Recommended Fanfiction

The Most Interesting Oneshot You Have Ever Read in Your Entire Life

by Priscy123 on 6-25-2013
Tags: random vampire crackfic lovetriangle unicorn troll

You shall be ultimately mindblown by this extremely intelligent and logical piece of masterpiece I will present to you.  ... Read More

Love is Weird

by panda_xo on 10-27-2013
Tags: crack

There once was a girl who liked an artboy but he was always so moody so she couldn't understand him sometimes.  He alwa... Read More


by Raveness on 12-5-2013
Characters: [Katara] [Zuko] [General Iroh]
Tags: romance fluff memories atla zutara katara zuko
Chapters: 1

Katara can't help but remember a short moment due to a very familiar voice.... Read More

The Reluctant Couple [Subscribers Only]

by omololalois on 5-16-2019
Characters: Abhishek Prem Mehra, Pragya Arora, Purab Khanna, Aaliya Mehra, Tanu Mehta, Disha
Tags: romance kumkumbhagya abhi pragya purab aaliya omololalois
Chapters: 2

She never wanted to get married as she is pretty happy with the way she is living her life, but her mother and sister would not let her have peace and eventually she agreed to get married but onl... Read More


by DaehyunWifey on 10-9-2013
Characters: Mellie & Her
Tags: original

She was useless. She was thrown away, when she was loved, cared for; everything existed for her, never for her.... Read More


by hamskkuma on 2-13-2014
Characters: Sarah Kim (OC), Shizuko Tatsuya (OC), etc.
Tags: romance angst original sliceoflife originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Sarah Kim likes to live the wild life. You know things like clubbing and getting drunk, right? ... Read More

Bipolar Attractions

by shadow56 on 5-20-2016
Tags: drama
Chapters: 1

This story is going to be about the ways of the bipolar mind between a girl and a guy that she meets and ... Read More

It's Complicated...

by KashiyukaKiseki on 6-28-2013
Tags: yaoi fluff originalcharacter schoollife

Frienemies? That's nothing. What about boyfrienemies? Norman Sheehan, a second-year in college, has been livin... Read More

Total Focus

by fluffyballoons on 5-9-2015
Characters: Wendy Son, Park Chanyeol, Kang Minhyuk, Bang Minah, and more
Tags: romance sliceoflife chanyeol schoollife wendy minah minhyuk
Chapters: 1

... Read More

In Silence We Speak [Complete]

by Lilviscious on 12-6-2013
Characters: Jean, Marco, Reiner, Bertholdt and more
Tags: anime attackontitan reiner bertholdt jean marco
Chapters: 1

In silence we long, we yearn, we wait, we speak.... Read More

Do you still love me? [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 2-17-2013
Tags: romance love fantasy murder violence debt
Chapters: 1

A short story I had written in 2011.... Read More

The User and the Used

by jj_maple on 8-28-2013
Tags: love sliceoflife
Chapters: 2

When a person is being used by a person who they don’t really know, it doesn’t really hurt them. When a person is being used by a person they know and trust, it hurts. A lot. The difference here ... Read More

A Savage Place [Complete]

by LeonardoDaFishy on 6-28-2013
Tags: poems poetry pensandplans2 poem
Chapters: 1

A poem about the absurd delusions of a schizophrenic man.... Read More

Sparkling World [Complete]

by killibinbin on 8-25-2013
Tags: romance oneshot original fiction love originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Victor is trying to find the magic in his world again... can Alice help?  ... Read More

Mission : Earth No.2

by Rijouku on 8-6-2014
Tags: fantasy
Chapters: 1

Earth is on danger apocalypse is near and there is just only c... Read More

Diary of a Love Story

by gummygirl121 on 8-2-2013
Characters: Jacey{myself}, Dallas, Aden, Zachary, Minji
Tags: romance original love fluff lovestory
Chapters: 1

Based on a true ... Read More

Three's The Charm [Members Only]

by SilverAshes on 4-17-2014
Characters: The Trancy Triplet, Cantebury, Timber, Thompson, OC Characters
Tags: romance anime kuroshitsuji tradgedy trancytriplets
Chapters: 1

