Recommended Fanfiction

kidnaped...just great

by wolfie on 3-1-2015
Tags: onedirection

wolfie lockheart is a nice normal happy girl daughter of deputy until the gang 'one direction' came along now everyone fears them...except wolfie.... Read More

The Case of ...

by chandeul on 10-4-2013
Tags: mystery

*to be  updated soon :))... Read More


by jungxtine on 7-6-2013
Characters: Clarissa Santiago(you), Christian Woo
Tags: arrangedmarriage


Thoughts-A lesson to learn

by EnterMyMind on 8-4-2013
Characters: just me!
Tags: angst original rant phycological
Chapters: 3

This is just some random things which i dont believe any people think abou... Read More

My best Doll [Complete]

by Rebeckapuss on 10-11-2013
Characters: Lucie and Rebecca
Tags: original originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

I met her the first time when I was five and have known her ever since. But...... Read More

Never Ending Love

by Andi-Kun on 1-25-2016
Characters: sasuke sarutobi/ yukimura sanada/ mitsunari ishida/ ieyasu tokugawa
Tags: yaoi romance angst anime samurai sasukexyukimura ieyasuxmitsunari
Chapters: 4

The Love Between the four is hard. Ieyasu loves Mitsunari dearly wi... Read More

100 Drabbles: Bring it on, mate!

by repario on 6-19-2014
Characters: Daniel Avery Gorman, Sam Leverde
Tags: drabbles
Chapters: 5

... Read More

When my life is a mess

by QM-HyoJin on 10-14-2013
Characters: life
Tags: romance original fluff sliceoflife originalstory comedy schoollife
Chapters: 3

              ... Read More


by Sebearbear on 4-12-2014
Characters: Dan Smith(Main-Character),Shop Aunt,Street couple,Twin sisters,Hobo Uncle
Tags: songfic guilt song bastille pompeii justice sin
Chapters: 1

Bastille is an English rock band formed in London in... Read More

the love is ours

by sw_d19 on 2-10-2017
Characters: minho,sulli,papa,naima,maman,yesmin,key,asma'u
Tags: loveisnotacase

minho and sulli love eachother but they are afeard to say it... Read More


by CrystalIce on 3-13-2014
Tags: fanfiction
Chapters: 1

This is my first fanfiction,so please give me advice on how to make it better! Thanks!... Read More

Shattered relations? Or not? [Complete]

by harmonleexkris on 12-28-2013
Characters: boy and girl
Tags: romance drabble
Chapters: 5

This is a short series of drabbles that I wrote up when I'm bored. ... Read More

Por que soy una idiota

by Kity_B on 5-8-2016
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

Basada en "Because I'm Stupid de SS501" El retorcido sentido del humor del destino se empeña en complicar la relación entre un grupo de amigos y enseñarle a una chica a medir sus palabras y no juzgar... Read More

Our Little Family

by Charlot1081 on 3-2-2015
Characters: Kris, Chanyeol, Xiumin, others
Tags: krisyeol

Chanyeol decides he wants to move to a different part of China. What he doesn't know is, it will effect his children, Along with his family.... Read More

The Tales from Borneo

by foreverflower on 8-26-2013
Tags: adventure
Chapters: 2

  Aora is an orphan, she had lost both f her parents at a young age.   ... Read More

Morning Dew [Complete] [Members Only]

by jjangsica on 6-18-2013
Characters: Will, you
Tags: romance oneshot fluff you
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More

a little part of my world

by yingjumeihua on 4-6-2015
Characters: the ones who lie in wait for something more
Tags: oneshot original drabble random inspiration writing dream
Chapters: 10

    I d... Read More

Dusk To Dawn

by Vlyr00 on 9-22-2017
Characters: OC,Mark Tuan,Bobby
Tags: romance daehyun bobby marktuan imjaebum
Chapters: 1

  But you'll never be alone... Read More

The Ladies-In-Waiting

by LadyBlackthorne on 6-26-2013
Characters: Sybella, her court
Tags: romance drama fantasy sad royal

