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by jannah- on 8-19-2016
Characters: syed zariff, jannah arissa, iskandar zulkarnain.
Tags: love originalcharacter malay
Chapters: 1

{ jannah's notes }   Assalammualaikum. This i... Read More

[300 Anime & Manga Oneshots]

by BrokenAbyssChain on 5-21-2018
Characters: Many, Many, Many Anime & Manga Characters [+O.C's]
Tags: oneshot manga anime originalcharacter
Chapters: 32

  A collection of drabble... Read More

Touch and Go

by spiritwalker on 8-11-2013
Characters: Original Character
Tags: romance fantasy originalcharacter

Everyone in this universe have unique and extraordinary abilities or power but not her,... Read More

The Fought [Complete]

by Matsui on 11-12-2013
Characters: Aihara (Aichan) | Akira (Acchan) | Takeru | Michiko (Syiichan) | Maaya (Yaachan)
Tags: angst oneshot original friendship sliceoflife
Chapters: 1

A story about a girl who loves her big brother so much. One day, she was coming back from school and getting pushed by her brother. She was sad. She was depressed. She cou... Read More

Old Profiles

by Galaxias on 11-16-2014
Tags: profiles mine rpr
Chapters: 2

I'm just saving old profiles that I'd like to keep from RPR on here. ^-^ Feel free to look at them if you like. *nod nod* I don't mind... Read More

cfa studio (open/hiring) [Subscribers Only]

by blossomheartz on 5-28-2015
Tags: graphicshop poster graphic trailer posterrequest trailershop
Chapters: 1

... Read More


by --blades on 2-10-2014
Characters: Emma Watson as Ana, Roy as Roy
Tags: romance originalcharacter slightangst

Our love was but a chaste dream.  It started with a flicker. It sputtered into life. ... Read More

Jodoh ada di tangan Tuhan [Subscribers Only]

by xoxo4u on 10-8-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance original fantasy schoollife malay malaysia
Chapters: 1

Aku hanyalah seorang manusia biasa. Semua orang, tak kira apa, akan dan semesti... Read More


by influx on 4-1-2013
Tags: romance angst oneshot vocaloid

she's bound to him and she already knows. she knows he would never truly love her,... Read More

No Tittle Yet [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by JaydenSeo_1 on 5-27-2014
Characters: I'm not sure yet. I'll update when I have the characters in mind.
Tags: yuntae soober rapmonteraram

.......... Read More

About me

by christinemeany on 3-23-2018
Tags: about

My head is full of characters and ideas, as the normal writer mind. I am writer and spending my life by providing essay writing services in Read More


by Raveness on 12-5-2013
Characters: [Katara] [Zuko] [General Iroh]
Tags: romance fluff memories atla zutara katara zuko
Chapters: 1

Katara can't help but remember a short moment due to a very familiar voice.... Read More

Heart of Hearts

by catharsis on 8-20-2014
Characters: Kay (OC) | Mio | Seon | Tae Young | Jaison | Tae Jun
Tags: romance angst friendship sliceoflife psychological originalcharacter mystery
Chapters: 4

In their heart of hearts, an arrow, and an infinity symbolizes...... Read More

The Photograph [Complete]

by OhScrewTheName on 8-15-2013
Characters: Alice, The Morgans
Tags: drabble suspense mystery murder
Chapters: 1

Alice babysits for the Morgans. ... Read More

Raven Crest

by Ray007 on 4-20-2014
Characters: Raymond Michaels, Faye Armstrong, Adrian Jetson, Rose Ivashkov, Andre Thomson
Tags: romance original highschool selfdiscovery
Chapters: 1

It's funny how quickly things can change. Dorky to cool, stupid to smart, ordinary to extra-ordinary. It's all in RavenCrest High. Follow the lives of teens who strive to survive high school. It's gon... Read More

Where It Belongs

by Taeryfai on 9-1-2015
Characters: Seto Kaiba
Tags: yugioh setokaiba
Chapters: 1

Kaiba wanted it -... Read More

Writer's Ed: A Guide for Dummies

by sophomoric on 5-21-2014
Tags: writing
Chapters: 1

... Read More

He said forever.... [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by KimHeeRa on 12-16-2013
Characters: Aria,Leo
Tags: romance oneshot original sad originalcharacter agnst
Chapters: 1

