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Madam Red, Vincent Phantomhive, Grell Sutcliff, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, Cordelia L'hiver, Undertaker




There are many things in this world that cannot be explained or at least, have a concrete definition.

Love, life, hatred, sadness; what are those emotions actually?

Why is an organ that is smaller that a curled fist provoking such sadness and grief? Why is the same organ provoking such an euphoric feeling when a person makes eye contact with another?

There are no concrete answers and neither there will be.

This is just a journey to at least understand a little bit of their meaning.

A journey of sadness and love, hatred and absolute happiness.




There's not much  I can say about this story to be honest. It's just a mere  colection of feelings and moments, precious to us or just things that we want to hide and forget. There are going to be many pairings here such as Grell and Madam Red, Madam Red and Vincent Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis and Madam Red, Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel, Sebastian and OC.

This is just a little journey of the heart through life.



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Anggie  on says about chapter 1:
I love Black Butler! :D
This chapter is good. Too bad you probably won't continue this, seeing that you wrote it years ago. I really want to read about SebCiel :3

holier-than-thou  on says about chapter 1:
First of all, i love black butler and this fic make wonders to my nody. Well, it came out wrong, but srsly. This fic is da bomb. Grell isnt really my fave character, but you do justice to him here. Instead of portraying him as a foolishly in love (excuse my word) transvertite like other black butler fic, you made him as an agreeably bizzare death god. Kudos for this drabble !

PyaariSammu  on says:
This is one of my faaaaav mangas omg!

smileysgoboing  on says:
it's funny because kuro____suji is censored in the tags yeah good show/good manga...which I should really catch up on OTL

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