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feeling productive rn <3
markimash ship *^*

feel free to add me as friends! <3 lets be tomodachi! <3



Hello there! this is bunny_panda97 speaking! honestly i wanted to change my name once more XD but it requires 500 karma points ;; i guess i'll have to wait. since this is a personal message corner so.. here goes.

  • if i didnt update, go online , or whatnot , i might be : on rpr (mainly_me) , writing my stories, school, homework, study, outings, or sick, or LAZY and decide to do nothing for the day XD there's alot of possibilities so .. watch out XD
  • i'm a human with feelings and a life to lead. so i can't always update my stories :3 please understand and wait for me.
  • i dont bite at all. promise :3
  • my current picture somehow resembles me. i wore glasses. i have (kinda) long wavy/curly black hair (TeamAsian/shot)XD
  • feel free to poke or post on my wall OR pm rp me  :3 dont feel sorry XD thats what the wall for right? XD anyone is allowed to 'decorate' it :3
  • i'm 17. so im still in uh.. schooling phase? XD. so you guys do know how a student life like, right?
  • as for pm rp, i prefer : yaoi(i'll be uke XD i can't top ;3;), i dont mind rp-ing straight (i'll be the girl XD) and i would like to try any plot :3 <3 we can plot together too! <3
  • my obsession for anime is very VERY VERY unhealthy /hides tumblr/ esp : free! , SNK, DMMD, KNB
  • my baes for now is nanase haruka, jean krischtein, kise ryouta.


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Hello guys! this is bunny_panda97 speaking! actually i've created this account a few months back and i was actually hesistate to post my stories here. i didn't know where to post XD there's aff(i got an acc there too) but it's too crowded with k-pop fanfics, there's ff.net, lj, a03, wattpad, and then ffo appeared. so since, for me, aff is for k-pop fanfics site, then i see ffo as anime fanfic site. so i decide to post my stories here then. :3 please give it a read and comment too :3

i'm from malaysia, 17, born on 4th august 1997. i'm a leo child. at first, i was a fan of k-pop and stuffs like that. but somehow, i've lost interest in k-pop (i still look out for them but not as often anymore) and now, i'm back liking anime and japanese related stuff xd if can i'd like to rp anime. but i will usually rp as the uke ;3;(im a level 99999 fujoshi /shot)  so if any of you would like to pm rp please tell me! i wanna try rp as an anime character XD


yoroshiku onegaishimasu!






my stories

vampire knight : RE /link

soon to be released! please wait!


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