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About Me

anyong ! I'm the childish girl MyMiKP .The caramel girl who's full with positive energy !!! hihi I love tts

ane exo and if i could just see them ! Urgh ! I think I'll cry !!! hihihi .I'm Arabic thats right ,and I'm

proud of it ! maybe you don't know , but Arab really really really really like kpop ! Girls scream loudly

than ever when they TALK about kpop stars ! I thought I was going to be a deaf after a minute !!!! hehe^^ thats why they're cute !!


there is only that bad thing ..  anti-fans .. Arabic ones are really overeacted , I admit .. but they are really not many !I always shout in anger when I see kpop anti-fans !! Don't you dare be a one !hehe



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