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[O.C's] Ryleigh Laine, Francesca Ryder, Rowan Marks, Park InJung, Bailey Morales, Mason Goldreich, Wrenn Drake, Andrew Newman, Harriet Lewis, Seon HyunSoo, Wesley Caito, Hirota Aito, Jonathan Payne; Others - Minor


With rapidly advancing technology, the video game market is booming. However, such fierce business competition blurs the boundary of what is too violent and invasive to personal privacy.

In the midst of games like Resident Evil and Outlast dominating, a self-made billionaire throws out promotions for his controversial brain child, Dogma: The Original Sin. The gaming community implodes on itself when gory and cryptic teasers hit the internet. Everyone is clamouring to get a chance to play the demo, but things aren't as simple as they seem.

Thirty five hopefuls are selected for the final screening via how well they do on a handful of brain-teasers and obscure hypothetical scenarios. The winners are invited to an undisclosed location where they are to take part in a fully immersive experience. Nevertheless, the excitement may prove too overshadowed for the gamers when they are forced into more than they bargain for.




Dogma: The Original Sin
We live in dark places

Theme Song
Aerials – System of a Down
Again - AmaLee

Mystery, Survival, Horror, Action, Relationships, Drama

Ryleigh Laine, Francesca Ryder, Rowan Marks, Park InJung, Bailey Morales, Mason Goldreich, Wrenn Drake, Andrew Newman, Harriet Lewis, Seon HyunSoo, Wesley Caito, Hirota Aito, Jonathan Payne; Others - Minor

Start Date
7th May 2017 [Posted: 28th December 2017]

End Date

Swearing, Substance Abuse, Sexual Themes, Violence, Physical/Mental/Emotional Abuse, Gorn, Body Horror/Torture, Nightmare Fuel, Character Death, NSFW









Ryleigh Laine
A Little Wicked – Valerie Broussard
“Yes, the money would be great, but that’s not why I’m here. I can live without the extra cash: I just want to win. ”

Francesca Ryder
Biscuit – Ivy Levan

“You point one more extremity at me, and you’ll lose them all. At least share that stash I know you’re trying to keep secret, you sneaky bastard.”

Rowan Marks
Moth - Hellyeah

“I lost faith in honesty a long time ago. Even if people try to be nice, it’s usually down to the fact they feel bad themselves, not because they’re simply good people. Maybe, in a place like this, taking a chance on someone who admits to being an ass, should be given a chance.”

Park InJung
Surrender – Cheap Trick

“I don’t think we should be so quick to judge. Not everyone is as bad as they seem, and some are worse than can be imagined."

Bailey Morales
Fire That Burns - Circa Waves

“I could tell the moment I laid eyes on you lot that only a couple of you would be willing to fight. Tell me why the fuck I would help anyone who wouldn’t help me – let alone someone who left me to die.”

Mason Goldreich
Middle Finger – Bohnes

“I guess we call that being proven wrong, eh? What do you think of this kid now?”

Wrenn Drake
Joystick - Simon Curtis

“If you put your hand on that woman again, I will rip it out of its socket, and beat you to death with it.”

Andrew Newman
I Came To Party - Deuce
“Just because I joke around and try to find the good things in life, you think I’m an idiot. Well, I’ve got news for you…”

Harriet Lewis
Straight To Video - Mindless Self Indulgence

“Bigger men than you have tried to intimidate me. I may not have a pitchfork in my hand, but don’t mistake that for me not having a way to put you down right here and now.”

Seon HyunSoo
Lydia - Highly Suspect

“I see this ending even worse than was planned if I don’t do as you ask. However, if you kill me, you’ll lose every chance of getting what you want.”

Wesley Caito
Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas
“I am here for a reason and as much as it’s looking worse with each day that goes by, I have to find out the answer I came for. I want to help you, but you are not my priority.”

Hirota Aito
Immortals – Fall Out Boy

“I’m just like you; I was once told I couldn’t excel past those around me because of how I think of things. Look at us now. I can give you something nobody else can. Will you accept my offer?”

Jonathan Payne
Call Me Devil – Friends In Tokyo
“I’m here to do my job and get my own answers. If some kids kill each other, I don’t see how that is my problem.”






Ryleigh Laine - Carrie Lane
Francesca Ryder - Cervena Fox
Rowan Marks - Ezra Miller
Park InJung - Song YunHyeong
Bailey Morales - Cole Sprouse
Mason Goldreich – Finn Wolfhard
Wrenn Drake - Daniel Sharman
Andrew Newman - Ronnie Radke
Harriet Lewis - Phoebe Tonkin
Seon HyunSoo - Kim YoonSeok
Wesley Caito - Jon Bernthal
Hirota Aito - Hayashi Yasunori
Jonathan Payne - David Anders





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