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June 13, 2013

On my AFF account (AndyLD for anyone who might know me), I have a master fic list for my stories and I have a whole space dedicated to my biases, and a section for my ultimate group. But because this is a different account for different stories, I'm actually going to post a little about myself. For those who bother to read lol.

My name is Drey Bautista (my real name is Andreina, but because it's too long and apperantly "long", my friend came up with Drey and stuck with me since fourth grade. I'm turning fourteen extremely soon. My birthday is on June 17, 1999, and sadly it is that day before my eighth grade graduation. Yeah, not the best present ever in my opinion. I'm mostly worried about starting over in high school because I'm a really shy person. I don't tend to talk to people I don't know, even if I really want to. I've never been bullied in my life, and yet I have anxiety issues, practically no self esteem, and speech problems that arise when I get too nervous, which can be triggered by the simplest things. Ironically, I've heard from my friends that I'm easy to talk to, but that's only when the other person talks to me first, or we have a common interest. On the internet, however, I'm so hyper xDD or at least I seem like I am because I like using emoticons a lot. c: I don't know, they brighten almost everything up hehe.

I think I've always wanted to be a writer, but I never fully expanded on that until I turned I believe eleven. Well, I started too. I started writing Michael Jackson fanfiction because I was such a hugh fan of him. I only wrote like two and I totally abandoned them ._. then I slowly started transitioning to Vocaloid fanfic (so freaking different lol) and again I only wrote two and I deleted them. And then I discovered K-Pop and omg asdfgjkl you don't know how much my writing has improved since that first MJ fanfic. K-Idols are so easy and fun to write with, and sometimes based on songs or companies (such as SM to EXO), it provides imagition in a way.

I'm really short for my age ._. I'm in eighth and probably the second shortest in my class. I'm turning fourteen and I'm not even 5 feet yet. (THAT'S WHY I CRY WHEN I SEE HOW TALL CHANYEOL AND KRIS AND ZELO AND CHANGMIN ARE) I'm barely there. 4'11 .____. I guess I'm loud when I'm with my friends. We tend to argue a lot, it gets to the point where we're yelling and others tell us to calm down :P but we never really mean the things we say. We just want to be right lol.

Other than K-Pop, I listen to Michael Jackson, Eminem, Flyleaf, My Chemical Romance, The Script, Skillet, Evanescence, Justin Timberlake, Tupac, Lonestar. Skid Row, Tokio Hotel (I'm actually taking German in high school for them :D) Vocaloid, Hey!Say!JUMP, Arashi, you know, that kind of stuff.

I never really get to finish dramas. I started I Love Italy, Panda and Hedgehog, Skip Beat, It's Okay Daddy's Girl (Donghae's my ultimate bias, if you can't tell), Prince Hours, and so many others but I never finished them. I can honestly say I've only finished two dramas in my entire life. Coffee Prince, and Dr. Jin, and that was because they were just so amazing. Jaejoong's acting in Dr. Jin just broke my heart, I swear. & I've never finished an anime either. I've always started a ton, but I only finished one and that was Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist), and the main character Rin Okumura is my DP c:

I, like any other person, have a crush on a guy. I won't say his name but my friends and I call him Luigi. I know no one that I know will ever see this so I guess I'm going to confess on here to you. I've liked you since the beginning of eighth grade. I thought it was a simple crush, like the previous ones I had, but really it grew to be something that was beyond my control. I still remember the first time I saw you smile. I was waiting by the doors, waiting for my friends to get to school, when you passed by with another kid I didn't know, and he told you a joke or something but you passed by me and smiled. I'm not going to be cheesy and say I saw an angel, but I can say I saw the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I also remember in lunch when we locked eyes. I can't deny the little spark of electricity that I felt running through my spine, and I wish you had felt it too. I wish you felt the same way for me. I wish you got a weird sensations of panic when I looked at you, I wish you would try to look at me every time we were in the same room, I wish you got so nervous you couldn't even talk when you tried to approach you. Because I do, and I hate that you don't. I hate the we've never spoken, with the exception of five times, and never held a full conversation. Tuesday is that last day I'll get to see you. I've never been happy in my life, but when you would look at me, even a mere glance, I was nothing but happy. Till my heart love until now? I don't know love, I was never given it while growing up, but just looking at you, I know that what I feel is true. I love you.

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