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“Check out my story: "The Conception of Time" :)”


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I have an account on AsianFanFics, and I'm also called IcyWish~! THIS is a site I wanna be on, since... 






no K-pop ??

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Hi there, stalkers!

Name's IcyWish, and I'm from Kyubey-land! A land where EVERYONE becomes magical girls and boys, and once they run outta magic, they die. Thus goes the heartbreaking cycle in Kyubey-land!


Come visit me some time there~!




NOW, some PROPER info about me!


-- Age: I dunno, do you?

-- Gender: A kyubey-ish female! XD (No, I'm 100% female... no matter what people say!)

-- (Random) Fave softdrinks: FANTA! (Who doesn't?!), Lemonade, diet coke, etc... 


More coming, since I'm way too lazy to add stuff on.

~ May your dreams come true ~

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