  Some may resent how they never get to be royalty. I beg to differ. I wish I was... Read More

Fate brought us together

by WendyWu on 9-21-2014
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: originalcharacter

A young boy named Kyle, who once crossed paths with a mysterious woman. 'Violet Grace Light' was the only thing she said or more likely speaked to him in his mind, before disappearing into thin a... Read More

Beauty and the Beast: Redemption

by spinatale on 6-26-2017
Tags: fiction
Chapters: 2

Once upon a time there was a beautiful fairy. She wanted to create a world of good and happiness. To test the hearts of humans for goodness she transformed herself into an ugly old hag. She would... Read More

The Definition of Being In Love With Him

by smelissa on 5-13-2016
Characters: Own characters
Tags: sliceoflife
Chapters: 1

  Amanda, a 16 year old girl moved ... Read More


by kechonpa on 4-22-2016
Tags: fantasy scifi anime supernatural action originalcharacter shounen
Chapters: 1

Hybrids are human that has powers to turn into animals. ... Read More

Flower Petal

by sorasora22302 on 7-25-2013
Characters: Xion Roxas Axel Namine' Kairi Sora
Tags: kingdomhearts
Chapters: 2

Xion is famous and enjoying her new fame....or rather, enjoys being on bigger stages. When she topples, literally, onto a boy named Roxas; she finds new friends, and maybe even a new romance.... Read More

Holding onto heaven [Complete]

by Sebearbear on 4-27-2014
Characters: Foxes
Tags: personal songfic parody song foxes holdingontoheaven glorious
Chapters: 2

... Read More

Felling Malfoy

by Rogue-Renegade on 8-4-2014
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Tags: harrypotter romance crack darry
Chapters: 2

  ... Read More

Being Possessed Isn't What It Used To Be

by WCLaine on 1-12-2020
Tags: romance drama adventure hurtcomfort supernatural blackcomedy possession
Chapters: 1

Spending seven years in a solitary cell in a mental institution for the criminally insane does a lot to change a person. Wh... Read More

Black Butler III : Forsaken Child

by Haru-san on 7-21-2014
Characters: Ciel,Sebastian,OCs
Tags: fantasylove
Chapters: 5

Ciel and Sebastian is finally getting a break from the queens requests,but only for a month.Enjoying their free time, Sebastian began to feel anxious when an uninvited ... Read More

The Last Day

by whitenight123 on 2-8-2014
Characters: Allen walker, Kanda Yuu, Levi, Lanale Lee
Tags: romancecomfort
Chapters: 1

Allen Walker dosen't know if he is sane or if it's just his imagination. He is deffrent, to diffrent. His hair is white and so are both his eyes. He has trubble getting threw the day at school. H... Read More


by teenidle on 12-14-2014
Characters: Sparrow Harlow (Original Character)
Tags: supernatural originalcharacter witch prequel
Chapters: 1

This story takes place within the supernatural (tv show) universe pre-season one. ... Read More

Three Teaspoons of You [Complete]

by euphoria on 6-7-2014
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

And if I had to be truthful, I wish I'd taint my memory of you.                  ... Read More

i get stuck when the world's too loud [Complete]

by UnrulyRedFox on 11-26-2022
Characters: Penny, Arven, Nemona, and Juliana
Tags: pokemon autism argument
Chapters: 1

Penny can't think. Arven and Nemona are arguing. They're being way too loud.... Read More

❣ Love Note ❣

by mrsdragon on 12-19-2012
Characters: OCs, EXO, DBSK, SHINee and many more
Tags: romance

  “If I write your name, will you really be mine?” ... Read More


by selfhatred on 12-4-2015
Tags: feelings

Okay,so you guys might be wandering what this fic is all about right ? Well it's not a fic but it's more like a whole story of my life . I like to write a lot and mostly during I'm sad or de... Read More