      ... Read More


by Jewel_ELF on 12-30-2013
Tags: alien
Chapters: 5

Three months ago, Dian woke up in a ditch with no memories at all. Dian didn’t know my name, how old Dian was or even where Dian was. Dian had absolutely no idea who she was, no that’s a lie. Dia... Read More

Thank You, Dr. Jung

by iwantyouinmylife on 1-28-2015
Characters: Yoo Youngjae, Jung Daehyun
Tags: romance alternateuniverse bap daehyun youngjae daejae
Chapters: 1

... Read More


by -luhan on 5-20-2014
Tags: schoollife
Chapters: 1

Cupid simply hates me. I will nev... Read More

Violent types bk. 1 - The apocalypse.

by BorderlineSushiSky on 12-31-2016
Characters: The violent types, Mayor fireburn, farina aggron, starmy sableye, stapler scrafty, rain lucario
Tags: pokemon mario
Chapters: 1

The apocalypse of the aggron has started. Both worlds are crossovered. But somehow, there are 8 Mario villains and 2 Pokémon who will stop this war against both humanity and Pokémon. However, wil... Read More

ﺴ Little Panda's Review Shop ﺴ

by Pandas on 5-28-2013
Tags: original reviews review reviewshop littlepanda
Chapters: 1

          ... Read More

Witch Story

by Classy_Wasabi on 1-22-2015
Characters: Emma, Madison, Paula, Arjhan, Samantha, Regan, Sabrina
Tags: witches coven
Chapters: 1

Being cursed isn't always what it's cracked up to be.... Read More

My Occult Love Affair

by AmericaxBurgers on 12-10-2013
Characters: Raven Bridleston, Gillian Jones, Ciara Hancock and Ryan Hosling
Tags: romance fantasy originalcharacter magic
Chapters: 2

You are a witch living in a dangerous place; a place where those with skills in magic, the paranormal or the oc... Read More

The Quest for Tserofia

by Itsjustme_ on 6-24-2013
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: original fantasy adventure

Can Tserofia be saved from the Gnomes in time before it perishes? Read to find out more. _____________________________________________________________ ... Read More

The Heart of Aerelya

by spinatale on 6-2-2017
Characters: Isn, Fnesis, Princess Ayotra, Ermas
Tags: fiction
Chapters: 5

A short fiction story about a birder and his friend, a scullery maid, and a beautiful princess.... Read More

Little him and little me [Complete]

by Sky___ on 11-23-2014
Characters: Him & I, [anyone]
Tags: romance oneshot original love fluff sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More

Till Again

by thederpydino on 1-19-2014
Tags: onedirection harrystyles harria
Chapters: 2

Exact same place, ... Read More

How It All Began | Ash x Gary [Complete]

by DokuMato on 11-6-2013
Characters: Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak
Tags: fluff pokemon ashxgary ashketchum garyoak
Chapters: 1

Where did their rivalry begin? The second they set off on the journeys or was it be... Read More


by goldenrose on 6-22-2013
Characters: Maxwell Jung and Meredith Kimura (original characters)
Tags: romance angst original timetravelau

That day Max and Edith are brought face to face by fate. For Edith, it's the first time she met him. But for Max, it's the whole differen... Read More

A Girl Like Me [Complete]

by colorcoded on 3-29-2015
Tags: girl
Chapters: 1

"A girl like you? Oh please. Don't kid with me."   ... Read More

Secretly Knowing

by jenn-- on 9-9-2014
Tags: crush
Chapters: 1

Jenn, this is the main girl character. She is 17 years old and she is adorkable and overly-confident, making alot of people kinda hate her. She doesn't care though, her friends Felicia, Beatrice,... Read More

Flower of War [Complete]

by Winterflowr on 12-16-2012
Characters: Legolas, OC-Tirith
Tags: lotr lordoftherings legolas
Chapters: 1

When she was handed to him, the strength that he knew naught of was rekindled.... Read More

Spirited Away : Return to a Forgotten World.

