Demons Fanfiction

Primed For Sin

by WCLaine updated on
Tags: drama hurtcomfort supernatural demons folklore darkcomedy dealwiththedevil
Chapters: 7 |

Alexandria Baines is neither working on becoming canonized, nor takes part in Black Mass, yet she is still stuck with the f... Read More

lost [Members Only]

by teenidle updated on
Tags: angels demons winchester jensenackles jaredpadalecki

  ... Read More

Days In Hell

by chantrea49 updated on
Tags: romance supernatural action demons
Chapters: 2 |

"Dean," Sam whispered harshly, waving his older brother over. "Come here now!"... Read More

Forbidden Love

by stitch updated on
Tags: romance angels demons forbidden
Subscribers: 2 |

Angel came from heaven. Knowing that she has a mission. : To go to the underworld a eliminate the demon... Read More

Zane Monster Slayer

by ZeldaPrice updated on
Tags: ocs comedy supernatural action demons originalcharacter monsters
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 1075 | Comments: 3 |

Zane is a normal teenager that lives a normal teenage life, or that’s what his friends think. Zane actually has a very big ... Read More

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