My Other World

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Not all people understand why people writes. Some even say its a waste of time, its nothing important or its simply nonsense.


Nonsense? First and foremost what would you read if no one dares to do that nonsense?


For me as a writer, though I'm not a published writer, writing is my other world. A world where no one will judge me, where I'm totally free and where I'm limitless. There I could slip in any time I wanted and leave if I wanted but when I come back, its still there welcoming me as me. Through it I could temporarily escape the real world, the unbiased world, and have a life the way i wanted it.


In the other world, nothing could happen that you don't like in the first place. Everything has a reason and purpose. A writer I think cannot be understood by just any other person unless they are sharing the same passion.


Writing is not more important than the other form of arts but at the same time its not less important than any other arts. They are just of same level yet different in one way or another.


My other world is in stories, there I can be whoever I wanted to be and no one will stop me.


What I have written is based on my opinion and not of any other data.



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Jay_Pee  on says:
U are really got me.

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