Recommended Fanfiction

Bay Mountain Delta

by Jewel_ELF on 1-15-2014
Tags: lycans
Chapters: 4

Bay Mountain has been a place were people who were more than human could go to live and live in peace. Now, species are being removed, killed and punished just because they are differant.... Read More

Bite Me

by ExiledAngel on 9-24-2013
Characters: Adriana Stefano (OC), Eric Acuri (OC)
Tags: romance original fantasy supernatural originalcharacter vampire

Adriana Stefano was an average. She was middle-class, graduated at a good standard and had the same argumentive parents as all young adults did. However, the one feature that stood out was her be... Read More

Forbidden Love

by i-LoveU on 4-6-2014
Characters: Original Characters [Him & Her]
Tags: drama family sad originalcharacter

"She loved him but he hated her." "She needed him but he doesn't need her."She doesn't hate him but he hated her." "She do ... Read More

Prince of Utopia

by altanized on 3-12-2015
Characters: Baekhyun, Lily (OC)
Tags: romance fantasy baekhyun originalcharacter girloc slightaction
Chapters: 1

... Read More

걱정하지마...Don't worry.

by AsLongAsItGets on 9-23-2014
Characters: Kai/JongIn | You (OC) | Sunggyu | EXO | INFINITE
Tags: romance drama you exo kai infinite sunggyu
Chapters: 3

Real Version:     ... Read More

Tales from a kingdom

by Anachi on 8-13-2013
Characters: OC'S
Tags: comedy random weird

In a far away kingdom lived an old painter. He had an enemy. A little girl. The painter complained everyday to the king and finally the little girl was banished. But... Read More

Desultory Designs | OPEN

by --Twace on 5-12-2014
Characters: Whoever the hell we want.
Tags: request shop posters posterrequest
Chapters: 1

des... Read More

I Love You

by spinatale on 11-30-2013
Tags: oneshot onesidedlove

" Will you marry me?" When I heard those words I couldn't believe it. Al... Read More

Winter's Miracle

by ohreo-sehun on 12-31-2013
Characters: Elsa (Frozen) & Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardian)
Tags: romance rotg jackfrost supernatural winter elsa frozen
Chapters: 2

Elsa just moved to a new small town called Burgess for around two weeks—leaving her hometown, Arendelle. She only had one r... Read More

The Last Day

by whitenight123 on 2-8-2014
Characters: Allen walker, Kanda Yuu, Levi, Lanale Lee
Tags: romancecomfort
Chapters: 1

Allen Walker dosen't know if he is sane or if it's just his imagination. He is deffrent, to diffrent. His hair is white and so are both his eyes. He has trubble getting threw the day at school. H... Read More

Teach Me How To Love You

by RiriKim on 12-13-2013
Tags: romance angst love comedy age student

They said, 'Age doesn't matter in love. It is just a number." Most of us agree with that saying, but still, some people oppose... And what it would be like to love s... Read More

Friendship Bonds Will Last Forever [Complete]

by Grey_Storm on 5-15-2013
Characters: Dowie. Rest of the Backstreet Boys
Tags: oneshot original sliceoflife supernatural backstreetboys howied brian
Chapters: 2

    Friends are made for ... Read More

No, I don't like you, Jerk!

by baekkie on 9-5-2014
Characters: Byun Baekhyun & You
Tags: romance fluff you exo baekhyun

Once you hate them, you will love them.  ... Read More

Mother [Complete]

by thaeng on 10-1-2013
Tags: poem mother
Chapters: 1

  A person who is...    ... Read More

The One That Never Dies

by AnnavelleiaYohime_Z on 6-3-2014
Tags: romance anime crossover supernatural mystery games
Chapters: 2

Diabolik Lovers and Blood+ crossover fanfiction. Hope you guys will like it! Character will be ... Read More

Cute Gifs

by ilove_xo on 2-16-2013
Characters: gifs and other pictures
Tags: gifs
Chapters: 2

LOL I wrote this so you could get cute gifs easily ... Read More

Walk Through Life

by voshii on 1-26-2014
Characters: Essie Alvarez, Josephine Carr, Kaylee Sterson, Rena Teiner, Hanna Villa, additional characters (OCs)
Tags: angst drama original sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 5

