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Hi there guys! hoping to be good friends with everyone :))

Call me Keishii :3

I am a frequent gamer and a Cosplayer :3

I've already cosplayed a lot of anime characters including oldies such as Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidoudji from Card Captor Sakura, Maya Orihara from Ultra Maniac, Karin Sasamori from To Heart 2, Rathty from Tears to Tiara, Cecile from Arc of Arcadia, Random lolita fashion, Gothic and many more :)

It has been my hobby since high school and I've been watching anime from the time when Sailor Moon was aired in the Phils. :3 So, that makes me an anime lover since young age right? Ouran High School Host Club is one of my favorites :)

I am also more on J-Pop and Anime soundtracks but since the day SNSD was introduced to me, i started to love K-Pop as well. :) Here are SOME of my favorite kpop groups:

1. Boyfriend

2. Infinite

3. B1A4

4. EXO

5. SHINee

And for jpop, here are SOME:

1. Arashi


3. TegoMasu

4. Kana Nishino

5. Chatmonchy

Ask me about games. Teehee. Here are SOME of my favorites:

1. Resident Evil 2,3,5 and Operation:Raccoon City

2. Left 4 Dead 2

3. Dead Island

Yes. I love gore games. Especially when there are zombies in it. :3 Oh by the way, I am watching The Walking Dead right now :)

I am also into watching reality shows lately. Infinite Sesame Player, Boyfriend Wonder Boy, Ranking King, B1A4 Match up and Hello Baby :)

My biases are: Jeongmin, Youngmin, JinYoung, Onew, SungJong and SungYeol~!! *squeals*

Please do subscribe and read my fanfic, "A Delectable Life and A Solemn Death". It took me some time before I could finalize my ideas about it. I hate to sell my fanfic on this portion but i need more subscribers so I can have the guts to write some more. :3

Yay! thanks for reading the About Me portion! hoping to be good friends with you :))


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