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“Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow.”


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"Don't get it right; get it written!"


Andi. 22. Born and raised in Texas. Currently living in Stuttgart, Germany. Fluent in English, Spanish, and "y'all." Blue's my favorite color, and I am in a serious relationship with cream cheese and bagels. Majoring in English, but hell if I know what I'm going to do with the degree. I love to write, and I am always working on fanfiction as well as original works. I do have a job now, so sometimes I get busy. I have been on the site for forever, so I feel comfortable saying I know a majority of the ins and outs of this place :) don't hesitate to ask me about something!

All of the DBSK couples, with YunJae, 2U, and Homin ruling the roost; Yunboa, Changboa; YunYoon, JaeYoon, ChangYoon; Jaejoong/Lina (The Grace), Yunho/Stephanie; 2Joong; Adam Couple, Spring Tempo, HunHan

Clace, Jessa, Wessa, Malec | Delena, Spuffy, Johnlock, Rory/Amy, Eleven/River, Hannigram, Scallison, Sterek, me/Isaac tbh | Everlark, Romitri, Sydrian, Superhusbands, Spideypool, Blackhawk | Squall/Rinoa, Cloud/Aeris, Zidane/Garnet, Beatrix/Steiner, Tidus/Yuna, Balthier/Ashe, Vaan/Penelo

reading, writing, singing, cooking, socializing, swimming, going on drives, beer and coffee tasting

most of the states, Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tanzania, Turkey, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, and many little islands

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