetry indonesian
Chapters: 1

Di sore yang berangin dan dingin, dirimu berdiri di sana dan aku tersenyum dalam hati, berdiri untuk menggapaimu. Kau mengizinkan tanpa pikir panjang.... Read More

That girl is ME. [Complete]

by songyoonhee on 8-28-2013
Characters: Chellou (OC)
Tags: angst oneshot
Chapters: 1

Hi, I'm Chellou and I'm a normal girl. Maybe until forever I'l... Read More

Path Astray

by GiveMariCookies on 3-30-2019
Characters: Cast of Pokemon anime, Nohr cast of Fire Emblem Fates
Tags: anime crossover pokemon videogames fireemblem
Chapters: 4

No one outside of Ash's circle knows what really happened to him. In fact, no one actually knows where he had... Read More


by nevcrious on 4-15-2016
Tags: kopang

.... Read More

The Reeling

by -sleepyhead on 7-13-2013
Characters: Dean & Castiel (Supernatural)
Tags: angst oneshot supernatural destiel

“Look at me oh, look at me, ... Read More

_Storm Song [Complete]

by CynicalShowcase on 7-3-2014
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Rebecca Chambers (OC), Sheriff Stilinski
Tags: fluff teenwolf stiles owncharacter
Chapters: 1

A short one shot fluff-ish about Stiles and an old friend. ... Read More

Two Roses Intertwined

by CLoverAya on 9-7-2013
Characters: Alou
Tags: fiction originalstory originalcharacter yuri lovestory
Chapters: 1

A love story of a hopeless romantic girl who decided to love unrequitedly.  ... Read More

Running Away From Fear [Complete]

by Poko24-Chan on 12-30-2013
Characters: Adopted!Wes Evans and Adoptive Mother!Marie Evans
Tags: oneshot alternateuniverse anime inspirational tragedy souleater innerconflict
Chapters: 1

Wes Evans.  An albino, adopted child, a ten year old boy. ... Read More

The Confession

by tbhyeol on 1-27-2015
Tags: baekyeol
Chapters: 1

OUO TESTING... Read More

Our Little Family

by Charlot1081 on 3-2-2015
Characters: Kris, Chanyeol, Xiumin, others
Tags: krisyeol

Chanyeol decides he wants to move to a different part of China. What he doesn't know is, it will effect his children, Along with his family.... Read More


by Ninjin on 2-23-2013
Characters: Georgina||Siobhan
Tags: mystery
Chapters: 1

I don't know if this will have one or two chapters, but it is a true story (well, most of it). So, yeah. Enjoy.... Read More

The Mysterious Of The Golden Necklace

by KoreanGirlsLife on 7-25-2013
Characters: Katherine (OC/), Brandon.
Tags: romance fantasy fluffy
Chapters: 1

The sky was dark, nothing was there. Only a few lights was still lighted on, a teenager girl was still hanging around in this hour. Alon... Read More


by randomsnix on 12-23-2013
Characters: R5: Riker, Rydel, Ratliff, Rocky, Ross, Ryland
Tags: r5band riker rydel ratliff rocky ross ryland

R5 Oneshots! Get your oneshots here! lol jk... uhh I'd let my friend do this. Anywho, to those R5ers out there!!! HAI!!!... Read More

Night at the park [Members Only]

by claire3755 on 7-15-2013
Tags: resident

Piers asked Sherry if she wants to walk in the park for a while.... Read More

Felling Malfoy

by Rogue-Renegade on 8-4-2014
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Tags: harrypotter romance crack darry
Chapters: 2

  ... Read More

How To Make A Smoothie In 20 Easy Steps [Complete]

by jj_maple on 8-12-2013
Tags: comedy random smoothie
Chapters: 1

This one-shot is the sequel to How To Make A Sandwich. Please enjoy this weird/random story and share, comment, subscribe and upvote! Thank you!... Read More

Camp Half Blood Life

by Nidianawesome on 10-13-2014
Characters: Nico Di Angelo, Will Solace, Jason Grace, Piper Mclean, other HOO characters.
Tags: yaoi nicodiangelo herosofolympus nicoxwill willsolace


Writer's Ed: A Guide for Dummies

by sophomoric on 5-21-2014
Tags: writing
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Phoenix Tale

by SkippingSkipper on 1-8-2014
Characters: Fawkes Phoenix, Alexis Rush & Daniel Pierce
Tags: harrypotter romance angst fantasy
Chapters: 1

Voldemort was finally defeated and peace was restored in the wizarding world. But with her mas... Read More

College Diaries

by wonjana on 6-21-2013
Characters: Oh well somebody who writes a diary XD
Tags: romance drama original sliceoflife schoollife autobiography
Chapters: 3

I am now going to College as a nursin... Read More

The Fault in Our Stars

by lemiress45 on 8-13-2013
Characters: original characters
Tags: romance

"should I take a mirror and show it to you so you know how a coward you are?" -shasha "even if someday you go and not coming back, I won't blame the stars" -Edgar -I just borrow the title from an ... Read More

Day Dreams [Friends Only]

by Hoshi_Jang on 2-14-2013
Characters: Hoshiko Jang----- Naruto Characters
Tags: romance
Chapters: 1

