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Greetings~! :3

Hi there! I'm Elaine, although my online nickname is Ruki and I'd be fine with anything else you'd want to call me (unless it's degrading of course ;A;!). Anyway, I absolutely love reading fanfiction, and I like writing it too-- even though I'm not exactly great at it, but I enjoy it anyway and try to improve! Hehe. Also, uh... what else do you say in this message blurb thing. Hm. Oh! I hope to make lots of friends in this community~ although most of the time you will probably have to approach me first since I'm shy but OTL. Aaaa~nd, yep, I think that's it for this part! ^^

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AIM: bunniexxberriex

Skype: yoruxruki

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(Under Construction)

I am of the major K-Pop, anime/manga, Harry Potter, and Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra fandoms. (Well, Kingdom Hearts and TWEWY too.)

It will most likely be anime/manga or HP fanfics that I will write and post here on FFO. Ehehe. I aim to improve, and am fully aware that my writing skills are nowhere near the best--so if you could help me out with kind criticism, that'd be great!



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