by Infinity_Beyond on 1-21-2014
Characters: Haku and Chihiro
Tags: romance spiritedaway fantasy haku chihiro
Chapters: 1

Chihiro returned home from the journey to... Read More

The Pain Written in Her Eyes

by _uraqt on 6-14-2013
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: original sliceoflife selfharm truestory depression
Chapters: 1

The lies he told me, the games he played; they lead me to one place. They lead me to the most scariest corner; they lead me to the only place I could be left in. Fear, always in my blood, do you ... Read More


by soojung on 5-7-2013
Tags: storylayouts profilelayouts layouts story layoutshop

... Read More

Tumbling Through Life [Friends Only]

by armygirl on 7-12-2013
Characters: You, Me, Life, Friendship
Tags: friendship you life tumblr experience
Chapters: 1

Just Tumbling through Life (Interne... Read More

Mother [Complete]

by thaeng on 10-1-2013
Tags: poem mother
Chapters: 1

  A person who is...    ... Read More

Naruto: Bonds of Fate

by _Roxas_ on 3-18-2017
Characters: Naruto Characters, OC
Tags: anime adventure action naruto
Chapters: 7

All Ichigo ever dreamed of was becoming a recognized ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. It wasn’t nearly as easy as she had hoped, not with the heads of the village watching her every mov... Read More

What We Did For Love

by KirbylovesToto on 5-11-2013
Characters: Markov||Sellena||Margo||Celyn||Salome||Harold
Tags: originalcharacter

Love? ... Read More

Of heartache, and broken promises

by Psiioniic on 1-5-2016
Tags: homestuck

Just a sad something.... Read More


by justme8986 on 10-11-2013
Characters: Mai, Alexander, William, Sarah
Tags: romance drama friendship betrayal history
Chapters: 1

The story takes place in the 1850's before the American Civil War. Mai, forcefully taken at a young age from her family who lives in China, grew up from her family most of her childhood.  Ten yea... Read More

I'm Surrounded by Basketball Idiots

by yuki_chicken on 10-31-2015
Characters: Miragens, OC, and others
Tags: kurokonobasuke

I know that I'm a basketball idiot too but.......not this bad" 15-year-old Tetsuna Kuroko thought that it was normal for her older brother and his friends to think about basketb... Read More

Blood and Steel

by ThatOneOtherWriter on 8-4-2014
Characters: BlueIvory; RedRebellion; Danus; Cye; Rowen; HolyMonkey; Ryu; LeSpawn; James
Tags: yaoi fantasy adventure action c9seal mxm

One went by the name Blue Ivory while the other was dubbed Red Rebellion. A dark elf and an imposing half demon are strapped together with two others in order to lead ... Read More

I am Beautiful

by MusicLuver on 5-24-2016
Tags: love

     Ally Winston wakes up e... Read More

Start it Again

by penandpaper on 6-27-2013
Characters: Emma Watson || Tom Felton || Other Harry Potter Casts
Tags: dracomalfoy emmawatson dramione hermionegranger draco tomfelton feltson
Chapters: 2

"Ever since we started, it was you and I do or die"... Read More

nerds dominated domination :: graphic shop

by chinkypigeon on 12-10-2013
Characters: ft. kimjongdae, books, spirited away
Tags: graphicshop graphics design posterrequest

... Read More


by pandamae83 on 6-14-2013
Tags: romance angst original life
Chapters: 1

"It's better to have regrets than to live in regrets." Elli lives life doing stuff she can regret later. Leon lives life regretting stuff he can't forget ever. These tw... Read More

LOYAL [Complete]

by Sebearbear on 3-26-2014
Characters: kyrstal f(x), amber f(x)
Tags: song lorde royals parodysong loyal
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Mahal Parin || Still Beloved

by khun_luisa on 5-18-2016
Characters: G-Dragon, Dara
Tags: daragon
Chapters: 1

We use to assume and shout out in our minds that we had forgotten the feeling but our ... Read More

You Found Me

by arseyoucray on 2-26-2014
Tags: romance fantasy

I was all alone. I was isolated in a whole new different world, not being able to escape for ages. However, you found... Read More


by weirda on 6-19-2013
Characters: Lye, Athea, Hitten, Phate, Mia, Cinay, Sivye, Eeverse, Ignis, Viotin, Rev, Trale (all original)
Tags: yaoi romance fantasy adventure yuri genderbender

