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Personal Message

​Name: Zephyr 

​Status: Married to Winterflowr on FFO 

Likes: Anime/Manga, reading, martial arts, roleplaying, MMORPGs, electronics and techonologic devices, cooking, eating, making friends

Dislikes: Fruits, taking pictures, washing dishes

Offering services for: Collaborating on an original story, critiquing, beta-reader/editor, being a friend (please PM  and not comment for my services) 


About Me

Hello to whomever stumbled on my humble profile,

My name is Zephyr, though you may call me whatever you would like with any variations of my username. I am normally reserved in my posts and love to see other's writing to critique upon. But I am quite the prankster so feel free to joke around.   I don't normally write as much as everyone probably does on this website with my busy schedule in life, but I will probably have a few stories up as either one-shots or a continuing work. I also like role-play, which is a past-time of mine. Ah, and if you see me writing in capslock anywhere along my profile, do not mind me. I am merely conversing with my long-distance wife whom I look up to and adore. Story status will be updated here on my profile.
Friending is something I do. So if you want to become friends, let me know beforehand, or else I will think you are some sort of spammer or whatnot, 
Favorite Titles and Series:
+ 1984 , Animal Farm (George Orwell)
+ All Quiet on the Western Front 
+ The Emperor's Soul (Brandon Sanderson) [A fantastid book that I recommened for short reading]
+ The Lost Journals of Ven Pplypheme (series) (Elizabeth Hayden) [An old series I used to love. Armed with fantasy creates of legend such as merrorws 
+ His Dark Materials (Series) (Phillip Pullman) [The full title name for the Golden Compas triology) 
+ A Bloody Jack Adventure (Series) (L.A. Meyer) [Want to land yourself in a book of swashbuckling piracy in the early 1800s?]
+ The Musician's Daughter (Susannae Dunlap) [Mysterious historical fiction centered around an orchestra, a violinit's daughter, and a murder]


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