Fairytail Fanfiction

Tale of a dragon slayer and a celestial spirit mage

by Stormy updated on
Tags: fairytail natsu lucy dragoneel heartfilla
Chapters: 3 |

I couldn't resist writing, this came to mind. It's a Nalu story since I just love those two. Be warned this story may flip from one thing to other quickly and without explanation b... Read More

Fairy Tail

by fairytailXinuyasha updated on
Tags: romance rogue you sad action fairytail

So this is my story its... Read More

Guardians of the Sun (a fairytail fanfiction)

by PrinceBlue updated on
Tags: anime fairytail
Comments: 1 |

                      The sun and the moon. Both heavenly bodies. Both possess an enourmous amount o... Read More

The Book Worm and the Gangster

by voldynose updated on
Tags: romance anime fairytail gajeel levy
Chapters: 1 |

  ... Read More

Anime | Manga | Drabbles and Short Stories

by DragonBreath updated on
Tags: manga bleach anime fairytail deathnote speciala
Chapters: 9 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 7 |

For all anime and manga lovers, this is a short story place ... Read More

Letting Love Go

by spurple updated on
Tags: anime fairytail
Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 1200 | Comments: 2 |

Lucy had a sinking suspicion about stepping into Fairy Tail that day. What she didn't expect was that she was right until it happened in front of her eyes. Secretly she ran until she met someone ... Read More

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