Between silent words, soft touches and shared looks you could pratically hear the unsaid words and feel the looked over emotions.... Read More

As the Time Goes By

by LemmeTakeASelfie on 8-3-2014
Characters: seohyun||chanyeol
Tags: seohyun

As the time goes by,   I just keep getting hurt.   ... Read More

Only You

by hoshinoharuka on 9-24-2016
Tags: romance
Chapters: 1

An original story of a girl named Nicole and a guy named Alson. A blooming romance between these two, and nevertheless, the dark side ... Read More

The Heart That Wants To Dissapear

by mekakvcityactors-- on 5-10-2014
Tags: anime shinaya kagerou mekakucityactors kagepro shintaro ayano

“ a n t h r o p o p h o b i a... Read More


by teenidle on 1-5-2015
Characters: Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Princess Bubble Gum, Clarke(original character)
Tags: cartoon originacharacter finn adventuretime
Chapters: 1

On Finn the Human's 19th birthday he embarks on top secret mission from Princess Bubble Gum. He and Jake... Read More

Light as a Feather

by chantrea49 on 11-11-2015
Characters: Cally Adair | Lyndsey Wilkinson | Eric Stallings | Jake Haynes
Tags: romance comedy supernatural schoollife angel
Chapters: 3

      "Cally Adair," A man in a white suit called as he appeared from the door.... Read More

Psycho Test : What do you think about your friends? [Complete]

by usagiknight on 6-24-2013
Characters: You,Friend
Tags: you test friend psychotest
Chapters: 2

... Read More

For A Thousand Years

by ishazleen on 11-22-2014
Characters: Jack Frost, Elsa, Hans,
Tags: romance jackfrost elsa frozen
Chapters: 1

Since she was a child, she received a lot of negative words from everyone around her. It wasn’t her fault that she was born w... Read More

kredyt konsolidacyjny

by kapoelusz on 4-20-2018
Tags: ssa

Nasz kraj do potęg gospodarczych nie należy i każdy z nas o tym świetnie wie, co widać do tego na licznych przykładach. Niemniej jednak najlepszym miernikiem stanu prowadzonej przez nas gospodark... Read More

The Tales from Borneo

by foreverflower on 8-26-2013
Tags: adventure
Chapters: 2

  Aora is an orphan, she had lost both f her parents at a young age.   ... Read More

Pieces Of You [Friends Only]

by xiuhan on 5-14-2014
Characters: jean & marco + 시우한
Tags: attackontitan jarco

When Marco falls, Jean is always there to pick up the pieces. authors note: lol what is this. this is probabl... Read More

Furry Heroes bk. 1: origin...

by LionessTheLion on 1-1-2017
Characters: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, Orson, Sue, Spunky, Funky, Spooky, Betrayus, Pac Man, Cylindria, Spiral, Sir C, President Spheros, Shadoe Kyloth
Tags: pacman

After being turned into animals by an evil catagon warlord, 8 ghost animal heroes embark on a quest to stop the lord shadow Kyloth, who is bent on world domination to destroy all species and re-p... Read More

Liones bk. 1 - Nightmare rising.

by SkyvernLioness on 1-14-2017
Characters: The vicinity league, NightmareBirth, draven (Katelyn)
Tags: lioness
Chapters: 2

After the events of the saga since living on planet Xen, lioness had opened up a group with the vicinity league. She even invites her brother Flames to the team, but disaster strikes as a nightwi... Read More

Two Roses Intertwined

by CLoverAya on 9-7-2013
Characters: Alou
Tags: fiction originalstory originalcharacter yuri lovestory
Chapters: 1

A love story of a hopeless romantic girl who decided to love unrequitedly.  ... Read More

The Brightest Blue

by KissTheDream on 10-18-2015
Characters: Zack, Cloud
Tags: yaoi oneshot zack cloud finalfantasy7 zloud finalfantasyvii

The future had never seemed more bleak for Cloud Strife. A mere clog in Shinra's machinery, he fails to become a SOLDIER time and time again. There is, however, a bright-eyed stranger that might ... Read More