What do you see when you walk through your life? Adventure? Love? Family? Well, 87 year old, Essie Alvarez is reflecting back in her life. Telling her story to her care taker, taking a walk throu... Read More

Letters To You

by EmptyPromises on 9-11-2013
Characters: George, Fred
Tags: harrypotter georgeweasley
Chapters: 2

"Dear Fred..." No one can understand George like how Fred coul... Read More


by Dreams on 1-10-2014
Characters: ≪ retelling of the tale of Mulan set in a fantasy world ≫
Tags: mulan

          B R O K E N  ... Read More

We Loved

by TaquitosNOMNOM on 11-14-2013
Characters: Him, her
Tags: angst oneshot love firstlove
Chapters: 1

My heart fluttered when I first saw you, you made me happy, but after a while...     ... Read More

I Just Haven't Met You Yet!

by OrdinaryGeekCharming on 12-14-2013
Tags: romance love comedy schoollife crack sitcom crush
Chapters: 1

Hello! Fellow FFO readers! -This is based on a true story.. -It's a story about roma... Read More

Knightly Eye

by Rianbane on 8-3-2015
Characters: Xero Knightly, Tamara Dragomir, Sweets, Papa Snake, Father Jonathan, and Wolfgang.
Tags: romance original supernatural action werewolves vampires
Chapters: 5

  Tamara Dragomir ju... Read More


by TheDormouse on 12-28-2013
Characters: Alice, Jenice, John aka Bright, Al, Gwen, Arnold, unknown figure
Tags: original fantasy originalstory bronx
Chapters: 18

The story is going to be about two sisters and what they had to go through. In this story is going to be a serialkiller... Read More

Jodoh ada di tangan Tuhan [Subscribers Only]

by xoxo4u on 10-8-2013
Characters: OCs
Tags: romance original fantasy schoollife malay malaysia
Chapters: 1

Aku hanyalah seorang manusia biasa. Semua orang, tak kira apa, akan dan semesti... Read More

Hell and High Water [Complete]

by Lilviscious on 12-6-2013
Characters: Reiner/Bertholdt, Jean/Marco
Tags: anime attackontitan reiner bertholdt jean marco reibert
Chapters: 1

It wasn't simply his job to ensure his safety. No one was allowed to touch.... Read More

Who is he [Complete]

by Temari16 on 6-19-2015
Characters: Kagura umbozo gintoki shinpachi shinsngomi ( hijikata,okita,yamazaki,kodo) otae tsukuyo akihiko
Tags: fanfic gintama lol romantic
Chapters: 8

He was strong good looking .......... he come near to her smiling and said  it's you ......... Let's go back to the beginning when it's start in the first place  ... Read More

How A Girl Fights [Subscribers Only]

by hoyatictoc on 9-13-2015
Characters: Emma Richard, Arul Dzuan
Tags: romance angst schoollife ordinarylife
Chapters: 1

... Read More

it grew [Friends Only]

by immortalevanescence on 5-11-2013
Tags: oneshot

"hey you!" i turn around and smile as i lock eyes with the kid i met yesterday. "what?" it's hard trying to hide the happiness in my voice. "i dont know." i st... Read More

The Agony Behind the Life of the Fangirl [Complete]

by exo-exorcism on 12-6-2013
Characters: Me? You?
Tags: life
Chapters: 1

Just a little creative thing I wrote for English class about the life of the fangirl~~ I really like it, like, too much... Read More

My Name Is Jae, And This Is My Tale

by -autumn on 6-17-2013
Characters: Jae, Calvin
Tags: romance original originalcharacter originalstoryline schoollife

   This story is about a girl trying to find her iden... Read More


by digitalsea on 2-3-2017
Characters: You!
Tags: anime cartoon applyfic codelyoko nostalgia
Chapters: 2

... Read More


by turquoisecyan on 10-21-2013
Tags: heart

Lissa is a girl who is easily falls in love. She'll fall in love with you within minutes. She'll be your crush as long as she can imagine. BUT she's totally wrong. She will be your crush not more... Read More

