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Want to see more of my work heres my DeviantArt-

About Me

~~ taken  <3

~~ Genius F610 Tablet User ^-^ ((<3 my tablet))

~~ Other sites you and fine me on so far...

-Drawing Site-  (as starynight9846)    

-Role-Play Site-  (as starynight9846)

-Storie Site-  (as starynight9846)

~~ Favorite animals are horses, cats, huskies, wolves, blue whales, sharkes, dragons, snow leopards, angler fish, dinosaurs, and umm....

~~ Favorite colors are ocean blue, garnet red and sage green

~~ Things I like to draw are animals, anime and landscapes

~~ Video games that I play: World of Warcraft((BC,WoL,Cata,PD)), Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Halo((Reach,1,2,3,4)), Fable((1,2,3)), Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Portal((1 & 2)), Minecraft...

~~ Animes I know and have watched: Dragonball, Z, GT.. Death Note.. Naruto.. Darker Than Black.. Pokèmon.. Jyu Oh Sei.. Kyo Kara Maoh.. Lucky Star.. Elfen Lied.. Ouran High School Host Club.. Shuffle!.. Mew Mew Power.. Vendread.. Trigun.. When They Cry.. Fruits Basket.. Hetalia.. Gintama.. Full Metal Alchemist.. Ghost Hunt.. Ghost Stories.. Wolfs Rain.. Fushigi Yuugi.. Girls Brovo.. I My Me Strawberry Eggs.. Yu Gi Oh.. Negima.. Avatar the Last Air Bender.. Legend of Korra.. Suzuka.. Romio X Juliet.. XXX Holic.. Save Me Lollipop.. Sasami's Magical Girls Clue.. Desert Punk.. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.. Please Twins.. Princess Tutu.. Bleach.. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.. DearS.. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.. Demon King Daimao.. Case Closed.. Gravitation.. Adventure Time.. High School of the Dead.. Fairy Tail.. Murder Princess.. This is a Zombie.. Rurouni Kenshin.. RWBY.. Yamada's First Time.. Chobits... ((( thats it so far lol )))


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