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[Everything was copied and pasted from my AFF profile lol I'll recreate it when I have time :3]

Wanna get to know more about moi?

Get to know me since I'm really friendly and easy to talk to ^^

I am an Inspirit ((all the way~))

If I wasn't one, I'd proabably be... well, I am one so it doesn't matter right?~

Other than that, I'm also a BBC, Baby, and Angel

Sorry B2ST , you got moved down.

Ultimate Bias: Lee Howon of Infinite~   

Awaiting the day when he gets moved down as well.. Which won't happen.  Hopefully.

Wanna know who is threatening his position?

Choi Jonghyun of Teen Top.

Damn little boy. He's frickin' jailbait.


And then my the rest of my top 15 in order
((Always subject to change LOL))

3. Woo Hyunmin - Da BOSSEU     4. Bang Yong Guk - Bee Ayy Pee

5.  Kim Sunggyu - Inpeeniteu       6.  Ahn Jaehyo - Buhlack Bee

7. Gong Chanshik(Gongchan) - B.won.A.Fo   8. Oh Thehun - EXO

9.  Woo Jiho (Zico) - Buhlack Bee     10.  Kim Jaeseop (AJ) - YUKEESE

11.  Lee Byunghun (L.Joe) - Tin Tap     12. Bang Chulyong (Mireu) - MBUHLAQ

13.  Moon Jongup - Bee Ayy Pee    14. Yoon Doojoon - Beeseuteu

15. Lim Hyunshik - Bee Tuu Bee


And the only girl group that will forever be my number one favorite: Secret  TS BABY.


Favorite actor: Kim Hyunwoo    ((First fell in love through the drama Pasta~))

Lee Seunggi is hot too :D and Lee Dongwook~



Secretly married to Lee Howon
Secretly in a relationship with Choi Jonghyun
Secretly having an affair with Bang Yongguk

Oh noes.. I told the world.

About Me

I will marry one of these cute guys one day
and have an affair with the other 80+ (not all are below lol)


Block B's 'Aegyo' ^^ for Kyungcumber... no comment...




Oh geez, these boys...



thanks for visiting! :3

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