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Fanfictions Asain(

- Imitator revisited

Original Stories

- Wonderland Spin-off (It contains my oc, and two friends' ocs, actually finished this, just waiting on feed back of one of the owners)

Don't kill me when I asigned some kind of character to your idol which you don't like.

Example: In my Exo story, "Worlds", The characters are chosen on their powers, not who they are.

Thank you for your understanding.

You can find my asianfanfictionacc here:

I hope you'll enjoy my stories.

Thank you for reading.

About Me



Firstly I want to say that I am not quite good with critics with no single praise in it.

Think about this please.

Further more I want to say that one of my dreams is to become a writer.

Not that I really want to live from writing alone, I just want to be able to publish some stories.

So this site and Fanficoverflow are a bit important for me to get to know what I am capable of.

I know I live in Belgium but I still want to write my stories in English.

My English isn't perfect, but I like the language a lot.

Also my vocabulary is limited.

I also want to know which age would read which story.

So I think these sites are quite easy to see what my boundries are.

So please comment and subscribe (even if you read the whole thing, stay subscribed if you liked it, please)

Give some feedback please, I would like to improve.

Thank you!


Sincerely yours,


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