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“I wish that it would rain -_-”


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Hello there. My name's Unique and I'm a writer hoping to gain my writing muse back. I used to write all the time and writing used to be, and still is, a passion of mines. But, for some reason, two years ago, I lost my writing muse. I found AsianFanfics through a friend and thought that maybe that'd help me with writing. It did, in a way, but I was limited to what I was able to write about. It's a great site and I've met many amazing people, and I decided to join Fanfic Overflow in hopes that I will be able to acquire what I used to have. I hope to be able to share amazing stories with you all and I also hope to read some amazing stories from all of you as well. I'm very approachable and have no reason to be malicious. Whenever you want to talk, just come to me, of course, I'll do the same. Creeper Alert. Thank you for finding my page. Thanks for visiting. It's a pleasure to be in the presence of people whom share he same interest in what I do--to write, to inspire, to motivate, to create. Cheesy, I know. But, yeah. Good luck to Fanfic Overflow. I hope it grows.

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