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About Me

Hey there everybody ! I'm a teenager who loves writing for fun ! I am an amateur so my works will surely not be in top quality but hey , I hope it's good enough for people to at least enjoy . I am currently working on one story and you would probably not see me making new ones because I only have one storyline planned out . I'm not that good with storylines so it was kind of hard for me to come up with what I have in mind right now . And fyi , If I ever make more stories , they'll only be based on sci-fi , adventure and maybe some war .... no romance whatsoever ( I've tried writing that once and it was awful lol xD ) ....... well , maybe I'll slip SOME in my story .... just to give it a tiny bit more diversity . 

 I'm new to this website so if I do something I shouldn't do , or something that's against the rules , feel free to let me know . I certainly wouldn't want to end up getting banned :O .... and I would say that you shouldn't expect something super amazing or something phenomenal cuz I myself think that my work isn't that creative compared to other fanfic writers . So yeah , I hope you enjoy what I write and feel free to leave a comment on what you think of it . 


Peace out :) 

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