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I am an artist willing to provide these services:

  • Graphics
  • Reviewer
  • Video

Please request service on my site or my wall.

Personal Message

Hello everyone. I have been writing since I'm 13 years old. At first, I was only writing anime stuff then I started doing my own stories. A lot of them are based on personal feelings or experiences. I write in Spanish. But if people like it I might translate it as well.

About Me

Hi my Real name is America. I used to be a Pianist. So...about me: I like to listen to K Pop J pop, classic, reggaeton, Hip-hop, and all kinds of music. I love to draw....but I'm not good at it. I like to do sports and play with people. I love to know about other cultures and their people. I love to try new things and yeah. So... I'm obsessed with a thing called LOVE.... Maybe because I have not found someone yet.

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