A drop of dew [Friends Only]

by Marshunnie on 12-16-2012
Tags: love

... Read More

Jodoh ada di tangan Tuhan [Subscribers Only]

by xoxo4u on 10-8-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance original fantasy schoollife malay malaysia
Chapters: 1

Aku hanyalah seorang manusia biasa. Semua orang, tak kira apa, akan dan semesti... Read More

Scars and secrets

by little_goldfish on 8-15-2013
Characters: Elly Zee, Enrique
Tags: angst

I'm trying to hide my scars and my secret. It is tiring . . . ... Read More


by Sebearbear on 5-30-2014
Characters: Cher Lloyd
Tags: songfic music songfiction sirens cherlloyd sorryimlate brats

SIRENS ... Read More

60 Seconds

by DreamyEntertainment on 11-9-2013
Tags: angst original you

He only had 60 seconds.... Read More


by Topu-Da on 6-20-2016
Characters: Original characters: Mike, Conleth, Demi, Servinaz, Tissa
Tags: romance adventure supernatural
Chapters: 1

5 postgraduate students are randomely transported to another world where no humans exist. They must survive the nature and the one thing that is following them. With the misfortunes, they will kn... Read More

He's an idiot.. and I love him

by nxvxrlxnd on 1-9-2014
Characters: You / 5SOS
Tags: romance fluff 5sos australian 5secondsofsummer

Stubborn girl called Ellie is new in town. She lives in an apartment with her best guy friend, Aaron. Since they're new, they don't know anyo... Read More

❝The Eye Contact.

by cupcake on 7-8-2013
Characters: you'll know soon.
Tags: fantasy

❝The... Read More

One Day, He'll Know [Complete]

by ColorsofAutumn on 11-26-2013
Tags: romance original you
Chapters: 1

One day, he'll know.   ... Read More


by exo-exorcism on 7-23-2014
Characters: who knows
Tags: oneshot original drabble comedy originalcharacter mcr mychemicalromance
Chapters: 16

We've been freewriting. What that will produce, we haven't the foggiest.         Enjoy~   If you're looking for the MCR cha... Read More

Two Worlds~

by S-dragon on 2-2-2014
Tags: angst love sliceoflife poems poem
Chapters: 1

I plan on making this just a bunch of poem drabbles.<3... Read More

Forte [Writing & Graphic contest] [Friends Only]

by DaehyunWifey on 6-4-2013
Tags: contest

Under co.... Read More

This Is A Question For The Reader

by NepetaGetsHugs on 2-18-2014
Tags: homestuck

I feel like writing another fanfic but I cannot decide what ship to write it of. ... Read More

Chrysanthemum [Complete]

by LittleWallflower on 10-7-2013
Tags: angst drabble originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

“... Read More


by RoyalStories on 8-4-2013
Characters: Sebastian, Moon Chae Won, Elijah
Tags: romance angst drama original originalcharacter

Sebastian, a betrayed ... Read More

one hundred times we could've been

by hello_ttw on 8-14-2014
Tags: original

Every time I meet her, it's different. ... Read More

Dark Ice Prince

by the-guardian-of-fun on 7-30-2013
Tags: jackfrost

Jack saw the black head rise and Jack saw Pitch Black notch his arrow aimed towards Sandman. Terrified with his heart thump... Read More

Walk Through Life

by voshii on 1-26-2014
Characters: Essie Alvarez, Josephine Carr, Kaylee Sterson, Rena Teiner, Hanna Villa, additional characters (OCs)
Tags: angst drama original sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 5

What do you see when you walk through your life? Adventure? Love? Family? Well, 87 year old, Essie Alvarez is reflecting back in her life. Telling her story to her care taker, taking a walk throu... Read More


by RKP_Yoshi on 6-21-2016
Characters: Len Kagamine, Gumi
Tags: vocaloid

When Len was five, he met Gumi for the first time.... Read More

Just My Twin [Complete]

by ButterflyLover on 6-6-2014
Characters: Yume, Chiaki, Michiko
Tags: romance angst friendship yume chiaki michiko
Chapters: 2

