Recommended Fanfiction

Black Butler III : Forsaken Child

by Haru-san on 7-21-2014
Characters: Ciel,Sebastian,OCs
Tags: fantasylove
Chapters: 5

Ciel and Sebastian is finally getting a break from the queens requests,but only for a month.Enjoying their free time, Sebastian began to feel anxious when an uninvited ... Read More

△ H A M A R T I A // a layout shop

by hamartia on 2-2-2014
Characters: you, me and some layouts
Tags: layouts

  ... Read More

Feelings of a Fan

by spinatale on 11-28-2014
Tags: kpop poem

In summer blue or gray winter nights I would never truly understand you. Underneath the river of stars I wish sometimes that I could see you. In only a few sec... Read More

fckn roleplay.

by xiaodongxii on 5-23-2014
Tags: fckn

... Read More

Clair de Lune

by -marionette on 2-18-2014
Characters: Drhonie Maru || Kyle Durano || Gabrielle Juntilla || Rency Ramos || and a whole lot more
Tags: truelifecharacter
Chapters: 1

©... Read More

The Pain of Unrequited Love [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 5-27-2013
Characters: Me and Him
Tags: angst love pain unrequitedlove heartbreak
Chapters: 5

My heart thumps. *boom, boom, boom* You walk pass me, not even glancing at me. I can't resist the urge to look back at you. This happens everytime. Why?... Read More

Ocean's Arms

by maleficent on 6-16-2014
Characters: Shea, Dean, Al, Abbey, Edrick, etc.
Tags: romance friendship fantasy
Chapters: 1

Failing in conveying and confessing her feelings, Shea is used to send it away to the sea—letting the calming waves waltz a... Read More

A Classic Love Story [Complete]

by oddcotton on 9-7-2013
Tags: romance oneshot love comedy lovestory schoolbased
Chapters: 2

  A boy. ... Read More

Sweet Suspense.

by fairytailXinuyasha on 11-15-2013
Tags: romance love anime comedy yuri girlgroup girlxgirl
Chapters: 1

Sweet Suspense is a highschool girl band, consisting of five girls, and now they are currently looking for a second vocalist. ... Read More

Where The Spider Lilies Bloom

by BrokenAbyssChain on 4-15-2016
Characters: Hozuki Azumi, Shibata Rin, Yoichi, Taira Mamoru, Fujiwara Kenshin, Saito Eiji, Saito Kaede, Ando Hisao, Yamato, Kurosawa Hiro, Inari Takahara, Ukita Kasumi, Okazaki Tobi, Ueda Kohaku, Hozuki Ryuuta, Oda Masaharu, Akechi Jūbei, Ikoma Reira
Tags: romance drama original supernatural action historical reverseharem
Chapters: 2

Not all stories about fate are fairy tales with happy endings...... Read More

A Savage Place [Complete]

by LeonardoDaFishy on 6-28-2013
Tags: poems poetry pensandplans2 poem
Chapters: 1

A poem about the absurd delusions of a schizophrenic man.... Read More

Furry Heroes bk. 1: origin...

by LionessTheLion on 1-1-2017
Characters: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, Orson, Sue, Spunky, Funky, Spooky, Betrayus, Pac Man, Cylindria, Spiral, Sir C, President Spheros, Shadoe Kyloth
Tags: pacman

After being turned into animals by an evil catagon warlord, 8 ghost animal heroes embark on a quest to stop the lord shadow Kyloth, who is bent on world domination to destroy all species and re-p... Read More

Two Moons

by blinger on 11-7-2013
Characters: Inuyasha, OC
Tags: romance original fantasy anime originalcharacter

Every month, Inuyasha turns into his human form — but never had he got stuck in it.  ... Read More

Empty Emotion

by Sireika1011 on 6-14-2013
Tags: love
Chapters: 1

Love. Tender yet heartless and cold. I seek only one thing, someone who will love me. I know I'm different, but please, give me a chance. Even if so very small. Love is blind. Love is pa... Read More

