Writing is hard..

by Wolfnight2012  
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No seriously.. especially with school...

I haven't been able to upload any stories, every time I think, now I will write, I get another huge homework assignment...

But since I've just gotten into Night Vale, I feel like writing again! Or trying to anyways..

Anyone here interested in Night Vale stories?


Since I am still busy with school related activies, but do want to write again.. I just want to say.. I'll answer prompts... any prompt about Supernatural, Teen Wolf, or Night Vale..

I could also try my hand at Psych or BBC's Sherlock.. but I'm not promising anything..


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TaquitosNOMNOM  on says:
I know what you mean... it's hard to write when you're busy especially if there is not support. OTL

omgith  on says:
Ohhh deary..
No one's going to read your blog unless you have a ton of people on your friend's list XD. People read blogs because if a Friend has created a new one, it'll notify you.


*Le cheers*
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