Magcon Boys Stories

by magconlovinXD on 1-21-2015
Characters: Matthew Espinosa| Carter Reynolds| Jack Johnson| Jack Gilinsky| Nash Grier| Aaron Carpenter| Shawn Mendes| Hayes Grier| ETC...
Tags: magcon nashgrier vine jackandjack zayum yougotabaeornah
Chapters: 3

A series of stories... Read More

Pokemon Oneshots

by spurple on 4-2-2014
Tags: pokemon

Place for me to place all the random Pokemon oneshots that I have laying around. ... Read More

Dearest [Complete]

by karzy_isis on 11-17-2013
Tags: drama oneshot original sliceoflife family you mother
Chapters: 2

Its about a mother and a child story... hope you people will... Read More

Monochrome Frame [Complete] [Members Only]

by Aoi_Magnolia on 6-19-2013
Tags: original drabble personal
Chapters: 1

Finding an escape from reality isn't as easy as it seems. When the escape is before you are you willing to take it? What ar... Read More

My boyfriend is a robot?! [Friends Only]

by Lollibunny on 4-1-2013
Characters: Allen Steve, You /Nicole Lee
Tags: romance original you schoollife
Chapters: 1

  Allen is perfect. He have the looks, the charm, the personality and everything a girl could want of.... Read More

The Ignored Portfolio

by Rillayoona on 10-30-2014
Tags: graphic

Dumping every graphics that I make here ... Read More

❝ GRAPHIC REBEL❞ - o p e n

by skydrunk on 1-6-2014
Tags: graphics postershop open
Chapters: 5

  ... Read More

△ H A M A R T I A // a layout shop

by hamartia on 2-2-2014
Characters: you, me and some layouts
Tags: layouts

  ... Read More

First Comes Hurt, Then Comes Love

by _Roxas_ on 3-15-2017
Characters: Shikamaru Nara, Shikadai Nara, OC
Tags: romance drama naruto shikamaru
Chapters: 2

It's been three years since Shikamaru Nara's wife Temari died. Since then his life has been a delicate juggling act as he struggles to manage the tough task of being the advisor to the Hokage, a ... Read More

MVL Portfolio

by Most_Valuable_Locket on 6-19-2014
Tags: graphics
Chapters: 2

  I've been playing with graphics, so just somewhere to post them...... Read More


by justme8986 on 10-11-2013
Characters: Mai, Alexander, William, Sarah
Tags: romance drama friendship betrayal history
Chapters: 1

The story takes place in the 1850's before the American Civil War. Mai, forcefully taken at a young age from her family who lives in China, grew up from her family most of her childhood.  Ten yea... Read More

Daisy Girl First Sight

by DaisyGirl on 2-14-2014
Characters: Emma, Lauren, Casey, Meredith, and Vanez
Tags: daisygirlstory

  Daisy Girl is group of girls which have a dream of being a fashion icon, find out th... Read More

숨 좀 쉬자 (Let Me Breathe) [Complete] [Members Only]

by cynical_innocence on 5-24-2014
Characters: Me and HIM
Tags: romance angst love unrequited hurt
Chapters: 1

These feelings are crushing me. Everything is too much. Why can't you just leave me alone. Why does it have to be me. Why me? ... Read More

Time and Space

by Melodysarah on 11-10-2013
Characters: Nico, Rian (OC), Leo, Riana(OC), Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Hazel, Piper, Frank.
Tags: percyjackson nicoxoc percybeth nicy

"Everybody's journey is individual. If yo... Read More

The Moon and the Wolf

by milkyy-ho on 11-1-2013
Characters: James Wolf , Ara Moon
Tags: romance slightangst

Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will... Read More

Shortstory [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 2-17-2013
Tags: sliceoflife reallife pain infertility sadness wish
Chapters: 1

This is a short story that I have written in 2011.... Read More

My best Doll [Complete]

by Rebeckapuss on 10-11-2013
Characters: Lucie and Rebecca
Tags: original originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

I met her the first time when I was five and have known her ever since. But...... Read More

✾ AEX ○ GRAPHIC ○ SHOP ✾ ⇝[OPEN/SEMI-HIATUS] [Subscribers Only]

by X_JasielleAle on 4-18-2014
Characters: OPEN - taking graphic requests
Tags: graphicshop graphics shop requestshop posters postershop graphicrequest
Chapters: 5

