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Why hello there! ^_^ Fancy seeing you here, stalker~

Nice to meet you~ You can just call me Star for now.

Unless you and me get to know each other better, I won't tell you my real name :D

But until then.....go ahead and keep scrolling!



Usually I'm a k-pop fanfic writer lately, but I also like to write anime and manga fanfics

soooooo that's mostly what I'm probably gonna write here!

Here's what animes and mangas I'll probably write about:


Death Note

DN Angel

Infinite Stratos


Any of the Tenchis

Blue Seed

Gentlemen's Alliance Cross

School Days (maybe!!!)

Fairy Tail (just started it so idk)


Hell Girl

Vampire Knight

Soul Eater

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

(more to be added as I think them up or watch more. I'm about to start a spin off of Tenchi which is Kenchi and I'm also starting Aria the Scarlet Ammo)

I also write original stories as well so I may write some of those here as well~





Get to know me and read my stories, okay? ^_^



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