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When you fix a person, you put yourself up to be broken
But you know, fixing a person isn't like fixing a toy

Gina's the name but I'm known by Jia. if you're going to add me, at least make some kind of effort to talk and get to know me.  if you want to know me, you're gonna need to give the effort. A few things to considr before i corrupt you with my weirdness. i'm sarcastic as hell and even if i come off as mean, i'm actually the softest person when it comes to considering other's feelings. Just another fangirl who writes to escape reality. My bias is that fatty busan idiot that takes the name of daehyun - though it's daebaby for me. a fan of exo, bap, shinee and infinite and many others that i won't bother to list out cause i'm a lazy person. I'm a master in the art of procrastination. if i were to explain my non existent life in word word, it'd be no. my mental response to everything is 'can you not'. I'm part of a group of idiots who rules the world full of peasants. i'm so lame that it hurts and i'm so good at jinxing that it's scary. so in other words, i murdered a fork because your mom told me to.        add me if you dare.     -Jia        My AFF Account: Colorsofautumn 



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