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Enjoy my stuff!
I don't own whatever details from the actual books I am writing my fanfics of! (e.g. I don't own Nico di Angelo in a Nico di Angelo fanfiction AU based off of the books by Rick Riordan.) I don't own any characters or concepts from any other show/movie/book/series/etc. My stuff is ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
- Cookie

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I'm a fanfic writer and reader, obviously. I mainly read PJO/HoO books, but I also venture out into the anime world, rarely the real world, and more. I'm currently into Nightcore (music) and can be quite edgy. I can be weird, and sometimes I can be the human form of Depression. Whoever I am when I'm around you, I'm not a jerk, and I don't bite, so enjoy my profile!!!

MY NAME: Cookie -OR- Edge King
AUTHOR NICKNAMES: Senpai, Author-chan



If you are going to talk to me, I am NOT sharing personal information, so don't try to "get to know me" please. Safety precautions, y'all, no offense.

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