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“Don't mind my Fulginess >”



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so besides all the KPOP

I love MUSIC

I  l o v e  BOOKS

I  l o v e FOOD

I  l o v e FICTION 


But, if you aren't busy, go check me out on AsianFanFics 



About Me

So behind the KEPAP fan craze, I have alot of other fandoms ;)

TMIpyscho. DIRECTIONER. Otaku. Tannatic. ROWEbot. ASAnator.  Enchancer.  HungerGames. PotterHead. JacksGap. Greek Mythology. Avengers. AdventureTime. NicholasHoult. Studio Ghibli. Jane by Design. Teen wolf. Movies of the 80's.  (actually, name it and I'm in it ;D)



Zombies. Forensics. Psychos. Serial Killers. Scary Movies. Walking Dead. Stephen King. Red Rain. Silence of the Lambs. Scarpetta. Dark Skies. INSIDIOUS. Hannibal. SAW.


I love food.

NUTELLA. Junk food. cookies > cupcakes > cakes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sour candies. Rainbow stripes and Tutti Frutti stripes. :D 


Hello there mortal, mundane, mudblood, muggle, HUMAN O3O

My name is Thophiekhun a.k.a. Sophiekhun on AFF :) but you can call me Sophie :D I love almost everything. I relate to alot of people due to my unlimited obssessions. :D I love writing fanfics and stories. I go to an International school and I grew up in an English-speaking family, therefore, I would consider English as my first language. Besides that, I can speak Bisaya, Tagalog, a little Japanese and Korean. I also like dramas and love stories. Fluff, angst, melodrama, and horror. I'm sorry I'm not into Vamps and Wolfs (excluding OOLFS if you know what I mean ;D). I'm also planning to open a shop by myself, A reviewshop. I love art. Its what I do when I'm happy, bored, sad, excited, and its what i do all  the time. I'm 14 years of age and in the 10th grade (4th year). I'm planning to be a fine artist, an author, a make-up artist, a designer, a pastry chef and anything that has nothing to do with science and math. I'm a lazy butt especially if there is food around. I'm pretty active outdoors and play alot of sports. Singing is not really my talent (but I really wish I could sing) I'm more of a dancer. I love dancing to music (especially kpop) I love watching videos and copying dances. I'm on Youtube > Zofiya Lemon. I probably have over a thousand fictional husbands and a thousand more celebrity husbands. So come join if you feel you are as demented as me :3


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