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“I need more friends”


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HAI! :D I'm Snix, and you're watching Disney channel! the motherly maknae in my group of friends and practically the nicest bitch you'll ever know.


PLEASE recommend fanfics to me, any kind is fine (as long as you'll educate me about the characters it consists).

Promote yours if you want! (I give constructive criticism, and I'm kind of like a grammar nazi so...).

And if you want some prompts to fill in, I can give tons! (be ready though, because I'll let me fetishes run free)


About Me

Gleek. R5er. SANDRINE-ATOR. Directioner. Buffie. Practically a STAN(Stalker+Fan)GIRL of anything (but not a sasaeng). BITCH. I SHIP EVERY POSSIBLE SHIP (like FedEx). I don't bite...much. BYUNTAE. EXOTIC/EXOSTAN. New to the K-POP realm, and is willing to learn (is that even the right word?). I'm the type of student that hates studying but always wanna pass. #TooBusyMasteringTheArtOfProcrastination. @AwkwardSTANGirl on Twitter


And yes, I AM the "randomsnix" at AFF, I made an account here because I BELONG TO SO MANY FANDOMS BEFORE EXO.

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