Day Dreams [Friends Only]

by Hoshi_Jang on 2-14-2013
Characters: Hoshiko Jang----- Naruto Characters
Tags: romance
Chapters: 1

 ` Day dreams are dreams you don't have to sleep to dream about.` `They mostly consist of rainbows, unicorns, pocky, and you.`... Read More

Everything of Mine.

by Justagurl on 3-17-2013
Characters: Me. My stories. My life.
Tags: sliceoflife mine
Chapters: 2

This is everything of mine. Everything I've ever had, ever kept, ever needed. And now I'm sharing it to the world. I'm putting it out there, letting it go.This is for anyone who's ever n... Read More

Wild Heart

by AliCE_WondeRLAND00 on 11-10-2015
Tags: romance love fantasy adventure oldage
Chapters: 2

  ... Read More

Stupid Couples [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by m_kimvy on 11-30-2013
Tags: schoollife romace lovelife couples randomcharacters
Chapters: 1

  Mirie has a crush on Mike for a long time ago. She's been hiding her feeling all this time because she doesn't want to break the relationship that she has all this time. Just being a... Read More

Story Ideas ↖(^ω^)↗ [Subscribers Only]

by TaquitosNOMNOM on 1-2-2014
Tags: ideas stories
Chapters: 6

Are you having trouble thinking of new ideas for a story? ... Read More

so, maybe. [Complete]

by byzelo on 1-25-2014
Characters: anyone in depression.
Tags: sad drabble pain
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Memories of a long time ago

by Raveness on 12-1-2013
Characters: [Norway] [Svalbard]
Tags: hetalia axispowershetalia norway vikingage memories aph
Chapters: 1

It's a stormy night and Norway finds himself reminiscing over memories from his Viking days... Read More

For you [Complete]

by kyumyung on 12-19-2013
Tags: originalstory shortstory
Chapters: 1

He don't want her, her sister is all he want... Making their marriage a joke she sacrifice her happiness...just for him... Read More

The Fatum Chronicles: Pax

by paracosmstories on 3-14-2014
Tags: 5sos 5secondsofsummer
Chapters: 1

Payton "Pax" Xanthos is your normal girl. ... Read More

When A Fox Goes to School

by yuukioujo-sama on 12-27-2014
Tags: fantasy anime comedy kamisamakiss tomoexnanami shinjiroukurama

Tomoe is tired from the housechores and decided to leave all the works t... Read More


by Toheaven on 2-7-2014
Characters: Clary | Vernon | Lernin
Tags: romance you darkness impossible enternity
Chapters: 1

... Read More

Reaching You [Complete]

by orchidsplash on 5-25-2014
Tags: sliceoflife sad bittersweet
Chapters: 1

this is a random drabble... i just felt weird and down and just wanted to write this. it came out however it came out and you can ... Read More


by DaehyunWifey on 10-9-2013
Characters: Mellie & Her
Tags: original

She was useless. She was thrown away, when she was loved, cared for; everything existed for her, never for her.... Read More

The Other Liar

by ChubbyBunny on 7-9-2013
Characters: Danielle Knightwood (OC) Pretty Little Liars etc.
Tags: romance fanfiction originalcharacter mystery prettylittleliars
Chapters: 3

You've  probably heard of Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, and Spencer Hastings. ... Read More

Beginning [Friends Only]

by Wish-Forever on 9-6-2013
Tags: random
Chapters: 1

Beginning - be-gin-ing : -The point of time or space at which anything begins.... Read More

if only (i didn't stop)

by wordslyer on 7-30-2014
Characters: Original Character
Tags: romance originalcharacter

  We all believe in something.  We believe in the choices we make and the paths we walk. ... Read More

Ethereal College

by mastertrollsama on 8-7-2014
Tags: romance angst drama

A girl finds herself being the enemy of the wealthiest man of the UK, and from there, her life changes forever.... Read More

War of the planets episode 1: The anamilia prophecy.