... Read More


by atmospherica on 11-15-2016
Characters: Female OC, Levi, Eren,
Tags: originalcharacter attackontitan levi eren
Chapters: 1

A story about a girl who travels between worlds. ... Read More

The Photograph [Complete]

by OhScrewTheName on 8-15-2013
Characters: Alice, The Morgans
Tags: drabble suspense mystery murder
Chapters: 1

Alice babysits for the Morgans. ... Read More

From Teenagers , to Warriors .

by uthmanhaneef on 6-10-2014
Characters: Kevin Sterling - Riley - Michael Foster - Zack Ramirez
Tags: supernatural action
Chapters: 6

In this world , peace seemed to be something nearly impossible to achieve . The endless wars and ... Read More

Lady in White (ONESHOT) [Complete]

by giraffehugger on 1-25-2014
Characters: original characters
Tags: original bittersweet
Chapters: 1

It has been a while since literary juices flowed within my eccentric mind.   Hope it still delivers... Read More

Running Away From Fear [Complete]

by Poko24-Chan on 12-30-2013
Characters: Adopted!Wes Evans and Adoptive Mother!Marie Evans
Tags: oneshot alternateuniverse anime inspirational tragedy souleater innerconflict
Chapters: 1

Wes Evans.  An albino, adopted child, a ten year old boy. ... Read More

That's The Trouble With Love

by Hyujabut44 on 10-29-2013
Characters: Sasuke Sakura Naruto Hinata
Tags: romance angst naruto sasuke sakura naruhina sasusaku
Chapters: 4

He loves her with all his heart, but he'll push her away to keep her safe. She detests him for what ... Read More

it grew [Friends Only]

by immortalevanescence on 5-11-2013
Tags: oneshot

"hey you!" i turn around and smile as i lock eyes with the kid i met yesterday. "what?" it's hard trying to hide the happiness in my voice. "i dont know." i st... Read More

let's do this

by 21bangscouple on 12-8-2015
Characters: gd , cl , 2ne1, bigbang
Tags: skydragonforever

author pov * Pada mlm itu aq tidak tahu apa yg berlaku , aq cba untuk faham . Aq msih tertanya tanya ? Siapa namja smalam senyumannya membuat ku terduduk kaku teruskan berfikir ....... Read More

Calamity Marionette

by WCLaine on 2-22-2020
Characters: Saikabara Kosami, Chikage, Yamazaki Niah, Yamazaki Satoru, Kobayashi Tomotsu, Takahashi Shuji, Nakatani Fuyumi, Hojo Haruka, Kajishima Kanna, Kajishima Madoka, Ito Toshizou, Ito Izumi, Koizumi Daizen, Houyi, Tenka, Aiko, Aimi, Yori, Usagichimaru Katsuo, K
Tags: adventure hurtcomfort supernatural powers animestyle shounen yokai
Chapters: 6

After being pushed in front of a subway train by an old high school rival and ultimately perishing, Saikab... Read More

Adventures of Doctor.Who

by shinshiro on 7-15-2013
Characters: Doctor who Amy Pond Rory Williams and others
Tags: friendship fantasy comedy doctorwho
Chapters: 1

Doctor get's a signal from his Tardis to help his old friend. Who it might be? Let's see and read where this will take Amy, Rory and Doctor now.         ... Read More

The little girl [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 10-28-2013
Tags: oneshot violence
Chapters: 1

A young noble man is preparing himself for his coming of age ceremony, but there is a shadow lurking over ... Read More

your wish is my command [Subscribers Only]

by whereismine on 8-28-2014
Tags: oneshotsrequest

Your wish is my command !!! Man of your dreams or girl of your dreams.. Will be yours inside my story..... Read More

No Tittle Yet [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by JaydenSeo_1 on 5-27-2014
Characters: I'm not sure yet. I'll update when I have the characters in mind.
Tags: yuntae soober rapmonteraram