The Ignored Portfolio

by Rillayoona on 10-30-2014
Tags: graphic

Dumping every graphics that I make here ... Read More

Circus du Drakon

by Classy_Wasabi on 10-13-2014
Characters: Nur, Lucretia, Shadya, Ornella, Anwen, Biara
Tags: friendship fantasy circus homm5
Chapters: 1

In this land, there is magic. Not the kind of magic that you see when a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat, or can guess which card you pic... Read More

Don't Forget Me

by TaoBen on 8-20-2013
Characters: Makoka, Homura, mentions of mami and others
Tags: angst fluff yuri madokamagica madoka pmmm

In which Madoka is upset by the fate of her friends. Canon universe/ non AU... Read More

All Forces

by --cafe on 7-13-2013
Characters: naruto, luffy, and ichigo
Tags: anime action

Earth has been invaded by aliens.... Read More

The little girl [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 10-28-2013
Tags: oneshot violence
Chapters: 1

A young noble man is preparing himself for his coming of age ceremony, but there is a shadow lurking over ... Read More

Secrets Outside the Walls [SNK One-Shots]

by panda4ever7 on 9-29-2013
Tags: romance angst oneshot anime shingeki snk
Chapters: 1

 ... Read More

Call Your Name | LevixPetra

by Haru-san on 9-2-2014
Characters: Levi Ackerman,Petra Ral.
Tags: levitra
Chapters: 3

  Contain SPOILERS! ... Read More


by trxxblx on 3-12-2014
Tags: layouts
Chapters: 1

... Read More

The Four Nations

by Queen_Andwea97 on 3-14-2014
Tags: fantasy war avatar
Chapters: 1

Water... Read More

I'll Be Your Bullet

by BrokenAbyssChain on 8-30-2013
Characters: Nikolenka, Peyton, Mishka. Others
Tags: angst drama adventure hurtcomfort relationships crime gallowshumour
Chapters: 3

    Nikolenka had always had it rough; She was treated her like a slave by her stepfather in her own ... Read More

Graveyard companion

by SedBau on 3-29-2014
Characters: OC.
Tags: angst drabble sorrow cat
Chapters: 1

On my daily walk at the graveyard I met a cat, it cried out in vain, troubled about something...... Read More

My 100-year sleep: Fully awakened!

by MsDoremi on 8-9-2013
Characters: L.Jae (LJ) | Dong/Owl (Owl) | Miro (Leo)
Tags: romance original fantasy fluff originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

The guild commited a mistake, she was caught. ... Read More

The Mysterious Of The Golden Necklace

by KoreanGirlsLife on 7-25-2013
Characters: Katherine (OC/), Brandon.
Tags: romance fantasy fluffy
Chapters: 1

The sky was dark, nothing was there. Only a few lights was still lighted on, a teenager girl was still hanging around in this hour. Alon... Read More

Down Goes Another One

by BrokenAbyssChain on 9-14-2013
Tags: angst psychological suspense mystery crime serialkiller detective

From 1994-1996, a spree of gruesome child killings known as the Hansel and ... Read More

Hetalia's New Girl

by AmericaxBurgers on 10-23-2013
Characters: Laos (You, OC), China, America, Russia and Japan
Tags: romance anime hetalia
Chapters: 4

You are Laos, a new female country of Hetalia. Arriving at your first World Conference, you didn't expect much of it. But, with a crush, a few friends and unexpected... Read More

This guy named Me, is love you.

by xenodochial on 4-19-2014
Characters: Luke and Dannielle
Tags: 5sos

You're always concerned of how you looks and how you feel like this world is ju... Read More

Can We Go Back to The Past?

by Liya_Heartless on 6-17-2013
Characters: Vampire Knight Casts: Selina Jeanette Asakura Hamilton (OC), Aidou Hanabusa, Kiryuu Zero, Kuran Yuuki, Kurosu Kaien, and many more
Tags: romance fantasy anime originalcharacter vampireknight vampire
Chapters: 1

Selina get an invitation letter from Cross Aca... Read More

if only (i didn't stop)

by wordslyer on 7-30-2014
Characters: Original Character
Tags: romance originalcharacter

