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“Ohey my smut was featured. My bucket list is completed.”



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Personal Message

Hi! I'm Claudia! I like to write and read and use gifs of good-looking people to express myself! 

I'm a big fan of grammar and editing and whatnot, so do feel free to drop me any words on that subject you might like! I take requests---I am always trying to improve as a writer and requests are often a good way to do that! I'm a big fan of smut and fluff, but I definitely write angst on occasion. Spoiler alert: In all universes where it is logically possible, it will have a happy ending. But please do not ask me to break character. I won't. I may redefine a character or place them in an AU situation, but within its own universe, a character will be true to themselves only.

I think that's all I have to say here! Please do feel free to chat it up with me! I'm not altogether terrible.


About Me

Hello! My name is Claudia. I am eighteen, a college freshman living far from home, and have a passionate love of donuts. I also love to write. In fact, I love roleplaying on Tumblr (dirty laundry being aired), so please do feel free to pester these people with anons. They're me.

Cyprien Alesi - a canon Quidditch referee, the "nice" Slytherin

Professor Beery - a bitchy professor that occasionally partakes in drugs

Peter Pettigrew - an indie blog for everyone's favorite rat

Randolph Burrow - an oc character from a smut roleplay

Also, my personal is here. Tumblr is by far the best way to reach me when I'm offline, so feel free to drop an ask with a, er, reminder to update if you want one.

I've been a good friend of MusicChibi's an obscenely long time (I don't know why either) and she was kind enough to show me this site. It's a pleasure to be here, and hope to meet you all very soon <3

All my love~

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