 ` Day dreams are dreams you don't have to sleep to dream about.` `They mostly consist of rainbows, unicorns, pocky, and you.`... Read More

Of heartache, and broken promises

by Psiioniic on 1-5-2016
Tags: homestuck

Just a sad something.... Read More

Snow Dropped Tales [FFO Edition!]

by -marionette on 2-20-2014
Tags: drabbles
Chapters: 3

  ... Read More

the things i'd like to say (to you, my love)

by -wanderlust on 12-14-2013
Tags: drabbles romance original drabble poems poetry

  having a crush on a cute boy is hard when you're a shy, anxious hopeless... Read More

Do You Remember Me?

by xlightlovex on 7-2-2013
Characters: Senri Shiki, Hana/you, more to come
Tags: romance you supernatural vampireknight shiki
Chapters: 1

Hey, so this is my first story, please leave comments and some feedback, that would really help. I've wrote other stories but I wanted to try a new knid. So yeah, please leave feedback. ~ xlightl... Read More

The Sorrow I Feel For The Pain I Have Caused [Complete] [Members Only]

by HunterLieu on 1-27-2014
Characters: Sorrow, Pain, Myself
Tags: angst drama sliceoflife personal pain sorrow guilt
Chapters: 6

Me, Her and Him. A recount of a true story, although my memory betrays at some places and I have sometimes had to compromise on both the chronological order of events and exact quotes. Despite th... Read More

The Pain of Unrequited Love [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 5-27-2013
Characters: Me and Him
Tags: angst love pain unrequitedlove heartbreak
Chapters: 5

My heart thumps. *boom, boom, boom* You walk pass me, not even glancing at me. I can't resist the urge to look back at you. This happens everytime. Why?... Read More

Blood and Steel

by ThatOneOtherWriter on 8-4-2014
Characters: BlueIvory; RedRebellion; Danus; Cye; Rowen; HolyMonkey; Ryu; LeSpawn; James
Tags: yaoi fantasy adventure action c9seal mxm

One went by the name Blue Ivory while the other was dubbed Red Rebellion. A dark elf and an imposing half demon are strapped together with two others in order to lead ... Read More

You Don't Like My Whiskey? [Complete]

by amoureux on 6-15-2013
Characters: Fenris, Hawke
Tags: yaoi romance fluff fenris hawke dragonage2
Chapters: 1

  dragon age II; fenrisxhawke | 1,158 words | romantic fluff ... Read More

The Wonders Of A Girl [Complete]

by EnterMyMind on 8-4-2013
Characters: Mitsuki
Tags: angst oneshot original phycological
Chapters: 1

Hi there!, I just got introduced to this site by my BFF “hannaraisya”  unfortunately I’m not sure if I have any idea what I’m... Read More

Just My Twin [Complete]

by ButterflyLover on 6-6-2014
Characters: Yume, Chiaki, Michiko
Tags: romance angst friendship yume chiaki michiko
Chapters: 2

... Read More

a little part of my world

by yingjumeihua on 4-6-2015
Characters: the ones who lie in wait for something more
Tags: oneshot original drabble random inspiration writing dream
Chapters: 10

    I d... Read More


by Chan21 on 1-7-2014
Characters: It's a SECRET
Tags: malay

Nama aku Alia Anisa.. Umur 19 tahun. Aku berasal dari Penang. Berat dan Tinggi...urmm..biar secret je ekk ><... Read More

A Classic Love Story [Complete]

by oddcotton on 9-7-2013
Tags: romance oneshot love comedy lovestory schoolbased
Chapters: 2

  A boy. ... Read More

I Fell for the Wrong One! [Complete]

by thederpydino on 12-26-2013
Characters: Harry Styles [One Direction], Ria A. ['OC'], Other
Tags: sliceoflife onedirection harrystyles romcom louistomlinson harria
Chapters: 4

Ria's best friend, Christian, introduces her to a potential 'Mr. Right' but what happens if ... Read More

The Moon and the Wolf

by milkyy-ho on 11-1-2013
Characters: James Wolf , Ara Moon
Tags: romance slightangst

Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will... Read More


by DaehyunWifey on 10-9-2013
Characters: Mellie & Her
Tags: original

She was useless. She was thrown away, when she was loved, cared for; everything existed for her, never for her.... Read More

Namie Says 'Hi' [Complete]

by nutteu on 7-4-2014
Characters: Orihara Izaya, Namie Yagiri
Tags: anime durarara izaya
Chapters: 1

  Izaya was dating s... Read More

Basics to APA and MLA

by raytrey on 2-15-2019
Tags: education

In APA, in-text citations are slightly different from the MLA style because they consist of the author name and year of publication. It is important to note that you should not cite works that ar... Read More

Valentine's Day

by DreamyEntertainment on 11-9-2013
Characters: Arthur Kirkland (England), You
Tags: romance anime you hetalia england

... Read More

king for a day

by teenidle on 4-5-2015
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Joyce Hyster(Joey), Daryl Dixon
Tags: genderbender teenagers deanwinchester joycehyster daryldixon transgender
Chapters: 3

... Read More

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