The kingdom Castelle, one of the four grand kingdoms in the world, has been cloaked by a dangerous shadow auro for years. Through the years the kingdom has been haun... Read More

❝ GRAPHIC REBEL❞ - o p e n

by skydrunk on 1-6-2014
Tags: graphics postershop open
Chapters: 5

  ... Read More

1st month

by btsparkjimn on 7-6-2014
Characters: ndutpaw
Tags: gapenting

Halo bapaw, korong, porrong, mariri! :b mulai darimana ya? dari awal kita kenal? ... Read More

Vampire Slayer - Dimensi | Sehun EXO FF | Malay Ver

by SepatuTertinggal on 4-10-2015
Tags: exo vampire malay
Chapters: 1

Park Seira adalah seorang pemain game yang tegar. Dia dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang bermasalah. Daddy dan mamanya sudah berpisah sejak dia berumur 5 tahun. Sejak itu... Read More

Twins [Complete] [Members Only]

by firemoth_007 on 12-25-2012
Tags: original yuri

Same likes same... Read More

Twist of Studio Ghibli

by currysauce on 12-27-2012
Characters: Studio Ghibli
Tags: anime studioghibli hayaomiyazaki jpop

What happen when all the characters from ... Read More

{ No Title. } - Dalton & Will

by byuntae on 8-28-2013
Characters: Dalton, Will, Will's mom
Tags: im5
Chapters: 1

Bromance | Smut | Walton | Dill... Read More

Fallen Angel or Rising Star?

by cray_zehgbaby on 4-24-2014
Characters: Depends on how you write your adventure
Tags: bvb originacharacter bands bmth customizestory
Chapters: 6

I was born in the shadows. ... Read More

The Sorrow I Feel For The Pain I Have Caused [Complete] [Members Only]

by HunterLieu on 1-27-2014
Characters: Sorrow, Pain, Myself
Tags: angst drama sliceoflife personal pain sorrow guilt
Chapters: 6

Me, Her and Him. A recount of a true story, although my memory betrays at some places and I have sometimes had to compromise on both the chronological order of events and exact quotes. Despite th... Read More

Like Crazy

by kiyoon97 on 10-3-2013
Characters: Natasha | Kitt | Jin
Tags: romance angst drama highschool comedy originalcharacter schoollife

"I want to make you fall in love with me,... It's not so that I c... Read More

Other Side of the Screen

by PrinceArtemis on 4-7-2018
Characters: Otabek Altin,Yuri Plisetsky
Tags: yurionice otayuri otabekaltin yuriplisetsky
Chapters: 2

Yuri is a social media blogger who goes by 'Russian Punk Offical' is a model for m... Read More

Glass Images

by ContemporaryBanana on 8-10-2013
Tags: romance angst sad ooc

It's weak, transparent, but it'll stand. Until you go and smash it down, it'll stand as a work of art, but never something more.... Read More

Of Games and Commitments [Members Only]

by potato_yeoja22 on 8-29-2014
Characters: Sam Claflin, OCs
Tags: romance
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More

Of a girl's first love

by DaehyunWifey on 3-11-2014
Characters: a boy, a girl, and some friends of theirs
Tags: angst original unrequited firstlove
Chapters: 2

Drabble type. Simple chapters.... Read More

Love of Saints

by FutureDreamer on 1-25-2015
Tags: romance drama fantasy anime originalcharacter saintseiya
Chapters: 1

Saints have always been around to bring hope and to protect Athena from harm. But, what happens when a few of Athena's saints fall in love and get so distracted from... Read More

Hopeless [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 1-20-2014
Characters: Me and HIM
Tags: romance angst love unrequitedlove heartbreak
Chapters: 1

I said I was going to get over him. No matter what. But it's not working. At all. Why is love so against me? Why can't unrequited love just release me f... Read More

When my life is a mess

by QM-HyoJin on 10-14-2013
Characters: life
Tags: romance original fluff sliceoflife originalstory comedy schoollife
Chapters: 3

