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Personal Message


I'm a crazy person!! Anyone who befriends me better beware!! ^_^

But for anyone who is brave enough go ahead to talk me up..I'll me happy too ^_^


About Me


Hello's I'm Dominik a crazy writer and friend..well person in general! My bestfriends are Tiffany and Sammy (they don't had AFF) and LeeDiamond (Alessandra) and Swiftstar_rox (Sophia)!! I'm gonna start High School soon and I'm excited to see all my friends again!!  I'm 13 years old! I'm 5'11..I think I dunno I grow alot! I'm Columbian,Korean,Mexican and Chinese ^^...I love to Dance and Sing...but I sometimes get shy.. I am sometime pervy..and I'm nice..(when I want to be)You can say I'm not normal! Which is true I ain't no normal teenage girl!! I cuss ALOT!!  So..yeah But I contain it alot so I don't just spray it everywhere I go...I love to write,hang w/ peeps,read,listen to music and other random shit!1 LeeDiamond and I go to random and crazy adventures together ^_^ coz we are that awesome!


  • I'm the tallest of my friends

  • I"m the third oldest

  • I can be very stupid

  • I can annoy the crap out-of-you in a flash!
  • My favorite colors are blackWhiteRedGrey

Bias List!!


  1. Tao (EXO)
  2. Taecyeon (2PM
  3. Jun.K (2PM
  4. Sungjong (INFINITE
  5. Nickhun (2PM
  6. Junsu (JYJ
  7. Yunho (TVXQ
  8. Taemin (SHINee
  9. Baekhyun (EXO
  10. Luhan (EXO

And So on~


  1. Taeyeon (SNSD
  2. Jessica(SNSD
  3. Hyoyeon(SNSD
  4. Luna( f(x)
  5. Amber ( f(x)
  6. BoA
  7. HyunA(4Minute
  8. Dara(2NE1
  9. Nicole (Kara
  10. Qri (T-ARA

And So On~

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