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“College is eating me! Slowly but surely working on those updates !”


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Lazy; Cheerful; Strikingly Surprising.
Known as lightningpeony on aff.
Check me out? C;
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-Shingeki no Kyojin



Makoto Tachibana makes me feel all spiritual. I mean, look.
He's so caring and kind, it makes me wanna corrupt him to bits.
I think Haruka beat me to it though, damn you agua obessed dolphin!

Lance Corporal Levi makes my kokoro tremble. If this guy was real I'd be
scared shitless to meet him. That kind of straight-forwardness to the
point of demanding is sexy, like you can't say no to him even if you
wanted. Rivaille Heichou you can order me around all you want.~

Arthur Kirkland is so beautiful,like a Prince.
He makes me sigh a million sighs.I love him and Alfred.
Them together is a bucket full of laughs.



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