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I'm KhadijaMahmood on Aff.

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I basically write angst. I have some old work piled up, once I look over it, I'll post it. If not, then I'm obviously not satisfied by it. Plus, I am now going to start to write new and more improved original character stories, since I personally like the idea of writing like this better. I prefer writing angst over comedy/fluff any day, same goes for reading, is because I honestly want to read someone's work that makes me feel like I'm not the only miserable one around here. It makes me feel somewhat accompanied, I guess ? I believe that crying is not for the weak. Crying is for those who feel , for those who look into the deep folds life holds called mysteries and histories. I like to be amazed by someone's writing. I like to praise the author when I see something worth it. The authors who have made me cry are the best. Some of the stories have left a very strong effect on me, not many authors could ever be able to go that far in my opinion. I am actually a very depressed person, although I would prefer to have my profile as private, I want anyone who comes in here to see who I really am. Yes, I am not the happiest person, but guess what ? I'm trying, I really am. I really am trying my best. I want someone to say to me someday that they didn't give up because of me. I like to inspire people a lot. So please don't be a stranger, let's be friends, it'll be great. In the end, I truly support angst and I hope that all of you will enjoy my work, although at times, I will try my best to come up with something "non-angst"

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"The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die"

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