by BorderlineBadness on 4-30-2016
Characters: Slush terry secco Flagella tabby Kali fabric Zane the blue flash Reyna shadow
Tags: wotp
Chapters: 2

Having to live in the mountains for too long, the 5 "chosen" animals for the prophecy escape from the mountains of their abusive guardians, only to be in the hands of the blue flash.... Read More

Love is YOU

by LilyChaSooRin on 12-13-2013
Tags: comedy
Chapters: 1

  Hi there! This is LilyChaSooRin, (also known as twosuns on Asia... Read More


by daniwillfly on 8-5-2017
Tags: oneshot
Chapters: 1

I'm trying to get into writing again which is highkey stressful but here ya go ... Read More

Dear You

by giraffehugger on 12-30-2012
Tags: romance original
Chapters: 2

      I was once a little kid and dreamed of my prince charm... Read More


by DestinyDAL on 1-2-2016
Characters: Mallory, Julian, Levi.
Tags: paranormal
Chapters: 1

A feud between two brothers over a girl they love. A prophecy that ends with the demise of earth. ... Read More

The Story of Us

by LALULALIDO on 4-9-2013
Tags: original

An original story. With pre-existing characters. What is this you may ask? This is my story. The people in this story belong in my life. No, this isn'... Read More

My Cure

by Ana_Banana on 7-9-2013
Characters: Vanessa Hudgens as Aubrey Miller , AnnaSophia Robb as Emma Rose , Robbie Amell as Warner , Austin Butler as Flynn West
Tags: romance you
Chapters: 1

 "Love, love, love. what is it good for? absolutely nothing."       ... Read More

Happy Birthday? [Complete]

by yuki_chicken on 8-8-2017
Characters: Yuri!!! on ICE characters
Tags: yurionice
Chapters: 5

Viktor and the other skaters, the friends that they made along the way, were at Ice Castle Hasetsu where they will be skating at an exhibition thing for Christmas. Everyone was partly there for t... Read More

TakaMido Drabbles [Complete]

by yuki_chicken on 8-1-2017
Characters: All KnB characters
Tags: takamido
Chapters: 4

A series of drabbles with the world's 2nd most annoying couple in the KnB universe... Read More

The Pain Written in Her Eyes

by _uraqt on 6-14-2013
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: original sliceoflife selfharm truestory depression
Chapters: 1

The lies he told me, the games he played; they lead me to one place. They lead me to the most scariest corner; they lead me to the only place I could be left in. Fear, always in my blood, do you ... Read More

The Ring I Opposed

by dyoodew on 2-6-2014
Tags: angst originalcharacter

All Mellisa had wished for the past 2 years is a quiet life. ... Read More

Do You Remember Me?

by xlightlovex on 7-2-2013
Characters: Senri Shiki, Hana/you, more to come
Tags: romance you supernatural vampireknight shiki
Chapters: 1

Hey, so this is my first story, please leave comments and some feedback, that would really help. I've wrote other stories but I wanted to try a new knid. So yeah, please leave feedback. ~ xlightl... Read More

A Little Much Words

by tankey on 3-8-2016
Tags: you poems poetry diary life ramblings
Chapters: 3

Just my poems (coughs rambling coughs) collection. Recently about feelings or stuffs. Enjoy!... Read More

The Soul from Nowhere

by spinatale on 1-19-2015
Tags: fiction
Chapters: 1

            A girl awakens to find herself in a hospital bed. Surrounding her is her family, but something’s different. Everyone keeps giving her odd looks, asking her if she is okay. He... Read More

Down Memory Lane

by penandpaper on 7-11-2013
Characters: Hermione Granger || Draco Malfoy || Other Harry Potter Casts
Tags: dracomalfoy romance drama dramione hermionegranger hermione draco
Chapters: 2

Will Draco insulted Hermione when he found her; drinking her heart out and talking rubbish while listening to some Muggle s... Read More

the love is ours

by sw_d19 on 2-10-2017
Characters: minho,sulli,papa,naima,maman,yesmin,key,asma'u
Tags: loveisnotacase

minho and sulli love eachother but they are afeard to say it... Read More

500 Days Of Summer

by nerdfightermundane on 10-27-2013
Tags: romance teens
Chapters: 1

Summer Williams' existence has been filled with endless world-hopping events through bo... Read More