              ... Read More

Pamilya [Complete]

by exoticshawol on 7-3-2013
Tags: poem
Chapters: 1

Just posted this here so my friend can see it. This is my assignment/homework for Filipino.... Read More

Valentine's Day Oneshots

by CelesteSong on 2-14-2014
Characters: Myself, My friends, Various people I pair them with... maybe you if you make a request.
Tags: valentinesday
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More


by oppadeuls on 1-1-2017
Characters: OC (Jung Yoon Ha) , Park Seojoon (Hwarang cast) , Lee Joongi (Moon Lover cast)
Tags: romance angst parkseojoon youxoc leejoongi moonlovercast hwarangcast
Chapters: 3

... Read More


by hysteric on 8-4-2014
Characters: // Alex (Original Character) // Brendon Urie //
Tags: yaoi romance boyxboy brendonurie panicatthedisco

  “When a heart breaks ... Read More

Holding onto heaven [Complete]

by Sebearbear on 4-27-2014
Characters: Foxes
Tags: personal songfic parody song foxes holdingontoheaven glorious
Chapters: 2

... Read More

When boy meet girl

by Superstar on 5-11-2013
Characters: Boy and girl
Tags: romance

Once upon a time.l... Read More

POP REMIX [Complete]

by Sebearbear on 3-26-2014
Characters: william ft.britney spears, mileycyrus,the wanted,fun,one direction
Tags: onedirection fun remix william britneyspears thewanted milecyrus
Chapters: 1

This is a remixed songs of some pop songs,this remix was made when my class went to malaysia for our sec 3 adventure camp and we had to perform during the camp fire so we decide to remix and mash... Read More


by ShapeshifterOfWhite on 12-22-2014
Tags: original supernatural school immortal
Chapters: 14

The Shapeshifter of White and Purple... Read More

School Days

by MikiApple on 7-14-2013
Characters: Richard Armitage, Katherine Halen (OC) & other OCs
Tags: romance originalcharacter schoollife richardarmitage
Chapters: 1

Katherine Hale is just a typical senior high school student, enjoying to spend time with her friends, goss... Read More

I Just Haven't Met You Yet!

by OrdinaryGeekCharming on 12-14-2013
Tags: romance love comedy schoollife crack sitcom crush
Chapters: 1

Hello! Fellow FFO readers! -This is based on a true story.. -It's a story about roma... Read More

Summer in Paris

by tenzeronine on 8-23-2013
Characters: Original character, Sofia,Jane,lenny
Tags: friendship

... Read More

The Chronicles of Her

by jentol on 9-12-2015
Tags: fiction

The only way to survive, is to kill Her. His fate. His beautiful fear. ... Read More

#BOXED layouts。「 taking requests 」//; layout ver 2.0 ft. G-Dragon

by beyond-birthday on 2-1-2014
Tags: layout layoutshop
Chapters: 10

  ... Read More

Infected with Love.

by Mistress on 2-9-2013
Characters: Alex Joy [AJ], Elodie [Die], more..
Tags: romance school homosexualism trouble reallife rival betrayal

Alex Joy || She was a girl who went trough some shit in her short life; stayed original; didn't care much; had people around her, ... Read More

The Other Liar

by ChubbyBunny on 7-9-2013
Characters: Danielle Knightwood (OC) Pretty Little Liars etc.
Tags: romance fanfiction originalcharacter mystery prettylittleliars
Chapters: 3

You've  probably heard of Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, and Spencer Hastings. ... Read More

Three's The Charm [Members Only]

by SilverAshes on 4-17-2014
Characters: The Trancy Triplet, Cantebury, Timber, Thompson, OC Characters
Tags: romance anime kuroshitsuji tradgedy trancytriplets
Chapters: 1

Between silent words, soft touches and shared looks you could pratically hear the unsaid words and feel the looked over emotions.... Read More

Call me~KnB~Kise Ryouta or Kasamatsu Yukio love story~

by Puripuriko on 6-1-2014
Characters: KisexOCxKasamatsu, Others
Tags: romance manga anime comedy kurokonobasket kise kasamatsu
Chapters: 3

