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“severus snape, one of the bravest slytherin.”


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         ✦ its not how you survive the storm,

its how you dance in the rain.

 the name's youngji, just another girl that's exhausted by this fucked up life. has interests in photograhpy, psychology and history. has an uncanny mania for curry&milk teas&starbucks coffees. ice cream and chocolates and everything kawaii is nicenice. i'm obsessed with percy jackson&harry potter, I ship harry/ginny, ron/hermione, drarry, draco/hermione & percabeth is ultimate love. shipping peeta&katniss. percy is mine so back off, harry holds my heart and snape always makes me cry. likes thinking at 2a.m. and cries in the middle of the night. high on crack most of the time.



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