Dexterous and Beautiful

by GooseFlavor on 1-31-2013
Characters: Abe&Mihashi; from oofuri
Tags: anime
Chapters: 1

His hands, slim and pretty. Because of him I started developing a hand fetish.... Read More


by influx on 4-1-2013
Tags: romance angst oneshot vocaloid

she's bound to him and she already knows. she knows he would never truly love her,... Read More


by Topu-Da on 6-20-2016
Characters: Original characters: Mike, Conleth, Demi, Servinaz, Tissa
Tags: romance adventure supernatural
Chapters: 1

5 postgraduate students are randomely transported to another world where no humans exist. They must survive the nature and the one thing that is following them. With the misfortunes, they will kn... Read More

Please play with me [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by CreepySisters on 6-22-2014
Characters: Lisa, Lance, Kyle etc.
Tags: horror play creepy
Chapters: 1

You know in video games there would be a lot of glitches. From characters being cloned to being no clipped* out of t... Read More

Maize [Complete]

by aeroryuu on 6-13-2013
Tags: romance original teen
Chapters: 1

Two friends torn apart by war.... Read More

The Secrets in a File

by MusicInMyWords on 3-6-2013
Characters: Aleyna (you), Liam Payne
Tags: onedirection

Single-chapter-one-shot I wrote as part of a competition, which I surprisingly won. Comment if you would like more of them to be posted. :)... Read More

One-Eyed Monster: Bang Bang

by cuteismysterious on 4-6-2014
Characters: Nagakawa Ran (OC) and her amazing universe!
Tags: fiction fantasy scifi

I am Ran and I am here to save the world through battling monsters...Or not...? Eh, how come I will not save the world. I play the latest game, Kuduo; the game which allows you to shift ... Read More


by BrokenAbyssChain on 4-9-2014
Characters: Charlie Bordeaux, Freya Haine, Dale Harris, Valen Kites, Leo Pierce, Rhea Cassidy, Poppy Leigh, Pandora Yuen, James Callaghan, Billy Carmichael, Sophie White, Rylan White, Len, Wade Campbell, Alistair Rose, Drako Haine, Asher Kirsche, Elias Doran + more
Tags: scifi action suspense survival dystopian relationships blackcomedy
Chapters: 1

  ... Read More

The Girl Who Defies Death

by Scarlet-Poe on 3-9-2014
Characters: Rin, Sesshomaru, Kaede, Jakin, Kohaku, Kagome, Inuyasha
Tags: romance anime fanfiction action
Chapters: 4

     Rin traveled with Lord Sesshomaru for about two years before being left in the care of Kaede and living with the locals as well as Kohaku, Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo. Rin has already grown... Read More


by Bookofshadows on 1-31-2014
Tags: supernatural horror
Chapters: 1

In honor of his memory, I'd like to retell a story that Henry had shared with me over a case of beer, while sitting around ... Read More


by XiuHun on 4-23-2014
Characters: Reyhan Julio, Andika Nurtamin
Tags: originalcharacter

Aku ini kecil, seseorang yang biasa, dan pantas untuk dilupakan. Tapi kenapa dia yang dikenal oleh satu sekolah terus saja memperhatikanku?... Read More

Silence [Complete]

by IceBloodRose on 3-14-2014
Characters: You
Tags: angst oneshot psychological you silence
Chapters: 1

  Silence echoed fr... Read More

The Man who Laughs [Complete]

by dream_keeper88 on 12-16-2012
Characters: Original characters
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

      A man who laughs, considers all things joy"  ... Read More

Alone [Complete]

by Tsuyukii on 11-3-2012
Characters: Sawada Tsunayoshi and Hibari Kyoya
Tags: khr 1827 sawadatsunayoshi hibarikyoya
Chapters: 1

Despite what you all may think, Hibari Kyoya despised being alone. And a certain herbivore named Sawada Tsunayoshi came into his life to change his loneliness. It was thanks to him that he no lon... Read More