  We all believe in something.  We believe in the choices we make and the paths we walk. ... Read More

Ethereal College

by mastertrollsama on 8-7-2014
Tags: romance angst drama

A girl finds herself being the enemy of the wealthiest man of the UK, and from there, her life changes forever.... Read More

Love on food

by imagination on 6-23-2013
Characters: Original characters
Tags: romance original originalcharacter imagination food
Chapters: 3

  She loves food. And she loves Dane... ... Read More

before we reach utopia

by peodbear on 12-19-2012
Characters: Madam Red, Vincent Phantomhive, Grell Sutcliff, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, Cordelia L'hiver, Undertaker
Tags: drabbles romance angst fluff kuroshitsuji blackbutler madamred
Chapters: 1

    There are many things in this world that cannot be explai... Read More

Flipside Exile

by BorderlineBadness on 12-9-2017
Characters: Every Paper Mario character in existence.
Tags: supermario

(Author's note: Yes, i'm actually going to pay attention to this story this time.) Years ago, 3 Sisters once shared their livelihoods together. But as one had turned dar... Read More

Sass Master

by Paper_Sound on 9-15-2015
Tags: nuest ren choiminki renxoc
Chapters: 2

Yoon HaMin used to be nice to everyone, until her accident. An accident that left her both mute and deaf. She was picked on for her love of music. Now she keeps to herself. Choi Minki, has a hard tim... Read More

Keep to the Battlefields Arthur [Complete]

by kasilo on 5-26-2013
Tags: merlin merhur arthur brolin
Chapters: 1

…... Read More

The Last Song [Complete]

by Keishiidesu on 12-29-2014
Characters: Original Character
Tags: originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

... Read More

On Rainy Days

by x_Adalwulf_Nguyen_x on 9-25-2014
Characters: Aaron Yan, Hebe Tian,Jiro Wang,Selina Ren
Tags: melodrama

It's ben several days since Aaron decided to leave Hebe hangin' & clueless of his ... Read More

The Dark Knight

by Grey_Storm on 7-1-2013
Characters: [OCs] Chris Campbell [lead] / Ariel Larks / others
Tags: fantasy sliceoflife supernatural action vampire werewolves
Chapters: 5

Chris. An ordinary teen. ... Read More

Chasing Eternity

by summerscent on 5-9-2014
Tags: romance

Louise is an angel, whilst Shane is a demon's offspring. ... Read More


by baekhyunbacon92 on 12-17-2012
Tags: originalcharacter
Chapters: 22

Starring Baekhyun and Chanyeol from EXO! So basically I'm copying my story @ so yeah! Sub yeah!... Read More


by snowflakes on 11-16-2013
Characters: Paige Prescott, Ashton Cacklemore, Seyfrid Broone
Tags: friendship love scifi

Humanity have fallen into misfits... Read More

I'm trap

by EverLastingBFF on 12-27-2013
Characters: Jimmy,Stephanie,Jeremy,Jessica
Tags: trap

Hello everyone!I'm new here.I'm making a story titled 'I'm Trap'   Characters:... Read More

Love's Step [Complete] [Friends Only] [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by orchidsplash on 12-18-2012
Characters: Erika(OC) & Derrick Hoh~
Tags: oneshot cute derrickhoh simplelove fluffy heweijian songfic
Chapters: 1

t... Read More

The Soul from Nowhere

by spinatale on 1-19-2015
Tags: fiction
Chapters: 1

            A girl awakens to find herself in a hospital bed. Surrounding her is her family, but something’s different. Everyone keeps giving her odd looks, asking her if she is okay. He... Read More

Does being bestfriends is enough?

by allthereislove on 1-16-2014
Characters: Janelle & Marco (OCs)
Tags: romance fluff sliceoflife comedy originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

We are bestfriends, and we like each other. We seriously mean like as an affection,we share the same interest like that. We are not awkward. We knew we liked each other because ... Read More

The Conception of Time

by IcyWish on 11-3-2013
Characters: Moriko, Mizuki, Usagi and... hey, this is a serious spoiler alert!! (JOKING...)
Tags: original sliceoflife originalcharacter comedyrandom fanservice
Chapters: 4