.......... Read More

Why do you Hate me?

by nikkifany on 8-10-2013
Characters: You, Your Best friend , and others
Tags: friendship you originalcharacter reallife bestfriend
Chapters: 2

    ... Read More


by mailoony on 3-17-2014
Tags: originalcharacter

No description.   I sucked at it.   WARNING: ... Read More

♖ Somnium ♖

by tempester on 2-26-2014
Characters: Nickey Fertaine, Arianna Fertaine, Maya Firrick, V & Charlie Neinford
Tags: original fantasy magic modern uniquestyle city
Chapters: 4

  ... Read More

Anime Quotes

by AmericaxBurgers on 11-12-2013
Characters: Anime characters from a lot of different anime
Tags: anime quotes
Chapters: 1

Hi! I'm just bored so I'm starting this. The title is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? I'm gonna post different anime quotes when I can.   ... Read More

The Ugly Friend [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 5-23-2013
Characters: Me and Her
Tags: angst friendship pain backstabbing
Chapters: 1

Sometimes you wonder, was she really a friend? Or was she just some person you talked to. She says she is your friend. Always have been. But her actions don't tell you that.... Read More

Beautiful [Subscribers Only]

by exponentially_me on 11-23-2017
Tags: angst wannaone lyricfic

“This foolishly regret-filled song I hope it reaches the sky My prayer that spent all night in tears I hope it reaches your heart”  ... Read More

The Island [Complete]

by jongsuk on 5-27-2014
Tags: island
Chapters: 1

A cursed island.... Read More

It Started with RoleplayRepublic

by xxxibkwnsjn on 11-12-2013
Characters: K.S.J | Y.S.K.
Tags: romance sad originalcharacter hatred regret roleplayrepublic agony
Chapters: 1

  -... Read More

That Silver Lining

by blueberry_muffin on 6-29-2013
Characters: original characters
Tags: romance original fantasy supernatural originalcharacter
Chapters: 3

Are Demons all 'Evile' as we all believe? Are all Angels 'Pure' as thought? When Serenity and Helias, an angel and demon, fall in love, how will their respective realms, Hell and Heaven, react? E... Read More

Needless [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by angelakon on 5-25-2014
Tags: angst drama psychological
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Voice Of A Little Girl [Subscribers Only]

by babyjang on 9-15-2013
Tags: sliceoflife life
Chapters: 1

A place where you hear the inner voice speak. ... Read More


by 0-milk on 12-21-2015
Tags: romance fluff sliceoflife comedy originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

... Read More


by helladank on 12-8-2016
Tags: original sliceoflife vanilla

An ordinary story about a young girl's life. ... Read More

Alphys Hoek [Complete]

by xandermartin98 on 6-24-2016
Characters: Alphys, Undyne, Amalgamates, Mettaton, Chara, Sans
Tags: undertale
Chapters: 6

In a blatant parody of The Ren & Stimpy Show, the ever-so-adorable Alphys from Undertale is driven batshit insane by Mettaton, becoming the absolute perfect candidate for the ... Read More

Love Me Back

by OreoCookies on 3-8-2014
Characters: Aomine Daiki and Momoi Satsuri
Tags: romance anime kurokonobasket kuroko kurokonobasuke momoi
Chapters: 2

Su... Read More

My Boyfriend Kent || The Clover Route

by -thunderblossom on 2-15-2016
Characters: Kent of Amnesia & Nakamura Minako.
Tags: romance anime drabble originalcharacter amnesia
Chapters: 4

These are just drabbles of my original character,... Read More

Like Crazy

by kiyoon97 on 10-3-2013
Characters: Natasha | Kitt | Jin
Tags: romance angst drama highschool comedy originalcharacter schoollife

"I want to make you fall in love with me,... It's not so that I c... Read More

Tricked or Tripped

by xoxolock on 12-13-2014
Tags: sherlockholmes

Sherlock was not as tough as people think he was. This story was about his adventure through ups and downs with his long lost old friend. This was the other sid... Read More