Spirited Away : Return to a Forgotten World.

by Infinity_Beyond on 1-21-2014
Characters: Haku and Chihiro
Tags: romance spiritedaway fantasy haku chihiro
Chapters: 1

Chihiro returned home from the journey to... Read More

You are the Only One for Me [Complete]

by Miss_Michela08 on 6-2-2014
Characters: Jorel 'J-Dog' Decker & Ashley Tisdale
Tags: romance love ashleytisdale joreldecker hollywoodundead jdog jorshley
Chapters: 1

Jorel always had a huge crush on Ashley since forever. Even though ... Read More

Morning Dew [Complete] [Members Only]

by jjangsica on 6-18-2013
Characters: Will, you
Tags: romance oneshot fluff you
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More

The Human Bride [Complete]

by thatmushroomswife on 12-27-2013
Characters: Victor van Dort and Victoria Everglot
Tags: romance movie marriage thecorpsebride timburton
Chapters: 1

A one-shot on what had happened after Emily moved on and flew away as hundreds of butterflies. ... Read More


by daLONEWRITER on 2-24-2014
Characters: Im apologizing for the bg ;-;
Tags: romance manga japanese comedy action shoujo
Chapters: 3

*a very idiotic ordinary story; continue on your own risk! xD... Read More

Dan...I love you...too... ONESHOT [Complete]

by ---CheshireCat on 3-23-2014
Tags: phan
Chapters: 1

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide and death OTL ... Read More

It's Cold

by jeiraz on 3-11-2013
Characters: Claire Hills, Samson and Ivan McKinny, Jennifer Torres, Eli James, and Chris Thorne
Tags: romance angst original pain drugs bitterreality

|   Claire is broken, although ... Read More

those hungry ghosts [Complete]

by stormshins on 10-10-2013
Tags: angst original
Chapters: 1

every break hurts, no matter how much you say it doesn't.        ... Read More

The Ring [Complete]

by dream_keeper88 on 12-16-2012
Characters: Original characters
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

    It binds; unites. It also separates.... Read More


by heyarsebutt on 11-30-2013
Tags: louistomlinson samesexmarriage diana mattdallas nayarivera jaejoong
Chapters: 2

... Read More

A Dumb Brother

by moaning on 12-27-2013
Tags: poems siblings brother

  Two weird poems (sort of) I wrote the other time my brother annoyed me to the max.... Read More

Sunsets with my Brother [Complete]

by dream_keeper88 on 12-16-2012
Characters: Original characters
Tags: original
Chapters: 1

  Live.... Read More

Out of my League

by DreamHighSH on 1-9-2014
Tags: romance angst drama love you comedy onedirection
Chapters: 15

... Read More

Nurarihyon No Mago; The Legacy

by -marionette on 3-6-2014
Tags: nurarihyon

... Read More

Oh! Dult Graphics {under-co.

by LexBer on 7-9-2013
Tags: request

Wait--... Read More

The Chosen Key

by EnterMyMind on 8-4-2013
Characters: Roku Fūmi, Yuki Sapōtaka, Lina Tomoki, Fuma sensei, Doctor Ki Monban, Kuro Kishi
Tags: romance angst original fantasy originalcharacter magical
Chapters: 4

Have you ever imagined.... that a life of a young girl can change the ... Read More


by Kpop_Lover on 6-9-2013
Tags: photos

Hey guys! This ain't a story. It's just photos. I hope you guys would like the photos that i update. ^__^... Read More

Collection of poems [Members Only]

by MrsKyuTeuk on 2-12-2013
Tags: poems collection mine songs
Chapters: 12

Some of these poems I wrote for school and others just during my free time. ... Read More


by smelissa on 4-7-2016
Tags: bts
Chapters: 6

A girl who knows nothing had to marry a guy she once loved.... Read More

Unrequited love: Ino Yamanaka.

by mastermindriz on 7-27-2013
Characters: Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Temari & others.
Tags: anime naruto shikaino inoyamanaka

    Ino Yamanaka sticks with Shikamaru Nara like a stick of gum, not because... Read More

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