This story is taken from AsianFanFics, so I'm not copying... since it's my own work. Please understand that! ^.^   ... Read More

a little part of my world

by yingjumeihua on 4-6-2015
Characters: the ones who lie in wait for something more
Tags: oneshot original drabble random inspiration writing dream
Chapters: 10

    I d... Read More

My Name Is Jae, And This Is My Tale

by -autumn on 6-17-2013
Characters: Jae, Calvin
Tags: romance original originalcharacter originalstoryline schoollife

   This story is about a girl trying to find her iden... Read More


by lupinlovejoyce on 8-24-2013
Characters: Lawliet ( L) & Light from Death Note
Tags: yaoi anime deathnote light lawliet

Un-Romantic tells the story of Light Yagami, an acentric playboy who takes everything seriously. He is unromantic and just bangs and walks away. that is until he lands into the lap of happy... Read More

Beginning [Friends Only]

by Wish-Forever on 9-6-2013
Tags: random
Chapters: 1

Beginning - be-gin-ing : -The point of time or space at which anything begins.... Read More

Knightly Eye

by Rianbane on 8-3-2015
Characters: Xero Knightly, Tamara Dragomir, Sweets, Papa Snake, Father Jonathan, and Wolfgang.
Tags: romance original supernatural action werewolves vampires
Chapters: 5

  Tamara Dragomir ju... Read More

Unrequited love: Tifa Lockhart.

by mastermindriz on 7-27-2013
Characters: Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough.
Tags: anime finalfantasy cloti tifalockhart cloudstrife

  Tifa Lockhart has always been there for Cloud Strife, yet her presence is purely no... Read More

●Burn Graphics | open

by vampno66 on 7-16-2013
Characters: Everyone
Tags: graphics request poster
Chapters: 1

  ●... Read More

Swords and Tomes

by GiveMariCookies on 2-9-2015
Characters: FE:A Characters [Morgan, Inigo, Male!MU, Lucina, Chrom, Sumia, Cynthia]
Tags: romance family videogames fea fireemblem
Chapters: 6

Inigo definitely had no idea of the life he got into the moment he proposed to Morgan. But hey! At least his life won't be so boring with the positive and energetic amnesiac he calls his wife, an... Read More

The Academy [Subscribers Only]

by milmilko235 on 6-21-2015
Characters: EXO, You(Seo Ji Hye)
Tags: romance fantasy you exo comedy originalcharacter schoollife
Chapters: 1

"You know, maybe you're wrong placing me i... Read More

A story of my life

by AhSongyi on 12-20-2013
Characters: Amy
Tags: life

... Read More

Fallen Angel or Rising Star?

by cray_zehgbaby on 4-24-2014
Characters: Depends on how you write your adventure
Tags: bvb originacharacter bands bmth customizestory
Chapters: 6

I was born in the shadows. ... Read More

One-Eyed Monster: Bang Bang

by cuteismysterious on 4-6-2014
Characters: Nagakawa Ran (OC) and her amazing universe!
Tags: fiction fantasy scifi

I am Ran and I am here to save the world through battling monsters...Or not...? Eh, how come I will not save the world. I play the latest game, Kuduo; the game which allows you to shift ... Read More

Silence [Complete]

by IceBloodRose on 3-14-2014
Characters: You
Tags: angst oneshot psychological you silence
Chapters: 1

  Silence echoed fr... Read More

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

by kkamJONGIN on 2-23-2013
Characters: Hyerin, Jongin, Baekhyun, Sehun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Joonmyeon
Tags: deleted

For these letters speak what my mouth can't, I  ... Read More

UNTITLED. [Complete]

by HerDearStarlightTear on 11-20-2014
Characters: Elle || Winter || Nathalie || Alexander
Tags: romance friendship school elle
Chapters: 4

          ... Read More

Black book. White heart. [Members Only]

by nuestismyidol101 on 2-14-2014
Tags: mylife
Chapters: 3

I just want to be loved by you. And if i try hard enough will you finally notice me. Me whos been watching you for a year now.... Read More

