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Superwolf (temp title) [Members Only]

by Cheshiresfayt updated on
Tags: supernatural teenwolf

What if there was a fourth Winchester? Adam had a twin sister. Their father had the twins’ mother send her off to live with her sister Melissa whose long term boyfriend is John Stilinski. John Wi... Read More

_Storm Song [Complete]

by CynicalShowcase updated on
Tags: fluff teenwolf stiles owncharacter
Chapters: 1 |

A short one shot fluff-ish about Stiles and an old friend. ... Read More

Torn Between (Teen Wolf; Stiles Stilinski-centric)

by hungryforramen updated on
Tags: teenwolf series werewolf stilesstilinski
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 1 | Views: 650 | Comments: 1 |

I'm Qila, and I'm a huge fan of Teen Wolf. Obviously. This fan-fiction is my first Teen Wolf fan-fic I've ever wrote. I wanted to make Stiles something he's not. You'll find out... Read More


by Sterek updated on
Tags: romance supernatural sterek teenwolf
Votes: 1 | Comments: 1 |

In which Stiles and Derek still hates eachother very much. But unfortunately a new supernatural being is hunting Stiles and since his the only one who do... Read More

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