... Read More

Remnants of You

by sophomoric on 4-1-2014
Characters: You and I
Tags: angst drabblecollection
Chapters: 1

My ... Read More

Ectopic ➵ Wang So { Book 1 }

by MissMeAgain on 6-2-2017
Tags: scarletheartryeo wangso wangyo wangeun wangbaekah wangjung wangwon
Chapters: 17

Ectopic (adj.)     》 occuring in an abnormal position or place; displaced.  ... Read More

Tanpa Judul (1) [Complete]

by amusuk on 3-9-2014
Tags: indonesian originalfiction
Chapters: 1

Mungkin aku sedang jatuh cinta, tetapi cintaku akan berhenti di sini. Harus.... Read More

out of control

by mjooyeon on 2-27-2014
Characters: Me, Myself, and I
Tags: highschool diary journal rant

my emotions are out of control... Read More

H C N [Complete]

by amusuk on 12-11-2013
Characters: Ray
Tags: indonesian originalfiction
Chapters: 1

  ... Read More

Cinta Empat Segi | editing story

by whatever on 10-10-2013
Tags: romance drama fiction malay schoolife

Cerita ini mengisahkan seorang perempuan bernama Faith. Dia seorang gadis biasa (nak kata cantik tak juga). Dia mempunyai seorang musuh bernama John. Apa akan berlaku jika John jatuh hati pada ga... Read More

Shining stars

by MayuHaru on 1-18-2014
Characters: Main-Dora (oc), Sam (oc), other OC's
Tags: romance friendship fiction comedy
Chapters: 2

  A life of an idol isn’t always shiny. It also isn’t always bad. Sometimes an idol tries to live a some... Read More

Childhood Sweethearts With Harry Styles

by ChocoDoraemon on 8-21-2013
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, OC
Tags: romance angst you harrystyles

Me and Harry have been best friends since we were in diapers. Almost every second of the day, we were together. Absolutely inseparable.Though since our families were re... Read More

My Precious Butterfly

by foodminlove69 on 2-12-2015
Characters: Tasuki, etc.
Tags: romance anime originalcharacter fushigiyugi tasuki

He thought she was merely a dream.... Read More

Just One More Time [Complete]

by HiddenOmega on 6-7-2016
Characters: Shin Hoseok/Wonho || Chae Hyungwon
Tags: hyungwonho 2won monstax hyungwon wonho
Chapters: 1

      ... Read More

A Normal Wednesday Night. [Complete]

by sushi_tushi on 9-21-2013
Characters: Vivi
Tags: ocs originalcharacter selfharm
Chapters: 1

Genevieve Dizekiel was always hated by her family. This is a case of a teenage girl ... Read More

Shattered relations? Or not? [Complete]

by harmonleexkris on 12-28-2013
Characters: boy and girl
Tags: romance drabble
Chapters: 5

This is a short series of drabbles that I wrote up when I'm bored. ... Read More

Growing Up [Complete] [Members Only]

by Aoi_Magnolia on 6-19-2013
Tags: original drabble personal
Chapters: 1

Making decisions in life is hard to do, but when faced with two choices which one will ... Read More

Research Essay Help

by barbr555 on 12-19-2019
Tags: education

Most students consider research essay writing a major hurdle in their journey towards getting their degree or diploma. You are not alone in this. The process of preparing for and completing this ... Read More

Vampire Accademy [Subscribers Only]

by chanyeolstagram on 5-23-2014
Characters: Jane (you), Lucy, Andrew and other original character
Tags: romance supernatural horror mystery

Vampire Accademy ... Read More


by mailoony on 3-17-2014
Tags: originalcharacter

No description.   I sucked at it.   WARNING: ... Read More

Opaque [Complete]

by blueberry_muffin on 6-25-2013
Characters: Helia
Tags: poetry winxclub onehsot helia
Chapters: 1

Just a poem I believe Helia would have written.... Read More

Hope and Despair Win 'em All!

by GiveMariCookies on 12-26-2013
Tags: romance anime adventure pokemon
Chapters: 1