Lady in White (ONESHOT) [Complete]

by giraffehugger on 1-25-2014
Characters: original characters
Tags: original bittersweet
Chapters: 1

It has been a while since literary juices flowed within my eccentric mind.   Hope it still delivers... Read More

Torn Between (Teen Wolf; Stiles Stilinski-centric)

by hungryforramen on 12-13-2013
Characters: Stiles, Scott, Isaac, Lydia, Derek, Allison, Chris Argent, Sheriff Stilinski, etc etc etc
Tags: teenwolf series werewolf stilesstilinski
Chapters: 1

I'm Qila, and I'm a huge fan of Teen Wolf. Obviously. This fan-fiction is my first Teen Wolf fan-fic I've ever wrote. I wanted to make Stiles something he's not. You'll find out... Read More

Vampire Accademy [Subscribers Only]

by chanyeolstagram on 5-23-2014
Characters: Jane (you), Lucy, Andrew and other original character
Tags: romance supernatural horror mystery

Vampire Accademy ... Read More

Lovely Family

by Kaylre on 10-20-2014
Tags: kyuyoung supergeneration

Cho family moments :) Let's follow Kyuhyun and his wife, Sooyoung, along with their children on this fanfic.... Read More

Shattered relations? Or not? [Complete]

by harmonleexkris on 12-28-2013
Characters: boy and girl
Tags: romance drabble
Chapters: 5

This is a short series of drabbles that I wrote up when I'm bored. ... Read More

Wake Me Up [Complete]

by ---3--- on 9-1-2014
Characters: Aveline (OC) , Ed Sheeran
Tags: edsheeran
Chapters: 1

After years of seperation, Aveline is reunited with her highschool sweetheart, Ed Sheeran. Will they fall in love again?... Read More

` 「 imagine your otp... 」↪ writing ideas [Subscribers Only]

by ecstasy on 6-14-2014
Characters: ` ❝ writing ideas + you
Tags: original writingideas ideas idea
Chapters: 6

` 「 imagine your otp... 」... Read More

We Loved

by TaquitosNOMNOM on 11-14-2013
Characters: Him, her
Tags: angst oneshot love firstlove
Chapters: 1

My heart fluttered when I first saw you, you made me happy, but after a while...     ... Read More

Just a typical love story

by Divergent_Dauntless on 7-11-2014
Tags: werewolves
Chapters: 2

  Unknown background, a werewolf, suddenly appears, doesn’t know anybody except for Lia and Bree which are her new friends. Lorianna is a werewolf. But not just any werewolf. Sh... Read More

Fade Away [Complete]

by jenntheninja on 1-15-2014
Tags: romance angst oneshot sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

True friends never leave. Not even when one of them is dead. ... Read More

The Definition of Being In Love With Him

by smelissa on 5-13-2016
Characters: Own characters
Tags: sliceoflife
Chapters: 1

  Amanda, a 16 year old girl moved ... Read More


by baby-b on 8-1-2014
Characters: Ashley, Tony, Other OCs
Tags: originalcharacter

It's about truths and lies. People might think all the things in the world are all the truths. Actually, it's not. In this case, Ashley, stood up from her chair trying... Read More

☰ #HASHTAG。— ❛ layout shop ; open! ; zoom to 110% when viewing ❜

by rovixx on 5-21-2014
Tags: apply layouts story roleplay profile

... Read More

He's My Gangster

by F_Ramos on 6-29-2013
Tags: originalcharacter
Chapters: 2

Ryder was a gangster.  A trouble maker. A charming guy yet a cuss machine. Mariah was l... Read More

The Chronicles of Her

by jentol on 9-12-2015
Tags: fiction

The only way to survive, is to kill Her. His fate. His beautiful fear. ... Read More

Path Astray

by GiveMariCookies on 3-30-2019
Characters: Cast of Pokemon anime, Nohr cast of Fire Emblem Fates
Tags: anime crossover pokemon videogames fireemblem
Chapters: 4

No one outside of Ash's circle knows what really happened to him. In fact, no one actually knows where he had... Read More

My Other Self.

