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About Me







LITERATURE and ART are my passion

BOOKS and Music are my way out of this ridiculous world

CHOCOLATE and FOOD are my first loves







MintyChocAddict cause I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE mint chocolate ice cream

My Real Name is a secret

Jennifer C.C. is a name given by my close circle of friends

A high school student in Malaysia

Loves to write if I'm free (which is so limited)

Aizahontoseomin is my AFF account name 

Maybe all off the stories here are from Aff only edited <----- link to my Aff acc

Follow me on Twitter @SHINee2BigBang

All the stories in here will also be posted on my blog 'MintyChocAddict'

I love FairyTail, and most romance manga out there

I'm friendly so feel free to Pm me or even add me as a friend.

I'd Love if you read my stories and comment since I need inspiration too..

That's all!



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