Someone wanted to get rid of Satoshi once and for all. Frame him, take his family away, betrayal? All part of the plan. Just after losing to Takuto at the Sinnoh League, he is able to escape an... Read More


by justletthemshine_b on 10-9-2015
Characters: Do Kyungsoo || Kim Jongin
Tags: fluff exo kaisoo

Eversince he accepted that friend request, night or day, he is being bothered by that specific user.... Read More

What Makes a good Mobile Slot?

by ericclap on 7-16-2019
Tags: wdsfsdf

... Read More

New Year [Complete]

by TheDormouse on 2-17-2013
Tags: love fantasy family death pain poor

Story I had written in 2011 ... Read More

Wild Heart

by AliCE_WondeRLAND00 on 11-10-2015
Tags: romance love fantasy adventure oldage
Chapters: 2

  ... Read More

My Little Lab Rat [Complete] [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by Sparked-Imperfection on 3-16-2014
Characters: OCs Only: Jiwoo | Flare | Hyunjun
Tags: scifi ocbased
Chapters: 2

She wants to escape. She... Read More

Impact [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by CreepySisters on 9-6-2014
Characters: Melanie Lee and The World
Tags: originalcharacter

There are many types of stories in the internet. Be it, horror, action, comedy etc. THough there are a few stories that made an impa... Read More

Peter Pan

by gennah on 12-11-2014
Characters: Peter Pan,George Darling,Mary Darling, Wendy Darling, John Darling, Micheal Darling, Aunt Millicent, Tinkerbell, Lost Boys, James Hook
Tags: fantasy
Chapters: 4

Peter Pan is a boy who wishes to never grow up. He meets the Darling children after his shadow is taken away.... Read More

Under the Stars [Complete]

by exo-exorcism on 10-2-2014
Characters: Frank, Bob, Gerard, Ray, Brendon, Dallon and some others
Tags: fluff gay mcr mychemicalromance frob
Chapters: 1


That Silver Lining

by blueberry_muffin on 6-29-2013
Characters: original characters
Tags: romance original fantasy supernatural originalcharacter
Chapters: 3

Are Demons all 'Evile' as we all believe? Are all Angels 'Pure' as thought? When Serenity and Helias, an angel and demon, fall in love, how will their respective realms, Hell and Heaven, react? E... Read More

Babylon A.D.

by ChromeHearts on 9-25-2014
Tags: fantasy scifi action darkfantasy

Everyone has a price. What's yours?... Read More

Little Anne [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by Sparked-Imperfection on 3-17-2014
Characters: OCs Only: Seulgi | Anne
Tags: ocbased

Seulgi's parents decided move. Th... Read More


by teenidle on 5-27-2015
Tags: graphicshop layoutshop tutorials
Chapters: 5

... Read More


by Sebearbear on 4-7-2014
Characters: Katy Perry(Alien) ,Kanye West (Oz), Sigismondi (man)
Tags: love supernatural songfic apocalypse aliens katyperry katycats
Chapters: 3

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson born on October 25, 1984,... Read More

vanilla twilight ∞ an achievement hunter story!

by red-like-roses on 11-23-2013
Characters: Mireya Lancaster, Nova Blair, Ray Narvaez Jr., Gavin Free, and the rest of RoosterTeeth
Tags: roosterteeth achievementhunter raynarvaezjr gavinfree

... Read More

Metro 88

by ExoticGirl on 10-9-2013
Characters: Ajwad, Zharfan, Shafiq
Tags: ocs

This is the life in the future. What's mankind up to in the future? The boys will retell you!... Read More

Valentine's Day Oneshots

by CelesteSong on 2-14-2014
Characters: Myself, My friends, Various people I pair them with... maybe you if you make a request.
Tags: valentinesday
Chapters: 1

    ... Read More


by RoyalStories on 8-4-2013
Characters: Sebastian, Moon Chae Won, Elijah
Tags: romance angst drama original originalcharacter

Sebastian, a betrayed ... Read More

Course [Complete]

by DontYouDare on 12-11-2013
Tags: oneshot school poetry
Chapters: 1

Forced poetry from a teenaged English IV student about the typical school day and melancholy mentalities. (no offence)... Read More