by KanamiCorner3060 on 1-4-2015
Characters: Misumi Nagisa, Yukishiro Honoka. Mepple. Mipple. All other cures and fairies. Oc's.
Tags: precure nagisaxhonoka allstars pretty cure

One day Nagisa and Honoka meet a stranger in the streets, who claim to be Honoka's "Other self".... Read More

Its So Cold

by LittleBunni on 3-13-2013
Characters: Jenny & Alex
Tags: romance

--- ... Read More

Growing Up [Complete] [Members Only]

by Aoi_Magnolia on 6-19-2013
Tags: original drabble personal
Chapters: 1

Making decisions in life is hard to do, but when faced with two choices which one will ... Read More

The True Essence of Christmas [Complete]

by colorcoded on 6-1-2014
Tags: angst christmas heartbreak
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More

Bipolar [Subscribers Only]

by cuckoo on 7-29-2014
Characters: Danielle + Giordano ( OCs )
Tags: angst drama originalcharacter

BIPOLAR   ... Read More


by Cheeseypuffes on 3-3-2014
Tags: drabble
Chapters: 1

She knows where she stands now. She understands completely.... Read More

❇ Visual Keinz Layouts (With Random Stories) ❇

by ann1914 on 7-12-2014
Tags: anime kuroshitsuji blackbutler layouts layout
Chapters: 1

... Read More

out of control

by mjooyeon on 2-27-2014
Characters: Me, Myself, and I
Tags: highschool diary journal rant

my emotions are out of control... Read More

Opposites Attracts [Complete]

by LoveBeauty on 8-16-2014
Characters: Trevon, Aria, Tiffany, Sarah, Cyndi
Tags: romance orginalstory orginalcharacters
Chapters: 20

    He always thought he would be a loner forever,                                     ... Read More

Who cares what they think?

by Perssona49 on 2-15-2015
Characters: No Names, but a Nerdy Boy and a Emo/Scene Girl. Use your imagination. :)
Tags: romance love fluff originalcharacter nerd valentinespecial
Chapters: 5

Two High-schoolers fall in love with each other. Nobody expected this type of couple.... Read More

Babylon A.D.

by ChromeHearts on 9-25-2014
Tags: fantasy scifi action darkfantasy

Everyone has a price. What's yours?... Read More

Finding out who I really fell IN love with... [Complete]

by cheerfulcierra on 10-17-2013
Characters: Cierra, Alessandro
Tags: lovestory

It all started on a weird week day in September. I recieved a message from a guy wh... Read More

Epic Boredom

by CharlieTango on 9-17-2013
Characters: Taylor Lautner, Tiffany Hwang
Tags: romance taylorlautner tiffanyhwang teenfic
Chapters: 1

After long wa... Read More

Wind Beneath My Wings

by kumai- on 12-22-2013
Tags: christinaperri

  Sometimes, when she misses her, she looks up at the stars in the nigh... Read More

Back to Normal

by Kurokocchi on 3-15-2014
Tags: romance original fantasy supernatural
Chapters: 2

Daisuke is one of the few lucky fallen angels to be assigned a mission by the king of the Fallen World. His mission is to kill a human girl and bring the corpse back t... Read More


by XiuHun on 4-23-2014
Characters: Reyhan Julio, Andika Nurtamin
Tags: originalcharacter

Aku ini kecil, seseorang yang biasa, dan pantas untuk dilupakan. Tapi kenapa dia yang dikenal oleh satu sekolah terus saja memperhatikanku?... Read More

Not My Savior [Complete]

by chessur on 10-22-2012
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Tags: elementary
Chapters: 1

But Watson isn't his savior.... Read More

❣ Love Note ❣

by mrsdragon on 12-19-2012
Characters: OCs, EXO, DBSK, SHINee and many more
Tags: romance

  “If I write your name, will you really be mine?” ... Read More

Thousand Days of Lullabies

by Cantrbury on 11-26-2014
Characters: Winne Linnia, Claude Divant, Wayde Zihern, Avanary Murn, Qeith Remork
Tags: romance schoollife
Chapters: 3

          ... Read More

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