Airi doesn't like people in general and would rather be alone on her iphone and do her own thing. Kise doesn't want her to be alone and so pushed her forward to be t... Read More

Fake-Date Disaster

by Eunli396 on 2-10-2014
Characters: Bossun, Himeko, Switch, OC
Tags: romance fluff manga anime comedy sketdance bossunhimeko
Chapters: 1

Sket Dance receives another odd job making Bossun date his new client, Rita. Will Himeko be okay with this or will she blow things out of proportions?... Read More

Hane [Complete]

by VMMJ90 on 1-20-2014
Tags: fantasy sliceoflife angels shortstory
Chapters: 1

"I'm dead," she gasped, "am I dead?"  The girl smiled with a shrug and helped her up to her feet. "Are you really an angel?" The girl stared blankly at her with a tilted head.  ... Read More

The Winter of Goodbye

by faithfully on 8-4-2013
Characters: Nakamura Momomi (OC) | Shinonome Rei (OC) | Tachibana Keiko (OC) | Kurose Haruka (OC)
Tags: romance angst original friendship originalcharacter tragedy
Chapters: 1

❝... Read More

I Love You [Subscribers Only]

by kpoplover65 on 1-3-2016
Characters: Park Shinhye, Jung Yonghwa, Seohyun, Yumi
Tags: romance pregnancy yongshin shinhye yonghwa
Chapters: 3

What happens when a wife leave her husband and daughter? ... Read More

Trafalgar Law: his past

by TrafalgarLaw on 9-8-2014
Characters: Trafalgar Law, DonQuixote Doflamingo, DonQuixote Corazon, the members of the DonQuixote "family"
Tags: twist onepiece pastoflaw

"I want to join your crew." Those words were spoken by an 8-year old─ With bombs strapped all around his body. DonQuixote Doflamingo smiled. This kid could be helpful.... Read More

inside the peanut mind.

by lemons on 12-29-2013
Tags: original personal crack
Chapters: 1

... Read More

The Reluctant Couple [Subscribers Only]

by omololalois on 5-16-2019
Characters: Abhishek Prem Mehra, Pragya Arora, Purab Khanna, Aaliya Mehra, Tanu Mehta, Disha
Tags: romance kumkumbhagya abhi pragya purab aaliya omololalois
Chapters: 2

She never wanted to get married as she is pretty happy with the way she is living her life, but her mother and sister would not let her have peace and eventually she agreed to get married but onl... Read More


by JuliusCaesar on 2-25-2015
Tags: fantasy

A boy named roy goes to middle school and is 15 years old. There are big storm clouds. When he goes to school one day monster like wolfs apear. They start killing people. Roy gains strange powers... Read More

Senpai, Please Notice me!

by justordinary on 11-15-2014
Characters: Originals
Tags: romance original comedy chicklit
Chapters: 1

The sitcom compilations of the main character which goes by the name of Kazuna, interacting with a charming yet dense S... Read More

What we do for love

by jj_maple on 7-30-2013
Characters: Lillian as the main. J.J as the crush. Me as myself.
Tags: romance friendship love sliceoflife schoollife feelings emotions
Chapters: 4

Do you know a friend who has is in a one-sided love? It's sad. You should probably tell them to... Read More

Good Night.

by Faceless on 1-26-2014
Characters: Can't spoil the story yet...
Tags: mystery
Chapters: 1

Let's not dilly dally here. Hey. I'm Faceless, and I'm very tired right now because it's already like 12 am in the morning and I'm writing this thing right here. I'm go... Read More

Bite Back

by veenus on 9-14-2013
Characters: Chelsea Marks (OC), various others.
Tags: romance fantasy supernatural action originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

✘ Bite Back... Read More

A Vampire Story

by spinatale on 4-23-2016
Tags: vampire
Chapters: 5

"Let me end your suffering." From whom do I ask for help? For what reason do I do this? ... Read More

Do I love you?

by Leehongkihyunwoolove on 4-10-2014
Tags: realstory
Chapters: 2

 It bagan in 5th grade, I thought it was just a cute little crush that would pass by. I was completely wrong...Now I'm in high school and I completely regret even lo... Read More

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