Love Me Through Murder

by Constantine on 1-22-2015
Characters: Cymestra Ross, Jackson Ross, Cornelia Ross, Angel Klein, Jack Klein, Andrew Klein, Theo VI Ross, Antony Smith, Jessica
Tags: romance mystery kidnapping
Chapters: 7

Cymestra is a young girl f... Read More

『K』The Sixth King

by weissman_95 on 6-8-2015
Characters: K project characters, Silver King, Gold King, Red King, Blue King, Green King, Purple King, Colorless King, Homra, Scepter 4
Tags: anime kproject silverking homra scepter4 jungle purpleking
Chapters: 2

Plans unfolds and kings starts to move, what will the other king do?... Read More


by exoplanet4488 on 2-24-2015
Characters: Kris ( Former member of Exo-M) You (Sereena)
Tags: angst
Chapters: 1

"Sereena. Sereena. Wake up."    I hear the sound of a soft voice by my ear. I open my eyes to see a grey ci... Read More

Love of Saints

by FutureDreamer on 1-25-2015
Tags: romance drama fantasy anime originalcharacter saintseiya
Chapters: 1

Saints have always been around to bring hope and to protect Athena from harm. But, what happens when a few of Athena's saints fall in love and get so distracted from... Read More

Beauty Pop: The Secret Volumes

by ShinhwaChangjo on 5-15-2014
Characters: The Cast of Beauty Pop
Tags: yaoi manga yuri straight beautypop

  Okay, so if you don't know what Beauty Pop is, it's a 10 book manga about hair-cutting. It doesn't sound so interesting at first, but it's a really cute love story. Anyways, I'm going to write ... Read More

Daisy Girl First Sight

by DaisyGirl on 2-14-2014
Characters: Emma, Lauren, Casey, Meredith, and
Tags: daisygirlstory

  Daisy Girl is group of girls which have a dream of being a fashion icon, find out th... Read More

Ignorance [Complete]

by simulacrum on 12-6-2014
Tags: original drabble
Chapters: 1

Ignorance is bliss? I don't know.... Read More

Paradise Lost

by KareBare on 10-19-2013
Characters: Tarja, Sharon, Within Temptation, Nightwish, FF Characters,
Tags: fantasy finalfantasy paradise tarja sharon withintemptation nightwish
Chapters: 3

An FF inspired take on Within Temptation's new single featuring Tarja, inspired by the mv preview. Check it out here: ... Read More

Clash of the Forms (Working Title)

by ShapeshifterOfWhite on 5-31-2014
Tags: original school elements
Chapters: 1

Six siblings (Well seven if you separate the twins) are enrolled into Jackalo Academy. Th most prestigious school in Europe but wi... Read More

Poisoned Apples [Complete]

by misslavender01 on 11-30-2015
Characters: Snow White,Queen and the Poisoned Apples.
Tags: fantasy
Chapters: 1

Queen.   Beauty.   ... Read More


by amusuk on 3-9-2014
Characters: He and I
Tags: poetry indonesian
Chapters: 1

Di sore yang berangin dan dingin, dirimu berdiri di sana dan aku tersenyum dalam hati, berdiri untuk menggapaimu. Kau mengizinkan tanpa pikir panjang.... Read More

Send & Receive

by Grahamie on 3-23-2015
Characters: Fictional characters
Tags: romance original fiction comedy fate penpal
Chapters: 1

          Cameron Antoinette Skylar has nothing to do with her teenage years that will disappear in front ... Read More

Biru Laut [Complete]

by amusuk on 12-17-2013
Tags: indonesian originalfiction
Chapters: 1

Pertemuan yang tidak biasa untuk Maya mendapatkan teman baru dari baw... Read More

I'll Be Your Bullet

by BrokenAbyssChain on 8-30-2013
Characters: Nikolenka, Peyton, Mishka. Others
Tags: angst drama adventure hurtcomfort relationships crime gallowshumour
Chapters: 3

    Nikolenka had always had it rough; She was treated her like a slave by her stepfather in her own ... Read More

Like Dream Like Reality

by --Dreamless on 3-12-2014
Tags: romance angst original you originalcharacter
Chapters: 1

Sometimes you just can't distinguish between a dream and a reality.... Read More

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