There's Something about Cameron

by lightninthunderstein on 8-8-2014
Characters: Ervin Buljubasic| Cameron Burns| Out Came The Wolves Members
Tags: romance mystery boyxboy bands octw
Chapters: 3

Ervin Buljubasic is a sweet, awkward and down to earth bassist from Minnesota. His life is going nowhere until he... Read More

Playing For Keeps

by WCLaine on 5-30-2021
Characters: Miya Osamu, Miya Atsumu, Kita Shinsuke, Suna Rintarō; appearances from other Inarizaki team members. [O.C] Hanabusa Reika.
Tags: drama hurtcomfort romcom originalcharacter haikyuu miyaosamu
Chapters: 5

Re... Read More

Tales from a kingdom

by Anachi on 8-13-2013
Characters: OC'S
Tags: comedy random weird

In a far away kingdom lived an old painter. He had an enemy. A little girl. The painter complained everyday to the king and finally the little girl was banished. But... Read More

Meeting a psycho... and falling in love with her. [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by Buttercup97 on 9-6-2014
Characters: Takechi Otoya, Kenmochi Shiena
Tags: anime yuri girlxgirl anr akumanoriddle otoshie
Chapters: 1

How would it feel like to suddenly fall in love with a stranger? To... Read More

Who cares what they think?

by Perssona49 on 2-15-2015
Characters: No Names, but a Nerdy Boy and a Emo/Scene Girl. Use your imagination. :)
Tags: romance love fluff originalcharacter nerd valentinespecial
Chapters: 5

Two High-schoolers fall in love with each other. Nobody expected this type of couple.... Read More

I Knew You Were Trouble ~ Taylor Swift [Complete]

by Sebearbear on 4-25-2014
Characters: Taylor Swift
Tags: songfic taylorswift red heartbroken songfiction swiftersswifties swifties
Chapters: 1

This is about o... Read More


by Lifemare on 7-4-2015
Characters: Julia, Dennis, Kyle, Jack
Tags: romance mystery tragedy littlesupernatura
Chapters: 1

DON'T ... Read More

Finding out who I really fell IN love with... [Complete]

by cheerfulcierra on 10-17-2013
Characters: Cierra, Alessandro
Tags: lovestory

It all started on a weird week day in September. I recieved a message from a guy wh... Read More

✵Blood Rose | Under Co. until tomorrow ( 8-5-13 )

by --chichii on 8-14-2013
Tags: apply
Chapters: 2

... Read More

◜bi-polar ♥ 이극의◞ graphic shop ◄

by bi-polar on 8-25-2013
Characters: you and my artworks
Tags: graphics
Chapters: 1

... Read More

My Lifesaver [Complete] [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by m_kimvy on 11-29-2013
Tags: romance oneshot family sad schoollife reallife accident
Chapters: 1

  Why was I born into this world ?    Do I have the power to make people around me happy?    Although I don't have the confidence. I... Read More

Liberation [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 10-5-2016
Characters: Me and HIM
Tags: love personal unrequitedlove enlightenment
Chapters: 1

Time can, and will, heal anything and everything. Never doubt it's power. But you won't believe me unless you've experienced it for yourself.... Read More

Dati [Complete]

by darkwile on 8-31-2013
Tags: friendship tagalog
Chapters: 1

Isa siyang lalaking naninirahan sa nakaraan at isa iyang babaeng umaagos sa kasalukuyan. Ano na kayang mangyayari sa kanila... Read More

heismy t e a c h e r .

by heyarsebutt on 4-23-2014
Tags: harrystyles teacher
Chapters: 1

HEISMY T E A C H E R .... Read More

When A Fox Goes to School

by yuukioujo-sama on 12-27-2014
Tags: fantasy anime comedy kamisamakiss tomoexnanami shinjiroukurama

Tomoe is tired from the housechores and decided to leave all the works t... Read More

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